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How are we going to search our hard disks now?


You don't know how to use Spotlight

Just click on "show all in finder" and you will see the full name of the file.

Research links laptops to 'toasted skin syndrome'


Wow! I didn't know I was a researcher

I make these darkened brown big spots on my upper part of the legs for about 4 years now using my laptop. I knew they are because of it, but I didn't know that a scientific study is needed for that. They disappear in few days/one week and you can re-create them in one day (red) and two days (brown).

Can I get a Nobel prize for that?

Open source code quality improving



"11 billion lines of code from 280 open source projects"

that will give ~39 million LOC average per project. Do you know ANY OS/commercial project that has 39 million LOC?

Bolivian TV falls for Air France crash hoax


Another one bites the dust...

You can mention Romanian television, Antena 1, too.


Actually they've invited "analysts" that commented and explained everything fot the audience.

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