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Boss of venerable sect with millions of devoted followers meets boss of venerable sect with... yeah, you get the idea

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Do you realize the secular authorities were worse?

Meh, Western cultural myth mostly for Inquisition. Few burnings verified, unlike the secular governments who burned and tortured freely. At least the Inquisition had rules of evidence, unlike secular courts until relatively recently if one was a mere citizen. I note the secular ruling elites are busy destroying that now. Secret security and family courts etc. The secular states of the 20th century had a death toll that dwarfs anything done by any religion, aside from Marxist cults. Have a read of Howard Starks books or "Fields of Blood". BTW, not a fan of any big organization. Perhaps the USA Founding Fathers had a point when they discussed the dangers of allowing legal fictions like companies to be effectively immortal.

Dratted hipster UX designers stole my corporate app

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Re: It's not just designers

Herring: why the false dichtomy of "does it make more sense to have something that takes a little longer to learn but once learned is very fast to operate, or to have something "intuitive" that's always slow to operate?" In my limited experience user speed of operation and efficiency of anything go together.

I concur that all too often the end users have no input to UI design or or that matter, into what the Next Big Thing, all singing, all dancing software project does. They then have dump years of training and experience to do much the same thing, just slower. (especially if COTS is involved)

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Re: or an un-improvable legacy interface designed a thousand years ago by a goblin

or much much worse. Anything "designed" in last 12 years. Case in point. A simple flat screen TV, just a few controls on front. Power, input and channel up|down. Can you see them: No. Are glyphs close to standard : No. Is there any feedback, audible or tactile: Absolutely not. Are the controls detectable without big magnifying glass and bright lights: No. And lastly the buggers are hyper touch sensitive so stray insects, cat tails trigger them. Yet my 13 year old grandson thinks its a great looking design and is baffled by my insistence the control interface is foolish. "But it looks good" he says as if mere functionality is irrelevant. I have found some millenials who agree with me that user interface design on most new gadgets sucks so it is not just old grumpy experience.

Fun fact: GPS uses 10 bits to store the week. That means it runs out... oh heck – April 6, 2019

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Re: Does anyone still use them?

Yes, pilots. Many Dell Streak 5s became XCSoar gliding flight management computers because of their transflective screen. ie a readable screen even in Oz sunlight at 10,000 feet. In my limited experience only a Sony Experia gets close at cost of needing its own lithium battery in cargo storage to keep screen brightness up. So with all the brands trying to differentiate them selves, all they do is become slimmer, greasier and more fragile when falling out of pockets instead of something many people have expressed an interest in, a daylight readable screen.

As for Garmin maps, lets just say in my experience in emergency services other brands have at least located significant roads between rural towns.

As for another date of doom, damn, more hardware checking in two months to see which of my devices get trashed, Finally a reason for consumer gadget buying.

Start trek, the next generation: PCie 4 flash controller demo flaunts speedy peripheral vision

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not a problem

the next lot of "security boot" and "software integrity checking" plus whatever horrors java and the latest bloat from the L and windows producers will slow everything down

World's first robot hotel massacres half of its robot staff

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at last

Applying something useful that fixes a defined problem instead of market droid madness

A few reasons why cops haven't immediately shot down London Gatwick airport drone menace

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Re: How about a high power laser burst ?

No, eyesight risk also. Many many years ago I read of a Swiss short range tactical anti-aircraft EMP weapon. Used a smooth-bore howitzer (120mm IIRC) firing a special shell. Shell used gas generation to power a electro-magneto-hydrodynamic (hope I got that right) generator feeding a cavity resonator that emitted a brief 10MgWatt EMP pulse. Cannon bore was the wave guide. Intended to fry aircraft electronics in an oncoming ground attack. Single shot per shell but if drone is over airfield or fence in a no fly zone many of the risks are mitigated Source: International Defence Review , early 1980s.

Britain approved £2.5m of snooping kit exports to thoroughly snuggly regime in Saudi Arabia

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@ A Coatsworth

out of curiosity, what is a country run by atheocrats called ? North Korea ?

OSIRIS-REx space probe catches a whiff of water on asteroid Bennu

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Re: There's no mystery

@ Spherical Cow

True, even Julius Caesar commented on the never ending rain. Be nice to get a load here to settle the dust. Believe me, soggy beats drought any time. When the eucalyptus start dying and wild birds come down from the mountains and turns up at the door demanding to be fed the Oz climate gets distressing.

Naked women cleaning biz smashes patriarchy by introducing naked bloke gardening service

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Re: Let the comments begin...

