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Duke Nukem Forever

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that bad huh?

I have it on pre-order from Amazon, expect to install and play it this weekend (on a high-end Win 7 x64 gaming PC). All I can say is, it had better be pretty bad to justify this review.

Adobe Reader browse-and-get-pwned 0day under attack

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use Sumatra

I use Sumatra for reading .pdf's. Fast free and open source.

Sears told to destroy data gathered by online tracking software

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bad Sears, dumb sheeple...

I'm wondering who would be stupid enough to download and install a "research app" that "monitors browsing", without reading the EULA, all for a measley 10 bucks?

Apple wilts under iPhone upgrade strain

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Bad, BAD 3.0 Update!

I tried the 3.0 upgrade this morning and my iPhone 3G is now a non-functional brick. Lovely little "1604 error" when iTunes tried to flash the update to the phone. Thereafter, blank screen, hard reset gives me the USB cable pointing to the iTunes logo, but phone no longer recognized in iTunes.

No, I do not have a jailbroken phone

Yes, I was using the latest version of iTunes on a PC with USB 2.0 ports and the correct Apple cable for the iPhone

Yes, I tried using another PC to update the phone (a desktop)

i spent 4 hours on the phone with Apple support in Kalifornia and the final consensus was to take the phone in to the nearest Apple store (28 miles away) so they can format and re-flash it or give me a new phone. My appointment is this Saturday at noon. Glad I had 27 days left on the warranty or I would probably be toast.

SIM card in my old reliable Motorola L7 in the meantime so I have something. I want that 5 hours of my life back.

Check the Apple support forums -- peole are having similar issues to mine all over the place.

Just wondering -- why is it that AppleHeads are so forgiving when their devices completely take a dump? As opposed to MicoSofty/Intel devices which, when they fail or have problems, it's all a massive conspiracy to abuse/manipulate consumers, crappy products, crappy support, Bill Gates sucks, etc.



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