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Rubber Duck banned from txt



can't use it to contact your daughter who's in a car with her friends

can't use your phone when you're a passenger in a car

can't use your phone when you're in a cab trying to find out directions to your mate's place

can't use in-car kits to call ahead to let people know you're runnning late

can't use it on the train to let people know when to pick you up from the station

... and it doesn't fix the problem where idiots sat at the traffic lights are too busy texting to realise that the cars ahead have moved on and the lights are changing back to red.

China throws rotten tomatoes at IMDb


not too long...

... before the Great Firewall of Australia follows the same path. Maybe the Australian Govt can simply just swap blacklists with the Chinese - it's all about keeping our children safe.

Game censorship crusader sues Facebook for $120m


I wonder if he sees himself as some sort of superhero

But what would his superhero name be?

I vote for "Retardo the Wonder Boy."

Da dada d'uuhhh.

Man mods 25-year-old phone into media centre PC


i'm sure...

...it seemed like a good idea at the time: sat in the pub, drinking a jar of the local brew and, just before midnight (or whenever the finnish finish), thinking to himself "the missus has been on at me for ages to chuck that thing out, i'll show her."

UK teens bullied into sending sex texts


for just £3 a month...

This is alycia.. she's 12.. she's lives on the council estate down the road from you... last week, after a few drinks, her boyfriend made her take a photo of herself in her jeans and a loose-fitting jumper... for just £3 a month, you can help beatbullying fight against the sexual perversion of children... do it, or we'll tell the government you didn't.

here's a thought - if the kids are being bullied into sending something by text, can't they just send a text back telling the other person to p- off?

Great Australian Firewall to censor online games

Big Brother

love this...


Ah, Australia!

By LaeMi Qian Posted Friday 26th June 2009 12:13 GMT

Beautiful one day, [CENSORED] the next.


Please tell me your name's Chinese. It would make it even funnier.

I promised the missus that, after being in the UK for a while, we'd move back to Aus. Really, really, starting to regret that now: expensive food, expensive beer, expensive clothes, expensive broadband; thought I would be leaving all that behind.

At least the free online content filter protects my sweet, innocent, incapable-of-having-had-a-single-mature-thought-since-i-was-15, mind from dangerous influences like a computer game. Here's the thing: the MA15+ is rated for 15 year old girls as well as boys, so it's games that 50-yr-old politicians think are inappropriate for 15-yr-old girls.

[chose the pic because it's the closest to hitler i could find.]

IT contractors demand overhaul of company transfer visas


@value for money AC

and there are no useless permanent employees...? I'm a contractor and some of the permies I've worked with have been utter failures but they've been in place for so long that making the case to HR to get rid of them is near impossible. Thanks New Labour.

I worked with a permie guy who finished a 'tech refresh' deployment and packed his dirty keks (underpants, for the Americans) in the boxes with the old kit he'd just removed, which was a bit of a surprise for the team who had to go in after him and put it all back in place because he'd got the config wrong and nothing worked.

If you get a useless contractor, throw them back. Job done. Easy. Getting rid of a useless permie is tricky and, in this climate, not really worth the risk of employing one, especially when they cost about the same as a contractor (they do, there are lots of hidden costs that permies don't see when they compare their take-home pay: employer's NI, training, benefits, performance appraisals etc etc.)

NASA moon-attack probe beams home first lunar shots


here love,..

why don't you drive for a bit.....

Microsoft's Windows 7 price gamble opens door to Linux


@Jamie Kitson

linux is only free if your time is worthless.


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