@LucreLout.: Exactly so. Also much of the local vegetation is mammal hostile. Lastly, Oz has highest skin cancer rate in world. I cant see how Work Cover/Work Safety laws do not demand protective clothing as sun exposure is rated as a risk. This spring has been the worst I recall for early active snakes. The western browns in my yard are bigger than usual and more aggressive than usual. I suspect these new "services" are more for patio plants in the high rise hells the chattering classes eulogise.

Australia to build a pirate-proof fence: Brace yourselves, Google

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root cause?

to my humble uneducated eyes, this looks like another "globalisation is inevitable with lots of benefits" that costs Oz citizens more as usual. Just like Oz Free Trade Treaties that seem to cost us and benefit only the other side. I for one am sick of merkin ads. At least the old Oz ones were not as infested with chunderous distorted audio. The IP cartels have long set Oz prices well above anywhere else for same product if it was even available. Inside national borders the process is called cartel behaviour. In Oz it is business as usual. This site blocking is another attempt to force Australians to buy high priced goods rather than stop the media companies discriminating against Australia. No wonder Oz had high piracy rates. It was the often only way to get what anyone else overseas could buy. This legislation looks to be bought and paid for by the Big End of Town which TweddleDee and TweedleDum have long been in thrall to. (For non Oz citizens, Liberal and Labour parties, the two pretend political entities in OZ)

No doubt some fool fuzz thinks it might also restrict access to Daesh propaganda also.

WIPO 'temporarily suspends' whistleblower CIO amid allegations of misconduct

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Shooting the messenger

is normal practice isn't it ? Most whistle blowers get destroyed, often by the institutions that benefit most from their activity. I admire whistle blowers courage. The ruling clerisies are outrageous. Now what can be done about it aside from haranguing your MPs, at least trying to vote with your wallet and refusing to vote for candidates who are party or organisaional hacks when another election comes around.

NSW government finally released 'net vote system review, says everything's just fine

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not only but also

All Oz Public services have symptoms of an infestation of techno-utopians, ie gullible clever people. that is, moderate to high IQ idiots. Any argument that includes the words "inevitable" should be shut down as dangerously naive immediately. Given the high levels of distrust of all Oz political processes and institutions, this is is another tree trunk masquerading as a straw to bring levels of distrust to dangerous highs. To accept any security thruogh obscurity shows the AWS open buckets issue is not understood as the potential disaster it can be for victims of identity theft. Now where was my local MPs email address ?

China doesn't need to nick western tech when Google is giving it away

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Re: "There was a niche for a not-apple variant in the market"

@DougS: It is hard enough to switch between Android phones, let alone between Apples whatever and Android. Pity BlackBerry failed with QNX. Love to have seen how the Oz snoopers would try to trojan that.

Oz opposition caves, offers encryption backdoor compromise

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caving in

@Scrutiniser. You are making the usual mistake. Oz governments of all stripes are becoming more intrusive and controlling. Right and left are just terms, used mostly by factions of 19th century totalitarian religions. From the non-privileged citizens view an oligarchy spouting Marx or Free Markets is the same thing with different labels. Both are re-implementations of absolute monarchies justified by Divine Right. This is why the Market boosting droids do not quote Adam Smith any more. Smith had good insights on how societies fail to work fairly if only economic issues are considered in regulating company behavior.

Boeing 737 pilots battled confused safety system that plunged aircraft to their deaths – black box

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Re: Hey software, get the fuck out of the way!

Re Airbus crash south Atlantic. AFAIRC from chats around airfields and a few public documents this incident also showed defects in pilot flight currency in directly handling aircraft. Similar incidents had happened to other airlines whose crews flew recreationally. Those crews looked at all instrument data such as indicated airspeed, angle of attack and engine power settings. They correctly concluded airspeed data was wildly wrong and flew their aircraft accordingly. Airbus were notified of the airspeed pitot tendency to ice up. In the crash incident the crew failed to realise a full stall happening because of a strong belief in all IFR pilots that one trusts instruments ahead of anything else, thus failing to assess all data.

If Boeing has drunk its version of AI KoolAid in it control system, then I will have to think about seaborne travel more positively.

Oracle sued by app sales rep: I made tens of millions for Larry, then fired for being neither young nor male – claim

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Re: We only have her word for it

boltar: That would be corporate suicide.

Clearly you have not been around large corporations.

