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1-in-3,200 chance* that a fiery satellite chunk will hit someone on Friday


With those odds, with my luck....

.........I would win the lottery, THEN get killed by the satellite

Microsoft cloud evaporated by one busted file


Every CLOUD has a silver lining............

..................for those wonderful companies who promise everything and deliver everything, INCLUDING outages over which you have little or no control.

Comet can't sell anything, including itself


You bought LG????????? Oh Dear! You WILL need that warranty.

If they can't even make decent, reliable phones, what chance is there of them making heavy duty stuff like washing machines?

Powermat crafts wireless Duracell Bunny boiler


USB Charging is great...

............but why did Olympus not provide it on their FE5035 camera? (which I was given as a present. Would not have bought it myself BECAUSE...). It has a USB connection for downloading pictures, but to charge it you have to REMOVE the battery and place it in an external charger. Add to which the "micro USB" connection is a non-standard one!!

D'uH! - shouldn't someone at Olympus "get with" the technology.

Office 365, Hotmail and SkyDrive hit by outage


Cloud outages......

.....told yer so.

Satellite gives better picture of solar flares' effects on Earth


Who teaches Physics these days??

"The latest SDO results would seem to indicate a greater cooling effect from a calming Sun than would previously have been expected by physicists."

These "Physicists" obviously didn't have as good a Physics teacher as I had.

Blazing furnace nearby, turn up the heat - you get hotter, turn down the heat - you get colder.


LG may axe up to 30% of overseas mobile staff


Quality always counts........

.............Which is why LG mobile business is in such deep shit. Make crap phones, treat your customers like dirt and guess what happens?

Court bans man called Peter from calling himself Peter


You can call me anything...............

................................but DON'T call me Fred.

PS: It wasn't me.

Samsung refuses to buy HP's PC business


Why would Samsung buy HP cr@p?

HP servers are well overpriced and not that good, their desktops and laptops - don't go there! Many years ago I abandoned a brand new HP desktop less than 6 months after taking it out of the box in favour of a Dell which is still going strong.

Profit-disaster CEO at Blue Coat: I'll get my coat


Blue Coat Proxy Server

We had Blue Coat Proxy Servers installed where I used to work. It took MONTHS (or was it years) before anyone could set them up properly.

Heavily-looted mobile phone barns issue 'safety first' missives to staff


Carphone Warehouse Service

After the excellent service I received from CW over the last couple of years, I will definitely go back there when I next need a phone. Their customer service is superb and it looks like they look after their staff too. This can NOT be a coincidence.

Deakin Uni promises safe three-wheeler


Bet you still have to pay full parking charge!............................

.............thanks to greedy councils.

Logica profits hit by misers in public sector


Having been one of their slaves..........

............ I agree completely - Joke company just about says it all.

The WORST joke is the pay review process. If the company was just honest and said "You ain't getting one - EVER" then at least you would know where you stood. Instead, they go through this great rigmarole of "peer assessment", etc. THEN tell you, although you had a good performance rating, that they are going to downgrade your performance rating so that (oh NOT sorry) we cannot give you a pay rise.

Probably the MOST dishonest company I ever worked for. The Indians in Bangalore don't mind - they just get trained up, then swop jobs, leaving the poor sods in the UK to train up yet another set of incompetents.

Birmingham council backtracks on moving IT jobs to India


All offshoring is theft.

I bet the taxpayers of Birmingham are not happy with the idea that their (hard-earned) taxes were going to be given away to India (a country which appears to be in a better financial state than the UK). At the same time increasing the unemployed so that the drain on the UK state purse is even greater.


Post Office banking collapses in computer fail


Royal Mail Website

If "The Post Office" and "Royal Mail" DO have the same I.T. then I understand the problem - the Royal Mail website is TOTAL CRAP, so presumably the rest is dubious to say the least.

New company to lead UK police ICT procurement


Centralising IT Procurement and Systems

Perhaps the NHS should do the same?

Oh - they did!!! And look what that cost with no discernable result except a decline in health treatments

Sunspot decline could mean decades of cold UK winters


Professional Scientists..........?

.....Ah! - they are the ones who GET PAID for talking C**P.

We live a mere 93million miles from a raging nuclear furnace.

Because of the Earth's tilt, the temperature from Summer to Winter can vary by a large amount 20degrees or more, so does it not make sense that variations in the SUN's activity MIGHT just cause the variations in Earth's temperature?

On no - of course - I don't get PAID to know what I am talking about.

It's all about taxing the public (aka A SCAM!!!!!)

Microsoft gains DoJ anti-trust approval on Skype buy


Best Buy....?

Looks like Ballmer will buy ANYTHING these days.

Bill G would be turning in his grave (if he were dead).

The Network is the Problem: Barriers to cloud adoption


The cloud blows with the wind (of change)

From my experience when we went to outsourced network maintenance, I would suggest that the levels of user satisfaction are likely to PLUMMET with cloud computing. Outsourcing companies are (more often than not) not really aware of user uptime requirements. It's bad enough when you are on the LAN with the support guys near enough to kick, but when they are miles away.........

