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Firefox 3.5 gets third release candidate

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As for Opera

Four words: Gmail Manager and Adblock Plus (and the numerous other handy extensions). That "block content" thing in Opera is complete pants - Adblock's big win is the subscription that dynamically updates the aggregated block list on your machine. And Gmail Manager is da bomb.

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2 seconds with Google will tell you how to make the address bar revert back to the old behaviour - http://tinyurl.com/kodbpp. Personally, I like the new behaviour, so sod off of mine.

Disney punts hetero luuurv to wide-eyed kiddies

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There's a difference between "norm" and "non-existent"

I mean, seriously, white people in European countries are the "norm". Non-disabled people everywhere are the "norm". Mind you, there aren't very bloody many of the latter in Disney movies either.

And I'm also tempted to echo the famous remark that just because something is -common-, it ain't necessarily -normal-.

While you're all busy wanking on about the bleeding obviousness of it all, and "art reflecting life", there is that 5-10% of us who are engaged in same-sex relationships. So where ARE they in the Disney movies? Or are queers automatically not rated G by our mere existence?

Also, I'm frigging sick of 99% of female characters being super-girlie, super-skinny and fans of pink. Thank god for Mulan.

Don't call me Ishmael

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Hah, I know where Daniel B went to Uni

...and the web server was called Galadriel. Many of these servers had the appropriate figurines on them, and one day when Galadriel went down (you know what I mean), we found that her little figurine had fallen off. It was more securely fastened, and never failed again while I was there.

There was also the naming convention of major New Zealand rivers, which worked quite well. However, for multiple sites, I do have to agree the boring LOC-OS-FUNC-xx naming convention is quite handy.

Gay animals going at it like rabbits

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Black Helicopters

@Inachu - ROFLMAO

Gosh, the ancient Spartans must have had a terrible time with industrial wastes and GAY BOMBS being let off amongst them.

Also, I'm not a "fruit", I'm a DYKE. You'd think the gay bombs (I don't think they had many of those in Kiwiland, but maybe it's a secret testing ground - I mean, we've all heard of lesbian sheep) would have turned me straight, if these BOMBS were supposed to make us all lust unnaturally for men. Sorry, no.

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