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Gutsy eBayer touts 'Royal Marine surrender kit'

G Crellin

Humour through Adversity

After sending Mr Page an email I thought why not share it with the rest of the world. I believe that matey has a problem with Royal Marines trying not to state the obivious............

Through experience myself (7 years Royal marines 1992-99) I feel that if Numpty had any knowlwedge himself, that he would know nearly all operations involving Naval boarding party's in that kind of enviroment. (Talking past experience) That the Naval officer usally has charge and that the Royal marines how ever keen they might be to put up a fight, are highly trained and well disciplined. Numpty however either has an incredible sense of humour which I must credit him for, and which if he can also profit from, fair play numpty. You can't really blame him................ Or he has recently moved house and found Royal's name on the back of the headboard, which is standard SOP's. I think it maybe the latter. SORRY NUMPTY...

Cheers Royal

Ps you never know, we might meet around the Bazaar's.



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