Office 365: Can Microsoft replace Microsoft?

Thumb Down


Good grief - you LIKED WordDefect (as we who were trying to implement it called it)?

There cannot be many of you around.

NHS IT boss walks out and steps back


Morons in charge of the Funny Farm

Senior managers for the FAILED ID card project and the FAILED NHS computerisation - Where do they get these people? Are they FAILED managers from the private sector?

Doesn't anyone get references or at least do some BASIC checks on their competence?

Or is it, as we suspect, "jobs for the boys (or in this case girlies)"

Twin-screen LG smartphone spied


LG = Lotta Grot

Twice as much to go wrong if previous LG handsets are anything to go by.

Earth may be headed into a mini Ice Age within a decade


Did you ever believe all those "green" nutters, anyway?

Especially those making money out of us poor taxpayers.

Global warming or cooling - when you are a mere 93million miles from a huge nuclear furnace, what do you expect? If it turns the heat up, we get warm, it it turns the heat down, then we skate on the Thames - As Alexsander would say "Simples!"

Farting death camels must die to save the world!



Why not shoot all the "green" activists and so-calle scientists who spout more hot air even than politicians.

Mmmmm... perhaps we could shoot all the politicians too.

By the way, in case the "greens" hadn't noticed, the rainforests are INCREASING in density and absorbing more CO2. Ain't nature wonderful, it even makes adjustments for politicians and "green" activists.

Virgin Media frustrates customers with 'intermittent' routing blues

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Not just Virgin Media

Sky had the same problem this morning (Monday) and (possibly) last night.

Nokia finally gives Ovi brand a mercy bullet


Nokia should have just stuck to phones

In which case getting Microsoft to do the software should be OK?


NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! - they never have been any good at mobile phone software either.

It's no wonder that the VERY PROPRIETARY iPhone has done well.

Big mistake Messrs Gates and Balmer. - Must try harder.

'Upgraded' Apple iMacs lock out hard drive replacement


Macs - SHMACKS! (or is that SMUCKS!)

It seems that Apple have taken yet one more step in ensuring thet their proprietary systems remain undesirable and potentially unusable.

As someone who has been in the computer industry since 1967, I note that the "proprietary" Windows+Intel (or AMD) system is the most "open" and useable of all computer systems ever invented. Umpteen million users says it all.

Microsoft coughs to wobbly Office Live problems


Cloudy Office

I was involved with "experiments" on having word processing and spreadsheet calculations performed at the end of a "thin piece of string" back in the 1980's (today the somewhat sluggish internet connections) - IT JUST DOES NOT WORK! - It's too slow and unresponsive, which is why PCs (with their LOCAL processing) were/are so succesful. I have tried the "Office in the cloud" and, guess what? - too slow and unresponsive.

Virtual desktop is liable to suffer the same fate when servers and local networks get overloaded.

Long live local processing!!

Logica ups revs and orders


Logica improvements????

Bet they don't give their employees decent pay rises, though.

And, no doubt, they still put their employees through the ridiculous self-flagellation process whereby. after documenting performance (how???), their so-called "staff manager" who usually has no idea of their capability argues for a share of the meagre "pot" against other employees who he equally does not know.

I only got decent pay rises before working for and after leaving Logica - 'nuff said!!!

Amazon cloud fell from sky after botched network upgrade


The Problem with Clouds.............

....is that they are subject to winds and can be here today, gone tomorrow.

Mother of all Win 7 rollouts: Microsoft eats own dog food

Jobs Horns

Microsoft's own users

Even if they did have problems, would you expect them to complain? - Not unless they wanted the "Wrath of Balmer" upon their heads.

Amazon splatters ads to cut Kindle price


Whatever happened to Web 1.1; 1.2; 1.3 etc?

I thought that stupid designation "Web 2.0" had been quietly consigned to the Marketing wastebin. We never had a Web 1.1; 1.2; 1.3 (or in Oracle's case that would be and be sure to get the CD with the BLUE label using that specific version number, because it is not the same as the other versions using the same number)

This whole numbering system gets ridiculous - Windows 7? - Pah! - it's actually NT version 6.1.

If we did get "Web 2.0" would there ever be a version 2.1?

Pre-release Windows 8 code hits PC makers


Windows 8??????

Er........ "Windows 7" (version 6.1) was only a bug fix for Vista (version 6.0), so what version will the so-called "Windows 8" actually be?

To check, go to Windows Explorer, Help, About.

For historians, the first really useable NT system was NT4 (version 4.0)

Then there was Windows 2000 (version 5.0)

Then there was Windows XP (version 5.1)

Windows 3, 3.11, 95, 98 and ME were just GUI front-ends to DOS

McAfee site crawling with scripting bugs say researchers

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McAfee is an Anti-virus product???...........

