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Student boffins take on iTunes' not-so-smart Genius

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I like The Shadows too

At least it's better than Apple's first attempt, "Just For You (beta)" which said:

“You bought The Shadows, Live at the Paris Olympia. We recommend Basement Jaxx, Kish Kash.”

What you obviously don't realise is that this was another example of Apple pushing the envelope in an innovative and unconventional way. Where their more pedestrian competitors might offer albums similar to the ones you already own, Apple’s groundbreaking system leads customers in a much more creative and original direction, encouraging them to widen their aural horizons by offering albums from genres entirely unlike the music they’ve bought so far.

Apple gives Palm the boot - again

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What? No. The iPod has played normal MP3 files from day 1.

Palm slams Apple, hoodwinks iTunes

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It will break one day anyhow

Would you rather that Apple broke it deliberately now, or accidentally later? When a substantial number of people are using it. Perhaps in a way that corrupts data.

The world would be better if Apple had used a published standard for their iPod sync - but since they didn't, Palm are onto a loser's game trying to hitch on the back of a proprietary protocol. They may have it working today, but the only way for this to be reliable is if they expect Apple to put QA time into ensuring that all future changes also work correctly - which is just unreasonable even if Apple weren't expressly out to stop them. Give up already, and develop a media player / sync utility alongside some competitor's store such as Amazon.

Microsoft fans call for Opera boycott

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Define "legitimately"

"This is absolutely nothing more than a company who can't legitimately gain market share trying to squeeze their unpopular browser onto Windows systems," Taraso wrote

But enough about Microsoft, what do you think of Opera?

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