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The year in tech lunacy - an El Reg guide



MR Dell is right apart from a bit of browsing (minimal flash content they can't handle it very well) and messenger net books are too small to slow and have keys that are far too small

Imation notebook flash upgrade as easy as pi to 30 places

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false premise

On most laptops including macs changing out the hard drive can be done without removing any warranty stickers most laptops its just 2 screws. In fact on macbooks the hard drive is stated as a user changeable item as it the memory.

Also why would you clone the drive and put all the crapware back on, just do a clean install much better.

1 Remove old drive and put it to one side in case you have any warrenty problems and you need to put it back in

2 Put the SSD drive in the caddy and then in the laptop

3 Do a clean install of the OS of your choice

5) Locate any missing drivers and install them

4 Put your programs back

Done , simples

Apple voids warranties over cigarette smoke, users say


smoke not

the fact is repairing a pc used by a smoker is disgusting , the horrible sticky gunge insise some of the pcs I have come across iis not nice at all.

Don't smoke and use a computer its as bad for the pc as it is for you

Apple to 'vigorously' fight Nokia patent pout

Jobs Halo

old pcs

<<<<tell me how many ppl keep their pc's for more than 3 years in active service?" #

By Fatty Treats Posted Tuesday 3rd November 2009 12:52 GMT

Non windows users? It's the OS, not the hardware.>>>>

I see plenty of old (2002) XP PCs in my job and Unlike an OS X pc from that time all the latest software will install.

As OS X is now on its 6th version and most latest software expects at least 10.5 lots of mac users are left out in the cold

Naked Win 7 still vulnerable to most viruses


Rock and a Hard Place

Microsoft can't win here MSE which is very low end and does a more or less decent job should be included with the OS but if they did the Antitrust lawyers would be rubbing there hands.

Chronically ill people 'happier if they abandon hope', say docs


I agree

At the end of life many people go go to extraordinary lengths to carry on with very poor health and horrendous side effects from drugs and treatment for a few months extra life. Better to get your life in order accept your fate and go out with dignity. You are born. you live (hopefully well and fully, then you die.

Apple MacBook Late 2009


Won't sell in the UK

Can't see many of these shipping in the UK when the alu macbook with its extra fratures is only £100 more

Wintel 7 machines freeze out iPhone



P55 boards are fairly high end being I5/I7 boards and as most people using intel cpus will have 775 boards the fall out from this should be limited and hopefully soon sorted out

Hands on with Acer's 3D laptop



there was something about 3d on the tv the other week and some "expert" and I use that word loosely said that forced 3d imaged put a strain on the eyes so if that is true this may be not a good thing

Windows 7 - The Reg reader review redux


better han Vista, Probably

I keep getting a BSOD on Win 7 but I have a feeling that its down to not being able to find a disk image mount program that works properly.

I have a fairly meaty setup and vista was rock solid and responsive on it that said I have seen it on far too many lower end systems where it runs like a dog.

Apple sexes up Time Capsule


no solid capacitors then

Better quality components called for then

Windows 7 lessons - the must know before you buy


even more expensive

as a casual system builder (10+ a year) windows puts a big chunk of money on the price of a pc

XP home was a few years ago £53 oem for system builders windows 7 will be £80 a bih hike in a couple of years


even more expensive

as a casual system builder (10+ a year) windows puts a big chunk of money on the price of a pc

XP home was a few years ago £53 oem for system builders windows 7 will be £80 a bit of a hike in a couple of years

Unibody MacBook unzipped


going up

Price is up another £50 makes you think they want to push you towards the aluminium 13 incher which is only another £100 and has firewire an SD card slot and an illuminated keyboard

Snow Leopard data-munching bug predates Snow Leopard


backup then

If you loose something critical o your computer and you have not got a backup, its your fault not the PC's for being so stupid and not backing it up

MyConservatives website collapses at launch



For many a year (but fixed now) Epson.co.uk was not linked to www.epson.co.uk t

Windows 7 OEM prices revealed



@ OEM is not the same as retail - remember the motherboard lock

Rubbish, the actual vendors discs may be locked but the keys are not tied to a specific manufacture

If it won't activate the online activation service will always work (with a bit of lying as required) except yesterday when activation was broken (on xp anyway)

iPhone voted UK's 'coolest brand'



I am on the yougov panel and the superbrand surveys are so tedious to do I am sure most people just click anything just to finish them. I myself don't bother with brand surveys any more they do your head in.