...........I thought it was a performance slug to stop people computing too quickly.

Help - my desktop in the cloud has evaporated!


The trouble with Clouds........

....is they are just vapour and subject to the vagaries of the wind and weather,

LG backs wireless charging for smartphones


LG - Wireless? - USELESS more like.

After the reliability problems of the last LG phone my daughter had, it is unlikely that I shall be getting another.

Sexy eco-bulb wins Design of the Year


50% of the worlds population are below average intelligence...

...and this design shows the "average" level is dropping. Either that or the so-called "designers" were having a SERIOUS laugh and the judges fell for it - IDIOTS!

I expect this to appear on "Made by Monkeys" any day soon.


Fox promises all change at MoD


£8bn of public money?

£8bn of public money? - Tip of the iceberg.

What about the rest?????

India calls RIM's bluff on email access


It's similar to the problem with Indian outsourcing

It's similar to the problem with Indian outsourcing - a lot of the people concerned don't really understand the technology or what it is used for.

UK short 100K tech recruits this year


It's the employers' fault.......

.........They don't treat their techhies properly, then when they leave for better jobs (the other man's grass is always greener), the employers then outsource to foreign companies because the management don't know what to do and the outsourcers are (allegedly) cheaper. No wonder no-one in the UK wants to go into technology. Been there done that - thank you very much.

Carphone Warehouse has peachy Christmas quarter


CarPhone Warehouse

2 (fairly) recent purchases from CarPhone Warehouse. EXCELLENT service both times. Same with after-sales service. They DESERVE to do well.

Alan Sugar's 'cockup braindead in call centre clueless' BT row


Did someone mention Belkin?

My SECOND free replacement Belkin router is still in it's box - I could not be bothered with the potential hassle after the failure of the first two Belkin routers. Netgear - no problem.

Old PCs: When it's time to die

Thumb Up

Old? - it's all relative

A friend was complaining about a problem on his machine. I suggested a rebuild, but he said he couldn't find his Windows 95 disks!!!!

My Dell Dimension Pentium 200Mhz (ie: Pentium 1) originally bought as a Win 95 desktop, now upgraded to 64Mb of RAM and Win 2000 Advanced Server, still makes a fairly good file and print server. Only hardware failure - one CD drive about 8 years ago.

Windows 7 Backup gets users' backs up


Incremental Backups - use DOS

For incremental DATA backups, I run a scheduled task on a batch file containing the line:

xcopy "\\server_name\c-drive\Data\*.*" "G:\DATAbackup" /D /E /C /H /R /Y

Where G: can be a mapped drive on another machine, an external USB-connected disk, or, if you don't have that much data, a memory stick.

Yes, I know it doesn't do deletes, but is that always a bad thing?

Change the path_names to suit your setup.


Fanboi's lament – falling out of love with the iPad


iPad usefulness

Who buys version 1.0 of ANYTHING in the computer world? - MUGS!

Surely by now everyone knows to wait till it (whatever) has been sorted out, debugged and made useful.

Windows Phone chief and Xbox brain exit Microsoft


Microsoft can't DO hardware

Microsoft never have been able to do hardware properly and the X-Box is a good demonstration of that generic failing. You only have to look at the various forums to see what sort of problems people have with X-Box and I seem to remember it even featured on BBC's "Watchdog" program.

No, Microsoft - stick to software, but stop producing disasters like Windows ME and Vista. Listen to those who test it, NOT your bean counters screaming for more revenue from inadequately tested products.

MS coughs to Hotmail block

Thumb Down

Hotmail Block

There was a VERY definite problem sending mail via Hotmail accounts using Outlook. I have 2 accounts (one hotmail.com and one on live.co.uk) and experienced nearly 100% blocking when trying to send mail from Outlook. All the forum and Knowledgebase stuff suggested it was a problem with port numbers being blocked ON USERS PCS, which of course it wasn't. It seemed to last for ages before MS (VERY quietly) fixed it.

FSF launches Windows 7 anti-upgrade letter campaign


Windows 7

They need not bother about an anti-Windows 7 upgrade, it is so bad that corporates will NOT be installing it anytime soon.

Virgin Media sets throttle on hardcore hogs


Virgin Media Upgrades Not Completed

Virgin Media may claim "its network upgrade was complete" but we poor 2Mb/sec users promised 10Mb/sec over and over again "by summer" are still waiting for 10Mb/sec even though we have been paying increased broadband line charges since the end of May.

Microsoft cries foul over Google Outlookware


Microsoft vs Google search

Microsoft never have been able to "do search" - so disabling their search is probably a very GOOD THING. I had terrible trouble with searching until I realised the so-called "Windows Search 4.0" had installed along with security fixes and bug-fixes, but was able to remove it via Add/Remove programs. Ah! - that's better! Searching now works.

Microsoft should leave "searching" to Google who do it a gazillion times better than Microsoft.


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