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eBay photocopier data risk ignored

Roger Merrick

mmm ... penetration tester

with a look of glee.... that's the kind of woman I like

Warner Music gives up on free streaming services

Roger Merrick

What is the problem?

I thought Spotify etc paid the royalties to Warner etc thru adverts. If it's not enough, sell more advertising space. I love Spotify, it is THE future - a radio station I can programme. I don't pay because, get this, I like the adverts, it makes it more like a real radio station - get with it Warner or get left behind. Where are all those player piano manufacturers now?

Avon & Somerset cop computers titsup?

Roger Merrick
Thumb Down

We have also asked IBM for comment on this matter, but at time of writing there has been no response

dude, their email's totally down!

Brit space agency to probe 'crackpot' antigravity device

Roger Merrick

I have seen the video

I'm no physicist, but I'm not expecting to purchase an emdrive powered vehicle in my lifetime.

I do not expect my child to be able to purchase an emdrive powered anything in their lifetime either.

I mean, com'on, really. We are putting money in that? Far out!!

Todger-chop woman's sentence depends on hard evidence

Roger Merrick

@And the IT angle is?

I think we've all had a few tense moments when duplication equipment fails due to improper removal. I'm shocked you need to ask.

The IT angle is it is friday afternoon and no one wants to do more work than necessary, and checking out an important article in a technical journal looks sufficiently like work to pass a casual monitoring thereby filling in ti,e untl it is ok to go to a call-out from which there need be no return to office

CRB check failures rocket ahead of massive expansion

Roger Merrick


The idea is if you have things in your past you disclose and they can be discussed. If you have stopped offending your past shouldn't be a problem, and if you are working with young criminals, having been a young criminal is relevant indeed.

If something nasty turns up in your CRB you are assumed not to have disclosed, and it is a problem. The good guys ring you up and ask, a little nervously, did you know something might come back in your CRB?

Unfortunately, others don't ring you, so some people just find they hear no more from that nice job, and everytime they ring up the person they want to speak to is out.

Microsoft fans call for Opera boycott

Roger Merrick

So what

has Opera got that with a 1% share of the userbase Microshills are afraid of it?

It's reliable, quick in operation, excellent for managing downloads, has a speed dial function, uses tabs, works well on many different platforms. Obviously it's pathetic that a tiny little company appeals to law to restrain Microsoft from using its' corporate leverage to squash competition. Netscape, anyone?

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