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WTF is this country called America?


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Sadly, there are ignoramuses from all countries, and neither CA nor the US have a corner on that market.... I'd say the language places the poster geographically, but I have no wish to insult any nationalities...

'Alien' lifeform wakened from 120,000 year Arctic slumber


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This article had stated:

"In summary, then, we're looking at an ancient lifeform - albeit tiny - recently wakened by meddling scientists from its hundred-thousand-year sleep beneath the polar icecap."

Here factual reporting stops and unfounded assumption takes over:

"It's capable of surviving, perhaps, in the most hostile alien interplanetary environments known to man."

This is unproven ~ a conclusion not warranted by anything the laboratory has done to date. According to your own report, all it's survived is a very cold environment. Please don't extrapolate by inserting your own wild imaginings.

"It can evade mankind's toughest lab sterilisation precautions."

That is simply not known. Considering what the report says, all it has survived to date is a very long stay in a very cold environment. Claiming it can survive "...mankind's toughest lab sterilisation precautions" is alarmist and far from any demonstrated truth.

I'd appreciate fewer reporters' unfounded opinions and more facts in scientific reports. Perhaps you need a few more "perhaps" qualifiiers.

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