Packard Bell dot m/a netbook


bottom feeders

Packard Bell for many a year put out so many underpowered laptops that they make Acer look high spec in comparison. PB as a name conjures up thoughts in my mind of some very poor quality kit and I wonder why Acer want to use the name.

Adobe speeds Flash to Tweekbook, mobiles


missread this

Thought it meant that Adobe where going to solve flash CPU hogging problems at long last.

Sapphire Radeon HD 4890 Vapor-X 1GB


on cooling

A slow moving 12 cm fan as the front of the case pulling air in and the same at the back pushing out will solve internal heat problems without causing much more noise

Dell pays $4m to settle NY 'deceptive practices' claim


in the UK too

Dell do the same thing in the UK also. Its a bit rich after paying hundreds of Pounds for a service contract to be expected to take your PC to bits and jiggle parts before they will send out a technician.

British TV firm dumps Silverlight


shame but

I have been on Silverlight enabled websites with firefox and the plugin installed and they still say you must install a plug in to view this content even though its installed.

Shame because flash on the Mac is still pants

Australia mulls botnet takedown scheme


are they not already ?

I went to I client who is on SKY BB in the UK and his internet had been switched off because the computer was spamming other people and they would not switch it back on untill he did a format install on the PC.

I would assume that all IPs screen their networks for this type of activity but obviously not

How to run Mac OS X on a generic PC

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only way of getting a normal tower

As apple don't have a normal desktop PC in there lineup things like this seem the only choice you have unless you want to hamstring your self with integrated hardware or loose an arm and a leg and get a mac pro.

Windows 7: Microsoft's three missed opportunities


blank passwords

Being able to have a blank password is a mistake as well. Even if you don't want to bother with a log in password being able to make dramatic changes to windows by just clicking yes on UAC is a mistake as well. The OSX model of asking for a password for any big changes even if you don't use a password to log in is much better

I can see why the menus are hidden 90% of users never use them the other 10% should know how to activate them when needed

The hidden extensions, Microsoft don't think this is a problem, they are wrong but that is their opinion.

There are things about OS X I find annoying , the same with windows . The perfect OS is still not here

Mac OS X Snow Leopard First Look


re Dentist?

I should imagine that as I can have 5 fillings for £42 in the uk and in the States you would have to take out a second mortgage there will me more people with bad teeth in the States than the UK

THe old knocking Brits teeth is just lazy and wrong.

Back to the review , very informative , I am looking forward to SL maybe it will solve my memory leak problems as well

Amazon limits PS3 Slim sales


in the UK

Amazon UK state each household can only buy 5 , so it seams to me they don;t think there will be much demand over here

Apple MacBook Air June 2009


why ?

I can't for the life of me think why anyone would buy one of these , unless they are a style victim with too much money.

Outlook (finally) coming to the Mac



As windows 7 does not come with an email client (even though the folders are there for windows mail) I have installed Outlook 2007 as live mail is untidy for my needs.

I must say I quite like it, much more than mail on osx 1.5 that seems to hamstring you at every turn.

Microsoft catches 11 UK pirate retailers


ye right

>Microsoft reminds businesses and consumers that if they buy a computer with software pre-loaded it should come with proper documentation and backup discs.

Try telling that to HP,Acer and the like that give you no reinstall discs these days, but expect to to make your own (something that most home buyers will ignore)

Amazon prices up Zune HD


flash , hd ?

I take it these are flash drive based otherwise tey are a rip off.

