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O2 tops broadband customer satisfaction poll

Andy 22

A mere 20% spread? Ha!

Looks to me like the average consumer doesn't understand what good and bad service are. Perhaps because they've not used more than one broadband provider, and assume that they have a typical experience — be it good or bad.

I've personally had service from three of these companies, as well as knowing of others' experiences with them. The approximately 10% spread across my current provider and the others does not do justice to the black-and-white nature of the difference.

Steve Ballmer defaces fanboi MacBook

Andy 22
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The guy's a dick...

...but that was smoooooth.

Historian slams 'absolutely crazy' UK time zone

Andy 22


"Sir Alistair concluded by suggesting that if the Scots didn't like the idea of falling into line with Europe, they could adopt their own "tundra time" and carry on milking their cows in peace."

Because that would be so much more sensible than having the whole country on the same time!

Besides, it's 'Greenwich Mean Time', so it'd be bloody stupid if Greenwich was never on it.

AT&T savages Google Voice

Andy 22
Big Brother

I sympathise with much of this

Google can be -- and often are -- just as evil as everyone else. Despite their motto. Just because they've found a slightly different way of doing things, doesn't mean the rules don't apply to them.

Also, "Not only is that obviously bollocks..." is the best line I've read today.

iPhone app grabs your mobile number

Andy 22


Great, with publicity like this -- and concept code? -- there'll be loads of this kind of thing now. Good job everyone.

Apple really need to do a better job of vetting apps. People get them from iTunes, so they assume they'll be safe. Either Apple need to start checking properly, or give up being sole gatekeeper.

Palm Pre backs away from Apple iTunes

Andy 22

Very Jobsian

"We never comment on what might or might not be on our product roadmap."

So they have a boss from Apple, engineers from Apple, PR people from Apple, use software from Apple... and now they're taking lines from Apple, too? That's so cute!

Visa turns to txt

Andy 22
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Excellent idea

I've been using First Direct's SMS alerts for years, and they're fantastic. I always have a good idea of how much money I've got, and it's much easier to keep a check on payments as they go out – rather than poring over a statement a month and a half later and trying to work out what all the mad-sounding abbreviations and acronyms are, next to payments I can't remember.

Can't recommend the service highly enough, and I hope lots more card providers take up the idea.

Users claim iPhone 3.0 GPS mis-map mishaps

Andy 22

Huh. Unlucky.

I can smugly say that my 2G is *more* accurate after 3.0.

O2 wins UK exclusive on Palm Pre, says report

Andy 22

Not content with ruining the iPhone for everybody...

O2 really need to wise up to the fact that their craptastic network and customer service can't support these awesome phones, and spend some of that money on infrastructure instead.

(Speaking as an iPhone owner on Vodafone, and bitter ex-O2 customer who gave up fighting over being charged for the same usage several times over.)

iPhone grows boobs at last

Andy 22

I'd just like to say:

Best. Subtitle. Ever.

Be broadband denies BitTorrent ban

Andy 22

I'm actually inclined to believe them right now

I've had a bit of trouble getting to a few sites this morning. Guess when you know you're doing something wrong, it's easy to jump to conclusions.

Besides, Demonoid still works for me. Hard to see how they'd miss that one, if they were killing torrent sites. Still, jury's out I guess.

Catholic social club ousts coven of witches

Andy 22

Ha ha.

Could it be that the choice of a church for their little get-together was not entirely innocent? Possibly, in fact, to get a little media attention when they were turned away?

Perhaps that would explain why the tickets were printed before the venue had been paid for?

No, of course not. That's not the kind of thing anyone would do.

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