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Motorola uncloaks 10.1-inch Xoom fondleslab

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come to the UK!

very nice, lets just hope motorola will update the thing, unlike their mobiles....

i'll definetly be getting one of these :D

Worthless iPhone 'Wikileaks App' removed from Apple Store

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If i had one wish...

..it would be that i could code.

In 3 days someone has, legally, had $5k dropped into their lap purely because "there is one born every minute"

Microsoft wades into interwebulator chat about Hotmail

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Bottomless Pit / Neverending wishlist

Brave of them to ask, seeing as they must have all knew how truly awful the service is / was.

Will they do anything to fix it? Nope. As you can see, they ask people the problem, people tell them, and then they deny its a problem or tell you that not enough people are interested for them to do anything about it.


I stopped using hotmail when i left school, 8+years ago, when you still only got 2mb as an account.

I get this limit is due to resources available at the time but come on. 2mb....

Also, the UI is awful, everytime i use it (i occasionally send confirmation codes im not that bothered about ever finding again to hotmail) i have to re-enable my account, and im them presented with an experience totally different to the last time i logged in.

People want consistency over anything when it comes to email, i dont care if it looks basic, if it works im happy, if i have to refresh 4 times just so it loads proerply im loggin off!

GMail came with a simple layout and yes theyve tweaked it slightly but essentially its the same as it was when it launched (visuals wise)

How to kill your computer

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Paris Hilton

Drop from PARIS 2?

Operational MacBook dropped from space?

Thats some facetime i would gladly indulge in!

MP slams ICO for 'lily-livered' Google probe

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The ICO needs breaking up and pushing down the river like a rusted, half sunk ship that she is!

The amount of hassle they have caused with at work with their general lack of information, you ring up for advise on DPA and you get two different answers from different operators.

I got dragged through a disciplinary at work as when my directors doubled checked info i had been giving by the ICO, the law had apparently changed over night, and black became white!

BT quietly recalls shocky adapters

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Never had a problem with ethernet-over-mains adaptors. i bought two sets of the develo 85mb version when they first came out and im still using them today, they allow me to stream HD video with no problem. i have no audio interefearance and i run a recording studio in the same room as one of the adaptors. i guess some kit is better than others when it comes to the RF leakage?

Boxee box to come to Blighty

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Im actually looking forward to playing around with this, it looks to be a great little device for people who dont really know what theyre doing and just want their media streamed.

I setup Boxee on a few old pcs around my families house and they love it, the software is great and this new hardware is fresh and funky, my sister can remote control any of the rigs from her jesus phone i can use my android when i drop in from time to time and dad can use his ipad or this new remote.

Loads of people offer media centres, but most have a big flaw when you starting digging around, boxee seems to just work how i'd want it, except some hardware is not supported properly, i guess all that will be put to bed with its own hardware config now.

Drop the price slightly and i'll have one please :)

Gov rolls out 'dedicated area of the internet' for digi-ware tests

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If you type google... into google... i have it on good authourity that you could break the internet!

Can someone pop over and explain how the internet works please?

Multi-touch iMacs prepped in Cupertino?

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Not a rumour

I've used one, at a preview evening for the iPad a while back in London.

Not a Mac fan tho, so meh

Windows Phone 7 misses big-business support tools

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oh dear...

its really not looking good for winphone7.

They seem to have learnt nothing from the KIN disaster.

I have to suffer with a horrible incarnation of WinMo on 10 handsets in my office and thats bad enough, i feel sorry for anyone running 100's of these handsets. Problems are endless and we ended up having to buy third party apps just to get exchange syncing properly on half of them. Others just gave up and use their own nokias / blackberry / androids to recieve mail and the company mobile for calls.

Unless they have a serious change of management in the phone section at m$ this will be one collossal fuck up!

Tories will force BT to open up ducts to rivals

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Open the ducts to ANYONE?

So does this mean as long as i pay for duct access i could run my own bit of fibre direct onto the backbone of my local exchange, 1:1 connection?


Pairs, because im not that thick...

Google 'open' memo betrays deep corporate delusion

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more hate from el reg

i really wonder about some of your reporters, either, as someone mentioned before, your google employed lady friend dumped you, google themselves rejected to or you just have it in for the new big boys!

Google dont have to open anything, and expecting them to open ad words and search is just plain ridiculous, go back to basic business school and learn yourself!

Without google we'd all still be with our crappy 2mb hotmail accounts!

"Journalistic FAIL"

Android 2.0: what to expect

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I have the milestone, anyone know when Google are gonna update the maps to incloude turn by turn nav. At the moment its coming out the box with motorolas own brand GPS software which is a tad slow and will apparently expire after 2 months.

One of the major selling points for me was free turn by turn navigation!

Otherwise, phone of the year for me.

Shits all over my sisters iphone (main thing being multiple apps running)

Was the only logical upgrade path from a N95 8GB that i would consider.

Top Gear tops iPlayer hit list

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You need 5th Gear...

Top Gear is ENTERTAINMENT TV, not informative reporting on cars and the industry. It has been that way since the format changed ooh 14 series ago?

Go watch 5th gear with Quentin "I'll bore you into pulling your own teeth out" Wilson

On the iPlayer, its great althought more mobile support and being able to keep content (ive already paid to make it so its mine) would be further improvements :)

US mum calls 911 over Grand Theft Auto

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america, beat your kids!

For their own sake, beat them with the largest object at hand!

If your kids don't listen to you, you have failed as a parent. The police are not here to mop up your failings!

Street View snooptrike stalks Siena

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"car owners dont own the roads"

no of course not, we just pay road tax to fund them.

unlike the freetards on two wheels who will swerve out infront of a car doing 40mph then swear their head off nearly jumping through the car window!

Bikes/Cyclists in general = FAIL

Bezos begs forgiveness for Amazon's Big Brother moment

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do people not want to make money these days?

put the same position into a tesco environment.

tesco get hold of a book and sell it.

book copyright owner finds out tesco is selling it

rather than claim the profit, they tell them to refund everyone.

so no one makes any money.....

sorry, but arent we in a recession, where everyone is trying to make SOME money so they dont go into bankrupcy atm?

Am i missing something but are the copyright holders just saying, we didnt say yes so no one can buy it?


Reg Mobile and Wireless newsletter is go! go! go!

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i thought wrong...

i thought you guys had fixed the problem with el Reg crashing my phone everytime i try to load the site, but no :(

Be broadband denies BitTorrent ban

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Great tech support call

User: My internet isnt working

Support: whats the problem

User: i cant illegally download anything!

Support: Sorry about that, we'll get right on it!

User: Damn Straight!

love it!

Mobile internet? It ain't just for the iPhone

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its not that i dont mind...

...its, what i am going to do about it. Not much is the answer.

You cant run no script on a phone yet to my knowledge. So whatever you get on your phone when the page finally loads is what you deal with! If we had a choice, im sure people would vent about it, but seriously what are we to do. For the sake of checking the news whilst on the bog (el reg please fix ur mobile version of the site) or checking twitter, its a time killing web page, or at best something that is not mission critical so if it doesnt work or the service is naff im not gonna scream n cry about it.


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