Still no sign of the Zune in the UK then ?

iTablet to rake in $1bn, claims analyst


for my next trick

I honestly can't see who will want one of these apart from the geeks that must have all the new gadgets. I may be wrong but this won't be a big seller

Windows XP Mode digs deeper into Windows 7


works well if a bit sluggish

I have a canon laser printer they could not be bothered to write a 64 bit driver for (I am blaming canon here) ( I still have a stock of toners for it if anyone was wondering)

As I want the 64 bit version of windows which truly does rock btw the only way I can get it to work is with the XP virtualisation which works fine after I tweaked the settings

Samsung R522


32 bit or 64 bit ?

If this is 32 Bit vista, what is the point of 4 Gb of memory ?

Apple nabs 90% of all 'premium PC' dollars


1 and 1 equals 3 ?

Sounds like someone can't add up to me.

As for bringing windows versions into it , yes Microsoft dropped the ball with windows but are more on course with 7.

You have Home Premium if you are don't want to be on a domain or you pay microsoft's domain tax and get The pro edition of you are on a Domain. Now that professional has the media center the so called Ultimate can be safely ignored

Microsoft signs off on Windows 7



give acer and the such time to work out what unneeded rap they can add to the machines eh

Apple MacBook Pro 13in June 2009 release


Upgrades still overpriced

Apple still ream you if you want to Upgrade the memory or hard drive

A 250 GB hard drive can't be more than £10 more

Luckily these parts are still classed as user upgradable , even though you have to take the whole back off to get at them

Virgin Media sets throttle on hardcore hogs


still the only game in town

I live a fair way from the BT exchange so if I want decent broadband Virgin is the only option.

Looking at the list the caps have been raised so no complaints from me , anyway you have 9pm to 9am to download what you want

Apple ends Palm Pre's iTunes charade


@ Bilgepipe

what I am saying some program/s I use on the macbook must have memory leaks its is not the OS's fault but the programs I rebooted the mac this morning, I have finder and firefox showing as running only and though firefox is a bit of a hog (220MB on one tab) its still on 1.20 GB used that's about 300 Meg missing in a few hours

Blame the programs not the OS


itunes bad

Itunes has the most clumsy UI in the world never mind bloatware its bolf on functions with no rime or reason ware.

As for the mactard above above blaiming windows for a piece of badly written software causing memory leaks he is just wrong.

I use a macbook and after it has been on a day or so the memory use goes up yo 2GB and regardless of what is running I can't get it back ths sounds like a memory leak to me

Itunes on windows is so bad quite a lot of the time breaks on the install, maybe its time Apple started from scratch internalised the playing software and not depend on quicktime being installed which is easily broken

Teen cuffed for bomb threat webcam pay-per-view



the words "book" and "throw" comes to mind

Safari 4: Apple's crash-happy shipper


i would not know

seeing as I have always used Firefox on my macbook (in all its flaky goodness) even though I have installed the latest safari it does not get used so no problem here.

As for blaming third party add-ons , well when internet explorer goes tits up it is usually some plug in that causes it but Microsoft still get the blame. So Apple suck it in and sort it out firefox stops adons running when it knows they cause problems

MS no-frills security scanner gets thumbs up in early tests


Rock and a Hard Place

I am sure that they could come up with a fully functioning antivirus product intragrated into the OS but the likes of symantec and the other major players would be shouting antitrust as soon as it was announced.

Microsoft bribes Oz to ditch Firefox


the word

The word ill-advised springs to mind

Microsoft fans call for Opera boycott


Yes But No

Lets face it people are idiots boycotting Opera is not going to help anyone especially Microsoft

The EC are being stupid about this

Opera are not helping themselves at all

Microsoft, well they are just doing there usual stonewalling act

Lots and Lots of programs relies on ie to be there to run , this it self is unfortunate but is a truth to remove IE from windows would cause chaos

I try not to use Internet explorer, its there on my desktop Box minding its own business ready for the few times its needed

EC go back to measuring the bend in bananas


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