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Sun sales plummet 30.6% in Q4

Matt the Shaolin Munkee!
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Choke on it HP Fanboy....

http://www.oracle.com/features/suncustomers.html "We're in it to win it"

Thats according to your mate Larry, not very good judgement there Mr Bryant. SP&L? Blushing perhaps from being such an arse.

Here's a prediction for you, I bet you'll continue to post thousand line long responses that deviate from everything discussed in the prior posts whenever the going gets sticky on any of your speculative posts. You always do, fancy a wager?

Well done Matt, a perfect demonstration the amount of FUD you distribute. How is life as a HP sales rep?


Oracle tried to sell Sun hardware biz

Matt the Shaolin Munkee!

RE: EPIC design superior to RISC??

Spoken like a true HP "Enterprise presales consultant" there Matt, marketing bollox with little credible evidence offered to substantiate your claims.

I'd love to see public benchmarks showing a current Itanium beating current Power6+ on a similarly specced system on anything more than a fraction of the benchmarks possible. ("in our shootouts" probably = between two dissimilar systems) You & I know both know Power6+ systems are going to floor your beloved Itanium nearly every time, Itanium is half the core speed of an OOE Power CPU. You've started swallowing your own toxic rhetoric if you believe otherwise, the market share reason is simply people find AIX harder to learn and work with. Linux is super easy to run in a vm machine or old PC and developers progress easily along those routes.

Look how HPUX's share is also dropping and factor in the abortinate HPUX licence costs that come alongside the overpriced Itanium system you run it on. Not exactly a free download.

You spit more marketing crap in the second paragraph as well. Most customers buy platforms to run specific software services for an overall buisness Solution, they don't don't buy entire Solutions that often (perhaps in your dreams that HP are a software power house to rival Oracle/IBM) & you've nicely dodged the fact it's only you holding the thought pattern over CPU choices. You really think the whole world is considering Itanium & POwer or X86?

As for Storage waffle please agree that EVA are mid-range sh!te the same as LSI and Netapp arrays. HP/IBM/Sun/Netapp all offer mid-range stuff for a purpose, price (& feckin expensive when looking at Netapp) so please be honest here and state that HP rebranded HDS is the same as Sun rebranded HDS. A USP array is a USP array whatever the colour of the plastic suround (if thats what your referring to as "proper" SAN storage).

I hope for your own reputation your not about to say how great EVA 8K's are?

LinkedIn offers a profile that really could match you (or your alter ego) perfectly so are you sure you not working in Reading?


Sun killing 'Rock' Sparc chip?

Matt the Shaolin Munkee!

RE: RE: Sorry Sunshiners Sparc Shocker!

Matt, in your infinite wisdom would you also remind us that while HP Market droids were laughing at Sun's move from Sparc-iii to Sparc-iV (2004) it meant a performance bump Itanium fans were dreaming of? The move from Sparc-iV to Sparc iV+ (2005) was another good bump as well (bump = leap in Itanium terms)

Sparc-iV to iV+ was a modest frequency increase (10% on first Sparc-iV+) but a fairly big engineering change (pipelining, cache, CPU features) and meant something like a 40% perf increase with power down to 90w/socket. Again, something dreamt of by Itanium fan's like yourself back then!

I'm sure the HP sales grunts were generating hollow laughs at figures like those especially when the Itanium was something like 1.6ghz, single core (or dual core if you count two seperate CPU's bolted on one socket at 260watts/socket!!!) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Itanium#Processors

I think back then Sunnies weren't laughing as they were shaking their heads at Itanic slowly melting the icecaps......

Anyway, shall we both grow up a bit & just wait and see if this is a game to force a statement from Oracle? Or shall we chew & speculate more on whether there is any meat on this bone?

Matt the Shaolin Munkee!

RE: Sorry Sunshiners Sparc Shocker!

"Pateince, grasshopper!!" Jeez Matt, thats an insight and a half into your psyche though I suppose it's expected you'd turn up and gloat given the ribbings you've taken. I've no problem saying I'm a bit gutted that Rock is speculated as dead but lets be clear, none of us know whats planned until it comes from Oracle directly these days.

I'm more gutted it give you space to be smug! :-)

If they actually have dropped it I'm guessing they'll morph the technology into the T2 / KT lines and produce a hybrid without all the faffing around in transactional memory. I'd be reasonably certain a chunk of the pre-fetch/scout alogorythyms they've mentioned could get carried across and so forth. Perhaps Sun engineering bit off more than can be chewed in current development costs with transactional memory stuff, at least the T2 lines use relatively standard RAM.

So IF it's dead here's hoping Oracle bolts in as much of the good stuff that they can do with a bucket load of DDR 3 and bang out the chips with a cheaper footprint.

You do set yourself up for some falls though Matt so remember the pebble will be snatched if Itanic sinks or this is just rumour, I'd place money that people will spoon feed you humble pie!



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