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Women are fleeing from the digital sector, reckons UK.gov report

Malcolm 5

Re: Curious....

I think the thing that triggers the worry is the skill shortage - we don't seem to be worrying as much about running out of doctors. So if we think we are failing to find enough people widening the pool who have the skills you are choosing from is one possible solution.

APPLE set to Air PLUS-SIZED iPAD – claims mag

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I am wondering what other size 12" iPads are possible? ("Apple is in the final stages of designing a 12-inch iPad as big as a dinner plate")

Kryder's law craps out: Race to uber-cheap storage is voer

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"Kryder wrote in a 2009 PhysOrg.com article (a précis can be found here) that, by 2202, a 2.5-inch, 2-platter drive would store more than 40TB of data."

2202 or 2020?

Trying to sell your house? It'd better have KILLER mobile coverage

Malcolm 5

And how many 18 year olds are "buying a new property" currently?

(renting I can imagine, but are there really many buying?)

Weaponised Flash flaw can pinch just about anything from anywhere

Malcolm 5

Is it only me that visits


and is told they have .145 and the latest version available is .125?

AMD: Why we had to evacuate 276TB from Oracle DB to Hadoop

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Humm "We made the pivot to Hadoop [and] it not only increased our reliability but our response time," I thought you normally tried to reduce your response times?

Traditional RAID is outdated and dying on its feet

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Re: Eh?

I guess if you had enough live free space you could rebuild the protection by making new copies split over multiple drives whilst bringing a new drive into live use to replace the free space?

Here comes Windows 8.1! Microsoft grits teeth, pushes upgrade to world

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Re: Still not enough

> I've yet to see anyone explain why a full-screen start screen is a bad idea,

The main use case I know of is when following instructions to run a specific app when there are multiple apps with similar names. it is useful to be able to see the instructions and the start menu at the same time.

Microsoft's $7.1bn Nokia gobble: Why you should expect the unexpected

Malcolm 5

So who makes MS phones?

To their advantage, they aren’t major shippers of Windows Phone handsets: 81 per cent of Windows Phones sold were made by Nokia, with Samsung third a long way behind on 11 per cent, according to number crunchers at IDC.

So No 1 makes 81%, number 3 makes 11 percent leaving at most 8% for number 2, err that's less than 11%?

They don't recognise us as HUMAN: Disability groups want CAPTCHAs killed

Malcolm 5

Re: From the Department of The Bleedin Fekkin Obvious Department...

> > How about where you're just sending a message or reply on a website?

> Why should you have to enter a CAPTCHA once you're registered and logged in?

I think there are times when I should be allowed to interact with a web site without being required to register with it first. (and some of those times I should not be required to supply an email address)

Germany's RTL pulls free-to-air channels off terrestrial TV

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Re: what i'd like to know is

Maybe I'm missing something but I don't see why that directive is relevant?

New iPad: Crack open your wallets, fanbois, here's what it'll cost

Malcolm 5


so are those UK prices inc vat?

if they are a 6% markup is a pity but not immense.

Windows 8 on ARM: Microsoft bets on Office 15 and IE10

Malcolm 5

No native code?

you said "and means Microsoft's not letting native code on Windows 8 devices" but the linked posting says "Native code targeting WinRT is also supported using C and C++, which can be targeted across architectures and distributed through the Windows Store."

Judge cracks down on Bayesian stats dodginess in court

Malcolm 5

I wish the crackdown was on all stats, I don't see that much sign that the problem is Bayes' Theorem

Traffic-light plague sweeps UK: Safety culture strangles Blighty

Malcolm 5


"and pedestrians to red-man signals" of course red-man signals have a different status that the other indications listed; it is legal for a pedestrian (and a cyclist at a toucan) to cross against a red man/bike.

'Non-compulsory' ID cards poised for a makeover?

Malcolm 5

"failing to notify of a change of address remain"

Anyone know what the definition of address used for

"failing to notify of a change of address remain"

(are students going to have to notify 6 times a year for example)

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