CISA's Palace: Congress backs new cybersecurity nerve-center for cyber-America's cyber-future

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funding ?

all well and good to have another well intentioned bureaucracy bleeping at overworked, underpaid and under trained staff. Useless if agencies have no money to buy supported hardware and software, let alone train staff. Worse than useless if the PHB levels are infected with techno-utopianism about AI, cloud and other trivia. So lets outsource the lot to lowest bidder so its not goverments fault when all systems belong to whomever. Oh JEDI again. This is a mind trick. Something being done, just not what the pundits thought.

Hands up who isn't p!*$ed off about Amazon's new HQ in New York and Virginia?

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about time

all democracies or pretenders to the title abolish the political classes by abolishing self selecting organisations usually called political parties. The need to be bought, sorry, ask for donations then stops. Set 4 or 5 year terms for a single city or state council and replace the 20 or 25% as appropriate every year after 5 years. Select members by random ballot. Once having served time on council, citizens name is removed forever. No advertising, no point in targeting voters because there are none. Oh, and any use of public money cannot be in secret, NDA or protected by trade secrets nonesense. If the activity is funded by citizens, it is to be public knowledge. This applies to TLA so taxpayers can see what is being spent on empires, internal and external.

NBN satellite user waiting for extra gigabytes? Keep waiting

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SkyMuster slowing

Satellite NBN is slowing in year I have used it. Still beats _any_ terrestrial radio like 3G (In my locality, 4G is a fleeting fading myth, 5 G does not exist) by two orders of magnitude. And yes, I use a directional external high gain antennae. May Keating, Howard and their parties funding organisations burn in hell for selling Telstra infrastructure. Since this is Oz, all that will happen with any capacity increase is more users put on same capacity so service levels continue to drop.

<offtopic> Just wait until the real reason for MyHealth Record when revealed) Mass data mining to allow privatised Medicare to raise big money for government that sells it and more for the donors whose "Health Insurance" companies will make a kiling. Literally if one has a chronic health condition. Officially denied by Health Minister ? yes, which reminds me that Shaws dictum is worth recalling. "Believe nothing until it is officially denied" No, I loathe Labour party too </offtopic>

Chinese teen braniacs are being trained to build new AI weapons

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Remember Fifth Gen computers ?

Nothing happened then and AI wont happen now other than China will have practice making AI accelerators for their home grown CPUs. See that recent TED talk on why AI is a waste of time. Expert systems not so much. However the Wests growing stupidity is a real problem.

Mything the point: The AI renaissance is simply expensive hardware and PR thrown at an old idea

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at Last

well put sir !

Smartphone industry is in 'recession'! Could it be possible we have *gasp* reached 'peak tech'?

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improvements ?

a daylight readable screen. If Dell Streak 5 inch could do it, why not something else. Not all of us live in caves or only come out at night. Until I have to, I will keep my old phones including a dumb phone that does not run the java abomination of Android. It just works. Battery is also easily changed.. Simple camera that does well even in harsh light conditions. Also 7 years old and survived years of motorcycling in rain, hail and dust with Oz summer heat under black leather.

Official: IBM to gobble Red Hat for $34bn – yes, the enterprise Linux biz

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Re: Amidst all the wailing and knashing of teeth here

@ST. Let me count the ways...

On line and in use file system resizing, Had this for decades in some form. In use swap partition changes Brilliant visualization via the RH based hypervisor. Change memory or CPU allocation on the fly. Set up pools of memory and CPU to allow resources to be dynamically re-allocated within pool limits on as needed basis among virtual servers. Online patching. ie no required reboots. Storage virtualisation good but everyone has that now via storage fabrics. None of this matters as AIX sys-admins of my acquaintance agree IBM wants to kill AIX and use Linux only. Cost cutting perhaps or fools seldom differ ? The best argument I can find is that migration costs between OS, let alone hardware is always stupendous, especially if IBM is involved.

Granted the capabilities of AIX are now simulated in the "cloud" for basic X86 the AIX advantage is minimal for all but biggest organisations. However those really big orgs don't change basic infrastructure lightly or easily.

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Farewell RedHat, I hardly knew ye

RH CDs got my first Linux PCs up. Really liked the earlier versions before I found the one or two true Linices. Debian and flavour of week. :-) I suspect that IBM will also continue lowering its AIX sales push in favour of RH derived linux. The loss of AIX will be a lot of nails in the coffin of a truly flexible commercial Unix. That loss will have devastating effects on whats left of IBMs future.

OTOH, Devuan may benefit which is a benefit. Centos may have an interesting time dealing with IBM though.

DXC share price tumbles on El Reg bombshell of Americas boss ejection

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standard recipe

IMNSHO, outsourcerers seem to behave the same way. Expressed as pseudo-code.

Apply socialised psychopaths aka sales weasels to CEOs and boards who have the common delusion of PHB class that anything of engineering or technical matter is simple.

