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Ten free apps to install on every new PC


Just goes to show...

With this type of article you aren't going to please everyone but it has to be said you fowled up by putting in:


iTunes (You clearly own an iPhone :p)

Next time why don't you put these top ten lists to the Reg user's vote then nobody can complain ?


O2 Joggler family organiser

Thumb Down

O2 Joggler - BIG FAIL

You gave this 85% !! Can't upset the sponsors I guess? Several flaws you didn't mention:

- Can't set an end time on an appointment

- Can't sync with any other calendar

- Alerts do not pop up on the device itself rather it has to send SMS - don't most phones already sync with PC calendars and have auto event reminders ?? YES !!

Why would you rate a device that loses Wifi connection after a hour, or has such an obvious tie in to the manufacturer, so highly ? I have to regard future reviews with the scepticism they deserve.



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