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Google: Go public on Profiles or we'll delete you


Deleting *what*?

Guys, Google isn't gonna delete accounts. They're going to delete *profiles*. If you have a private profile, that profile will be deleted. Nothing will happen to your *account*, just the profile.

At least, that's the way I see it. Though maybe I'm placing too much trust in Google?

Twitter bomb hoax man changes plea


He's not denying the tweets!

He's not denying writing the tweet itself. A few tweets spotted in response to this very article:



Browsers could host a (simple) database


@Micky 1

And how do you propose the webapp saves this XML file to the local machine, exactly?

Firefox 3.5 - it's not a 'web upgrade'


Recently Closed Tabs isn't new!

"A neat touch is Recently Closed Tabs and Recently Closed Windows, which gets you back where you were after accidentally closing a page."

Actually, Recently Closed Tabs isn't a new feature - it's been available for some time in previous versions of Firefox - check the History menu. Recently Closed Windows, however, is a new feature if it's implemented in FF3.5.

Oracle kills Virtual Iron-ware


What does this mean for VirtualBox?

...I must admit, this has me worried for what Oracle might do to VirtualBox when it completes the acquisition of Sun. I now worry for its future.

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