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Wikipedia to crack down on celebrity Wikideaths

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Paris Hilton

reg: About time, too

@Matt: Definitely agree. For every 1 writer of wikipedia there are 10,000 readers. For the so-called "rights" of those 1 writers, 10,000 peoples "rights" get compromised. (yeah, yeah, everyone one knows that wikis could be wrong - goto brit encyclopedia for the correct info.)

People will argue back that this police-free rules are what made wikipedia. Well dudes, as a product evolves, the needs change and the changed needs creates new rules. Need of the hour 10 years back was policing free, public created knowledge database. Now that database is there.. the need is to protect the sanctity of it. Funny thing is - people who advocate policing free speech also are advocates of the "winds of change"... (but when winds change on them - they can't seem to embrace the change).

Phew... didn't know I had this in me. Apologies if I hurt any feelings. Paris, coz she would stage her own wikideath.

PETA pronounces on Obama fly-swat

al 12
Paris Hilton

I want to make a movie: PVS.

PETA vs Scientology.

Paris, coz she would eat a crab.


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