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Nokia offers 'voluntary retirement' to 6,000+ Indian employees


What a shame!

A minor balance for all the UK IT staff forced out of work by Indian staff taking British jobs.

Report: Apple seeking to raise iPhone 6 price by a HUNDRED BUCKS



ANOTHER hundred reasons NOT to buy an Apple phone.

Windows 8.1, which you probably haven't upgraded to yet, Already obsolete


"...the issue is likely only to affect a small subset of Redmond's customers."

"...the issue is likely only to affect a small subset of Redmond's customers." - Yes, they are Win 8.x users (all of 'em).

The only update most users want is Windows 9. Unless, of course, it includes TIFKAM.

For desktop/laptop users Win 7 is just great. It ain't broke - don't fix it.

Microsoft TIER SMEAR changes app prices whether devs ask or not


Ah, Microsoft

The company that does not understand the marketplace.

BT befriends Google's lonely TV dongle – and saves YouView

IT Angle

So how will anyone make money out of YouView?.....

....before it goes the way of other unprofitable ideas.

BT snatches crown: Soars to top of complaints list


BT =

Bunch of Tossers


Samsung Galaxy S5 in El Reg's claws: This time the 'S' is for 'sensible'


Re: But it's waterproof

And the moral is - Don't buy Siemens - never seen a decent bit of IT kit from them, and the phones are cr@p.

'S'pose their trains are quite good.

BT finally admits its Home Hub router scuppers some VPN connections


BT =

Bunch of Tossers


Windows 8 BREAKS ITSELF after system restores


Stay with Win7

THAT was obvious right from the the Beta versions of Win8 - and NOTHING has changed to alter that view.

If Microsoft don't pull their corporate finger out and realise that Win9 has to bring back USEABILITY and RELIABILITY, then their main market will just become part of computing history VERY quickly!

Mozilla takes Windows 8-friendly Firefox out back ... two shots heard

Thumb Down

Just goes to show.......

........that Windows 8 is going NOWHERE!!

Got a Netgear router from Virgin Media? Change your admin password NOW


Re: SuperHub2 modem mode

When R36 was in vogue, the SuperDUD was ONLY USEABLE in modem mode, but things have improved since "Superhubs had an early history of flakey firmware updates" - I mean R36 and STILL not working. R37 was not much better.

Nasty holes found in Belkin's home automation kit

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It's BELKIN kit

So what did you expect?

PSST! New PCs with Windows 7 preinstalled are out there – and will be into 2015, at least


makes sense.......

...........To keep an operating system that is actually USEABLE (unlike the APPALLING Windows 8).

As I pointed out when Win8 first appeared, enterprises will not install something which requires such a large amount of user training with the associated COST.

Microsoft need to go back to the drawing board QUICKLY and produce something useable in the enterprise.

Nokia to launch low-cost Android phone this month – report


Oh Dear!

Another duff decision by Nokia.

If they had gone plain Android from the start, they would not now be part of Crapsoft.

Microsoft loses grip on Christmas shoppers... despite XBox boost


It's mainly a matter of time.......

.....before Android is established on desktops/laptops. Then Microsoft will become part of computing history.

It was inevitable: Lenovo stumps up $2.3bn for IBM System x server biz


They couldn't make a worse job of servers

I remember IBM servers where the performance was beaten hollow by cheap desktops.

Perhaps Lenovo will do a better job. Have to say I am impressed with their S6000 tablet for the price.

LogMeIn: We're stopping our free offering from now


I used to use Logmein but...

......TEAMVIEWER is always my preferred solution.

Go Teamviewer (FREE) - You know it makes sense!!!

Much more reliable than Logmein anyway and less hassle to connect once installed. File transfer and VPN - it's all there!

Anyone who treats their users like Logmein suddenly decided to do, doesn't deserve ANY users.

Intel confirms it will axe 5,400 workers in 2014


And the basic problem is....

....that Intel is closely linked with Windows and Windows 8 is a DISASTER of mega-proportions.

Intel need to ally themselves with Android and get Android-based PCs out there. Then they can re-employ those laid off.


Pay-as-you-GONE: Help! T Mobile's swiped my phone credit – customers


Why use T-Mobile?

I thought EVERYONE knew they are crap for customer service!

Mystery 'doughnut' materializes in front of Mars rover: 'OH MY GOD! It wasn't there before!'


Re: But, But

Yeah - looks like my driveway, but with the grouting going a bit gravelly.

I reckon the Paddies have been up there: "Would you loike yur driveway redone Sor? - Iv'e got a bit of Tarmac left over from a job up de road.""

HP sticks thumb in Microsoft's eye, extends Windows 7 option for new machines

Thumb Up


HP have finally done something RIGHT!!!

IBM renews attempts to offload server biz: report



" ......and possess no immediately apparent competitive differentiation".

As I recall, the terms "EXPENSIVE" and "CRAP" were the differentiation.

India's grip on offshoring eases ever so slightly


Re: finding skilled peiople in India is a nightmare

A touch of racism going on here?

What is wrong with UK people who CAN do the job?

At the end of the day it will be cheaper!!!!

Intel ditches McAfee brand: 'THANK GOD' shouts McAfee the man


Are they going to rename it McCrapAfee?

T'would seem an appropriate name.

Dropbox outage was caused by 'buggy' upgrade: DDoS us? You hardly know us...


Don't care what anyone says........

Dropbox is EXCELLENT.

Occasional outage? - well it is a "cloud" service, so should not be relied on 100%. And as someone said, if it's THAT important, do a backup somewhere else.

Microsoft yanks Surface 2 DIM SCREEN of DEATH fix in update snafu


Oh Dear

Microsoft failing to TEST PROPERLY - AGAIN!!!!!

