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Ubuntu's Karmic Koala bares fangs at Windows 7

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stinky Fonts

Give me a call when they can manage to render nice fonts, until then it will (like all linux) continue to look like a crappy 90's OS.

Charlize Theron to travel Mad Max's Fury Road

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Just walk away !

They say people don't believe in heroes anymore. Well damn them! You and me, Max, we're gonna give them back their heroes!

Microsoft drops Family Guy like a hot deaf guy joke

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Family has to be one of the world's least funny Simpsons rips, should be familiar territory for Microsoft.

Home sec puts McKinnon extradition on hold

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Lets cut him off.

While I don't agree with a one sided extradition agreement with America, why is this guy not in prison already ?

If I forgot to lock my front door would any random UFO nut be allowed to give my house a going over looking for evidence of UFOs NO!

Gary knew he was breaking the law and admits he did so why is he still wasting our tax money on his legal aid.

Asperger's syndrome is never diagnosed in adults because there is no point, it cannot be treated and it is effectively just a collection of social problems that most adults should be able to cope with. People are acting like he has a mental illness, which he doesn't I'm just sick of reading about it, stop the export to America and just throw him in jail here already.

None of us would feel sorry for him if he'd hacked into our banking system instead.

Google lobs coder's Microsoft badge into rubbish bin

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IT Angle

Hmm legal ?

It is possible that Google have him working on something that could be seen a conflict of interest should Microsoft be giving him any information that relates to their version of whatever Google has him working on. Phew.

It cause messy legal disputes when it comes time to argue patent applications.

Mozilla plans to tie Firefox 3.7 pigtails in pretty Ribbon

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Fail on all the comments about following Microsoft

This looks nothing like MS' ribbon it looks just like chrome and safari.

The Mozilla guy is simply using the ribbon as an example of how the old file>edit>view menus are vanishing from everything.

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"Microsoft debuted its controversial Ribbon interface that it prefers to dub “Fluent” in Office 2003."

Nope it was Office 2007 actually.

PC tune-up software: does it really work?

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Anyone ?

"We weren’t expecting the Ram upgrade to improve Windows start-up times, but it did."

Why were you not expecting the RAM upgrade to improve Window's boot time ? Less page file use always speeds up boot times.

Man remanded for extreme porn offences

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People don't get a prison sentance for actually physically abusing/toturing animals yet owning a DVD of animal porn will put you in prison ?

Bloody though police will have us all in prison soon for not adhering to the "party line"

Lord Mandelson wants mobile internet fix

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Factual Correction for Silly Complainer

"They might also reconsider whether it was smart to give Rupert Murdoch a monopoly of satellite and Richard Branson a monopoly of cable"

No-one gave Sky a monopoly on satellite they paid cash money for the astra satellite, several other media monsters rent the use of it.

No-one gave Virgin a monopoly on cable either, Telewest and NTL also paid cash money to have fibre optic cables installed in people's streets the resulting debt is what forced their merger with Virgin.

Why on earth do you ever talk to support ? If you need their help buying or setting up a domain you shouldn't be using one.

UK banks 'not doing enough' on internet fraud

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Chip & Pin anyone ?

Most of their recent security measures (like Chip and Pin) are designed to remove liability from the bank itself, not protect their customers. Most online banking terms and conditions show in great detail just how much wriggle room banks have if someone hacks your account, "oh that is not our approved secuirty software sir"

Thanks to Gordon's light touch when it comes to banking regulation it becomes more obvious who the master and slave is and thanks to Thatcher and her ilk it's more and more difficult to do anything without a bank account.

Mines under the mattress with my pron

UK.gov revives net cut-off threat for illegal downloaders

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Hilarious !

I think this is hilarious ! Like most politicians Lord Mandle is a complete idiot when it comes to computers and the internet, I enjoy anyone trying to use the internet while their ISP sniffs all their packets, 64 Kbs here we all come !

The European court has already ruled that cutting off someones internet when they have not been proven guilty of a crime violates human rights.

As I said hilarious, the biggest joke since putting Mandy back on the cabinet.

Labour are really making sure we are going to have Conservative government for the next 12 years.

P.s Any right thinking person must now know Mandy is in David Geffen's pocket, I wonder who elses ?

Palm rejected Jobs's 'no poaching' Applers offer

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Jobs Horns

Jobs for Steve

Dirty boy, DIRTY BOY !

HP strikes back on charges for 'free' Windows 7 upgrade

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Hmmm ?

The guy who bought 10 PCs from HP surely only needs 1 disc and a piece of paper with 10 keys on it.

Most gamers fat and miserable, finds study

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How does this compare to Florida,California or New York ?

