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'Ultimate nerd chick’ prompts C64 clone cancellation


bad choice of words, or not??

I'm disgusted at jeri for labeling him a scammer without any evidence, crushing someone like that is not a mature way to do things.


WTF is... Intel's Ivy Bridge


power consumption

what i always find annoying, really annoying, is when designing a system for a task and looking at power consumption is the fact that the MB details can never be found...

Often I have to resort to looking at photos, guessing which one looks like it will draw less, buying a few from a shortlist, then plugging a board up and sitting and measuring it against 2 or 3 others..

same with graphics cards, when do you see figures for idle power?

why cant we press for these figures to be made available as part of the spec?


DWP's Work Programme IT already broken at launch


its all a scam

an unemployed yoof on 40 quid a week is a drain but not as much as the training company who will get 200 quid a week for his bum on a seat for 13 weeks till they find him a job, and lets face it, they dont want to find them jobs in week one do they...

even after 13 weeks when he's sent back to the job centre, any job he takes in the next 3 months gets them a 500 quid bonus as they must have helped.....

well thats how it was in 2007, cant see it being different now


Reg reader bombarded by 3 sales calls


3 are a set of tw"ts

I left vodafone when 3 gave me a cheaper rate, I wanted sim only but they offered a free handset so I took a simple k610i and gave it my daughter, I had the sim in my w900i for 17 months, and the got a call from 3, I said I did not want to upgrade, I loved my phone, and I was willing to sign another contract if they wished but was happy as I was and was intending to stay with them.

One day later sim update occured, phone said no service, i phoned them from another phone, guess what, my phone had gone off due to becoming incompatible with their system, I thought that's odd....

when I got home I put the wifes sim in, it worked fine, my sim worked fine in her phone, but my sim would not work in my phone, it was a like they had paired the sim and handset but in reverse...

I tried for a week to get this undone and in the end did not renew my contract, cancelled my 3 broadband contract, cancelled my wife's contract, and my 2 sons cancelled their phone and broadband contracts.

Now were paying more elsewhere - note to three, dont F' off your customers..



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