BT warned: Speed up Openreach repairs or face PUNITIVE FINES



".... expected to meet the requirements "in full" from April 2016" - Time the regulator pulled it's socks up!

UK payday loaners cop MEGA £175K fine for 'misleading' SMS spam


The Best Treatment.......

......for Hamed Shabani is a hell where you receive spam texts and phone calls continuously 24 hours a day.

Analogue radio will CONTINUE in Blighty as Minister of Fun dodges D-Day death sentence


And what IS good....

....is that umpteen million car radios will not be obsolete!

Good grief! - the government has actually made a SENSIBLE decision at last!!!

Exploits no more! Firefox 26 blocks all Java plugins by default


Ah Java from Oracle

As an IT Consultant, I used to hate it if any of my customers needed an Oracle-based application, 'cos I came to the conclusion that if it was Oracle-based, it was a pain in the proverbials.

Java comes from the same stable - 'nuff said!

ASA slaps down BT over 'misleading' broadband claims


But we all know.....

....that BT stands for Bunch of T****rs

IDS finally admits what EVERYONE ELSE already knows: Universal Credit will be late


It's a Government IT Project

What else did they expect?

Internet Explorer 11 at it again, breaks Microsoft's own CRM software



.." although exactly why the issues cropped up to begin with is not entirely clear"

That's easy - LACK OF TESTING. Since Ballmer took over, that is the norm.

Ink cartridge scammers forced to pen cheque for $AUD100k fine


That old scam

I was working for a large firm of city solicitors when somebody tried a similar scam with "free trial" laser cartridges, threatening legal action - the letter of response was enough to make a worm crawl away and die!

Gates chokes up, WEEPS to Microsoft shareholders amid talk of CEO hunt


I have the answer Bill.....

...get someone who is a practical techie and NOT ARROGANT who can set about changing the company ethos back to one that delivers what the customers want, NOT what some a*****l at M$ thinks they want.

Company selling you out? You've been TUPE-ed

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"...one of the lucky ones..."

Definitely, most people end up with an even crappier job and benefits than the one they applied for.


Re: been there, done that, got the mental scars!

"I felt stabbed in the back by an employer that I had worked my nuts off for."

More fool you for thinking your employer was a "good egg" - most are shite, some more shitey than others, but most will treat you as an expensive overhead that they would rather not have to deal with and would sell down the river given half a chance.

Honeywell was a notable exception to that rule.

How to relieve Microsoft's Surface RT piles problem


I think it is fair to say........

......that Microsoft have completely and utterly LOST THE PLOT!

My prediction is that Android will become the standard for phones and tablets, with IOS as a niche OS.

The question is given that M$oft seem to have lost the plot with desktops/laptops, what will take over?

Linux has not done it, so perhaps Android?

Another day, another Bitcoin burglary as Bitcash.cz goes titsup


Lies, damn lies and statistics...

Or is that "Scams, damn scams and bitcoins"

Will small biz get a bite of mega UK.gov IT pie? Yes: if it can pass the bulls**t sniff test



So VERY TRUE. I once worked for a supplier to government and was horrified by the number of people employed (at public expense) to do IT procurement. And, from their Invitations to tender, they clearly had little or no idea either about what was wanted, or how IT systems worked, let alone how to have a cost-justified system..

Microsoft's EAT-your-OWN-YOUNG management system AXED


Yes, but....

...who is ranking the senior (mis)management who allowed Windows 8 to escape and have THREE DIFFERENT implementations of it's APIs? Not to mention outlook.com

'Thousands of iPhone, iPad apps' vulnerable to simple redirect joyriders


Of course Apple Products are not vunerable to attacks

Oh Wait.....

Analyst says Brit rail broadband plan is TRAIN CRAZY


Like most of this government's proposals...

...it is not thought out and full of hot air.

IF (and that's a BIG "IF") it ever happens, it will be implemented by an overseas company who will take all the profits and pay minimal tax in this country.

Scientists to IPCC: Yes, solar quiet spells like the one now looming can mean Ice Ages


Of Course it's the bl**dy Sun

What did you THINK was causing fluctuations in Earth's temperature?

- Winston Churchill's cigars?

- Harold Wilson's pipe?

GET REAL you idiot scientists

IPCC: Yes, humans are definitely behind all this global warming we aren't having

Thumb Down

Scientifically Speaking

When I worked on commissioning and testing of scientific instruments, the sort of SMALL VARIATIONS in readings that are bandied about about as "Global Warming/Cooling" and "Ocean Levels" were usually recognised as NOISE in the reading equipment and, thus, were ignored.

EU move to standardise phone chargers is bad news for Apple


Re: Standardised connector: SCART

Ah! - the Froggies, so THAT'S why SCART is CRAP.


Re: Standardised connector

I presume the "standard" will be microUSB. At least that WORKS - unlike SCART which is a heap of C.R.A.P.

Apple Maps directs drivers INTO path of ONCOMING PLANES


Re: Thats strange...

SO TRUE - they are the sort of people who fall for the "new release of IOS waterproofs your iPhone" trick!!!!


Is this the silicon chip KILLER? Boffins boot up carbon-nanotube CPU


Excess CO2

Can they make these nanotubes from carbon dioxide? Then tell the bonkers scientists that this will soak up all the surplus CO2 that mankind is ALLEGEDLY pumping into the atmosphere and causing global warming, wait, COOLING, no wait again, WARMING, - whatever - that is actually being caused by a not totally stable raging nuclear furnace located 93 million miles offshore.

Ellison ditches own cloud keynote for billionaires' America's Cup boat race


"....when you're as well-off as King Larry,.....

..you don't need to care much about" your customers and what a PAIN it is to support Oracle


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