Apply $$ to political funding bodies

Apply contract lawyers to agreement with suckers/customer

Apply sword to customers staff

Do Until broke OR Bought

Apply sword to their own staff

Apply $BS to stockmarket until clients lost

Apply $MAX $$ to multiple PHBs


Have you ever, ever felt like this? Have strange things happened? Is high-speed data going round the twist?

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we fiber fethistsare happy

but this being Oz, how long before ZTE own the IP ?

Americans' broadband access is so screwed up that the answer may lie in tiny space satellites

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they accidentally knock down Chinese satellites or make pretty shooting starts ?

Telstra Health to keep troubled Aussie cancer database contract

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As usual, suspect brown paper bags

The techno-utopians and believers in Big Corp have such power in persuading or getting the MPs to toe the party line in Oz one does wonder if the utopians/political advisors and the party machine funders are being paid to push big Corp providers to replace smaller organisations that give a stuff about what they do. Given Telstra cant even keep their mobile service reliable 60 KM from national crapital this month, suggests not giving them any further tax payer money until basic competence in core business is demonstrated over a significant time. Significant time being defined as 5 years and two CEOs, whichever is longer.

Facebook names former Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg head of global affairs

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Why surprise ?

How many pollies have shown they can avoid wads of money ?

Spotted: Miscreants use pilfered NSA hacking tools to pwn boxes in nuke, aerospace worlds

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you trust any of them ?

just like the useful idiots who speak of the spooks setting up the Oz Panopticon. "Why should I worry, I have nothing to hide." Mentioning the poor sods who get extra jail time in Merkin Land merely because an algorithm institutionalises training sets racism does not scare them or PRC Social Capital example has no effect. As for Kapersky, whoever is behind them, at least the IT audience gets to hear about issues. More than the spookeries who developed the tools originally ever did.

Core-blimey! Riddle of Earth's mysterious center finally 'solved' by smarty seismologists

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out of curiosity

why only iron/nickel in inner core in theory? Surely some real heavy elements, Tu, Ur and so on must have dribbled down ? if so would the core be a liquid cooled iron moderated fission reactor in part ? Hence some of the heat powering circulating currents in outer core and lower mantle ? The rest coming from more routine radioactive decay. Also an alloy may match the observed lack of rigidity. Have I missed something[s]

Oz intel committee: Crypto-busting is only bad if you're a commie, and we're not by the way

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@Bryce* Not quite. Commies punish those trying to leave. We detain those trying to enter. So we are are not a totalitarian state. One can hope todays ex-PM replacement election might disturb the Force of the dark side. OTOH, St Julians latest exploit also sounds like an equivalent skit from the Goodies.

NASA to celebrate 55th anniversary of first Moon landing by, er, deciding how to land humans on the Moon again

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Re: How to land humans on the Moon again ...

@BBob; Bwhahahaha. Never worked for USA multinationals have you ? Private merkin industry is about theft of wages, bonuses for boards, screwing the customers, owning glove puppets who pretend to govern for the peasants. In short, it is the USSR revisited with a different flag and same denial of its supposed philosophical basis. No surprise, both are or were running under fundie materialist world views. NASAs inability to do anything is just some of the twitching of the country's corpse.

Elons and others companies may indeed put cheaper rockets up, but the basic problem is there is no economic reason for any activity beyond geosynchronous orbit. Research is accepted as non-economic initially. To be fair to NASA, their engineers make Mars Rovers and long range probes that are exemplars of engineering and science gathering. However, it has been a long time since someone like Kelly Johnson ran anything in MerkinVille.

How an over-zealous yank took down the trading floor of a US bank

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Re: stdin?


No, entirely plausible if one is old enough. As for degrees, perhaps the value and quality rotted in Pom Land before Oz. I worked with an intelligent fast learner with a shiny new degree who had only been taught javascript. To his credit he picked up Perl quickly and was useful in a Unix environment. What happened to Cobol, Assembly (any hardware) and C ? Yes, I have retired, why do you ask ?

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Re: Unplugging the keyboard = kernel panic ?

David, this was a non-delightful feature of SPARC hardware for a long time. Probably still has it. Bitten by same "feature" two decades ago. Which reminds me, must dump the Solaris 8 pizza boxes lurking in shed so I have more room for something useful.

At least AIX, HPUX and PCs hardware was not so scream inducing. I loved the old PARA-RISC HP hardware. One could do a full backup without starting the OS using embeded firmware. Great for major OS upgrades and raw disk databases.