Washington state has long been known to have a very high percentage of depressive people (see Grunge) it rains ALOT.

Apple tried to quash Sunday Times' Jobs profile

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So to research his indepth story Appleyard watched "the Pirates of Silicon Valley"

That is some pretty impressive journalism.

Also I hate to point it out to him but OSX was a mess until Panther and wasn't really a mainstream OS until Tiger.

Adobe sounds Apple PowerPC death rattle

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So ? Apple are the ones who ended support for PowerPC is it a big surprise that App vendors would follow suit ?

KDE 4.3 promises polish, polish, polish

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Same ol'

Linux still suffers from font death, they have worked very hard on glass effects and eye candy but they really need are some nice anti-aliased fonts.

Windows 7 Ultimate product activation hacked?

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WGA ! It's not XP people

For all the people waffling about a WGA update, You are talking about XP, This OEM activation still works on Vista for the main reason that revoking keys for OEM activations could piss off alot of OEM customers.

Microsoft doesn't care, they make the bulk of their cash from OEMs everything else just helps market share.

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The program you speak of doesn't work anymore for activiation, and why the hell would you need a program to turn off UAC ? You can do it yourself with 3 clicks of a mouse.

Unions demands better conditions for temps

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Bitter little desk weasles

Funny that the article didn't mention contractors, it's talking about temps, unless you've had your head in the sand for the last 8 years nearly every major company runs on temps, in fact most companies would love to have all their staff on temp contracts it's about time someone did something about it.

I'm self employed (not a contractor) and to all those poor little desk weasles out there, your bitter cries are music to my ears LOL

Samsung R522

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The keyboard on this looks nothing like a macbook keyboard, it is however identical to the keyboard used on Sony VAIO laptops a few years ago. Many Samsungs and Acers are now using it.

Sony were also the first people to use the true chicklet style keyboards, before Apple did.

Apple-apeing Microsoft spins out retail store prototype

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Balmer + Imagination = Complete human being.

Why copy an already laughable concept, the genius bar always makes me laugh especially when you see the kind of mouth breathers that work there.

Why oh why must Microsoft copy everything Apple does, I see their aim trying to out discount Apple and take the fight too them but maybe highlighting the whole ridiculous Apple religion fandom would give all us Windows users something to snigger at.

Botched judge threat probe downs Fathers 4 Justice website

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They are vindictive, this was the government flexing its muscles and shutting down something that was causing them annoyance.

We live in a Police state where Gordon says "these new laws will only be used against terrorists"

then he uses the new anti-terror laws against Icelandic banks !

We are all next don't argue with the government, I mean FATHER or in his wisdom he will shut us down.................

ISP redesign unites the web in nausea

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Off with their heads !

That is just nasty, aliased text, bad layout and the large FF warning saying the site cannot be trusted.

It's not a bold design choice it's a lack of design choice, yikes they need to join us all in the 21st century not go back to the mid nineties.

They just put me off leaving Virgin and joining BE Well done guys.

Who commisioned this ? Off with their heads !

Apple sued over shrink-wrapped Mafia death threats

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Starts off like Zoolander ends like Marathon Man

Paranoid Schizophrenia is not a laughing matter hope this poor guy gets some help before the lawyers suck him dry !

Virgin Media sets throttle on hardcore hogs

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Just download at night like the rest of us.....

Like most people I download my stuff at night.

If i was to download all day my internet service would be pretty crap for my wife and I.

It's only mad download kidz who really need to fill that new 1TB drive with shit they'll never have enough time to watch who max their connection 24/7 so who cares ?

Orange UK exiles Firefox from call centres

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Waste money

This is called not wasting money, why pay to have a different support plan, then they have a legal responsibility to re-train their staff and they also have to re-test all home built web apps/intra-net for firefox and for what ?

I use Firefox and love it but really in a call center ? Telling staff not to download and install apps from the internet (Firefox or otherwise) is GOOD security advice, IT departments plug hole in IE 6 themselves this is yet another blog-style unresearched story.

The Register should be better than this.....

Amiga Forever updated for Windows 7

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Beard users beware

As a qualified beard wearer I would like to deny that I have ever owned an Amiga, I played games on a friends machine in my teens but this in no way encouraged me to grow a beard.

Why exactly does anyone still use an OS that looks so horrible and runs very little modern software ?

It's definitely not the beard.

UK DVD sales plunge...

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Internets must die.

It must be pirates and kids, quick close down the internet.

It's not like we are in a recession and several big name DVD retailers have went under.

Microsoft fans call for Opera boycott

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Come on ....

How many friends can Microsoft fans have anyway ?


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