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Yank objects to Reg cherry-popping headline

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"For the record, Kelly has already worked at Hooters. It was how she paid her way through hack school and goes some way to explaining her headline-writing style."

Is Kelly single?

Lawyers pursue banned Xbox Live gamers

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Backups my ass

Consoles are hacked to play pirated games.

Microsoft boots modders off Xbox Live

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Good for Microsoft

It's about damn time. It's a shame that none of the money being spent on new "clean" 360s will go to the developers whose products were stolen by the modders. If the 600,000 user figure is correct, that's a huge chunk of lost revenue even if each user only stole one game.

Security firm chokes sprawling spam botnet

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Nice work FireEye

I'd buy you folks a beer if I could. I can't wait to see the retaliatory strike from the botnet's creators.

Boston student fined thousands for Napstering

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Punative damages for the win

It doesn't have to be *actual* damages. Not sure why everyone is focused on that. I applaud this decision. Let the kid go file for bankruptcy, he'll enjoy the next 7 years of not being able to get credit, having huge security deposits for rentals, and so on. And yes, he'll still have to pay off his student loans.

The kid got what he deserved. Quit stealing shit and claiming it's justified. Or at the very least, when you get caught, don't cry foul.

Pirate Bay sells out to Swedish software firm for $7.7m

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Profit from theft? Never!

So much for "ideals". Damn right I'd sell out for $7 million. Not that I'd try to make a profit on theft to begin with...

Microsoft kills Visual Studio's Oracle data connection

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It's called ODBC. .Net has a perfectly good provider for it.

@Microsoft: Open up the source for System.Data.Oraclewhatever. Let someone else mess with it.

Economists say P2P file-sharing fuels art

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Smells like bullshit to me.

Sounds a lot like the open source "Give away the software and sell t-shirts' line of crap.

Pirate Bay launches encrypted private network

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Paying to be able to steal content. Just wow.

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