Buried in the hype, one little detail: Amazon's Alexa-on-a-chip could steal smart home market

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About time

we all develop interest and skills in maintaining things that work. Also vintage cars that do not talk to anything (or you). Given coffee disasters of Something for the Weekend this week where working networks were required for the simplest purchase, imagine the chaos a backhoe could cause. Perhaps the Amish have a point.

Australia blocks Huawei, ZTE from 5G rollout

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Weather: dont they all ?

My ZTE never did had a weather app. Which reminds me, how are the Android alternatives developing these days ? About time something that worked on a given CPU or SOC was available. Most of my hardware seems to be not on any list even though it is not uncommon. I know, this does not address firmware back doors, but it is a start.

Everyone screams patch ASAP – but it takes most organizations a month to update their networks

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and in big End of town

unskilled, uncaring, not responsible socialised psychopaths often take great delight in denying change requests randomly to stroke their egos. Such power, and no responsibility for consequences. It is always the techies who get blamed. The other usual KPIs have been covered above. Usually summed up as overworked staff.

DXC Technology asks field-based techies if they'd like to leave

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seems right. nearly two decades ago the Oz arm of one of the 3 major TLA outsoucerers was told to sack, sack by merkin HQ. Local managers argued that they were successful in sales and had more work than they could handle, so they needed to recruit. Merkin PHBs replied that the stock market needed to see sackings to make stock rise, even if it lost profit.

Conclusion: Stock market is run by fools. (who knew). Rich fools.

Big companies are mostly run by cowards who lack knowledge of their own industry. Logical given many of them are sales weasels, thus good candidates for socialised psychopath assessment.

And yes, water is wet. Now if only the *corpserations (sic) did not fund the politicians.

* Corpserartion. Corporate version of zombie. Absorbs intelligence while shambling to destructive decay.

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Re: Someone needs to better optimize and align their keyboard

while imprisoned in TLA/TLA I started a private project to create a manglement speak to basic english converter using sed mostly. If needed, adding a text parser also to assist readability. Had to give up because when the jargon was removed there was nothing left. JR Saul and probably others have commented that the current crop of wannabe elites do this deliberately.

Boss regrets pointing finger at chilled out techie who finished upgrade early

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Re: "Can you turn it back on. Please?"

Gene, that does not work. The techie is told to "fix it" and just shut up. Or both. It is never the fault of the manglement class. Most of there "processes" are there to allow technically incompetent to exercise power without accountability. Once in a large hellhole IT staff were supposed to have planned months ahead for zero day type exploit patching. Of course scheduled regular downtime was nonexistent because this was a 24/7/365 organisation in name. I have _never_ seen a study of the cost of this official obstruction.

Most of us have had the irritation of change control droids gloating that about disapproving changes for process reasons. One time I worked with a change control team who understood their role was to ensure the process was done correctly and pointed out problems before the change meetings so necessary work got done on time as scheduled. It was an effective workplace.

Lo and behold, Earth's special chemical cocktail for life seems to be pretty common

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Fermi Paradox

look it up. Probably nothing out there except dust, gas and rocks. Awaiting incoming from the irrationally enthusiastic

Distro inferno: Debian's still rocking at 25

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Re: Devuan!

ah yes, the stink raised by systemd. But Devuan is sweet :-)

Denarius Silver badge

Olaf, have you tried a live Debian distro like Knoppix ? Earlier versions of that were great. Mepix also but I think that has faded out.

Denarius Silver badge

Re: Sadly

asdf, spot on. Some of us have to use commercial variants. Accordingly, consistency is not the bugbear of little minds. Same for using ksh93 on linux. A lot of ksh93 scripts written on when written on linux work for AIX, Solaris and HPUX and more if any are left. Ultrix anyone ? I digress again.

I started on RedHat but dependency hell made me put in effort to try Debian after I found some old boxes using it at work. Never went back. I used Centos occasionally at work and with Synaptic it was satisfactory.

Brain brainiacs figure out what turns folks into El Reg journos, readers

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yeah, who moved my cheese. Oh thats right, I am cheesed off by default

Can we talk about the little backdoors in data center servers, please?

Denarius Silver badge


Best case: So some PHB gets a bonus for reducing costs by dropping isolated management LAN and using a VPN across internet. We all trust VPNs, not.

Usual case: some PHB/cost cutting designer puts ILOMs on same LAN as everything else.

Worst case: No-one even knows the ILOM is there with default passwords and accounts. Yep, I also am a pessimist because it is the most rational option. Dont need electrical stimulation, just the irritation of dealing with what passes as modern PMs, bean counters and CEOs and their ilk.

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