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Cable & Wireless Worldwide shareholders OK Vodafone takeover


Re: No wonder they could afford it

I'm sure that in the Y2012/Y2013 accounts there will be a significant write down on Vodafone's profit statement , which should reduce any tax bill they may become liable for.

T-Mobile outs low-cost mobile data roaming bundles


Glad you know..

I was trying to figure out the difference, but then I've only ever bought the £10/50mb bundle in the last two years.

Its a shame Three arn't in more places. I bought a data sim from the Irish Three last year which allowed you to use your data allowance on any other Three network in Europe. Very reasonabobble.

iPhone denies existence of Gibraltar, other bits of British empire

Black Helicopters

Other BOSTs?

What about St Helena, Ascension Island and Diego Garcia??

(I don't have an iDevice to test).

Ethiopia to send Skype users to the slammer


No Call Centres for Ethiopia then...

So, I guess there won't be any opportunity for Ethiopia to become the next big thing in call centre drones after this twunterish move. I guess they'll just have to stick with their no doubt sustainable trade activities.

Successful remnant of Motorola acquires successful remains of Psion


Re: I'm a Psion shareholder

So, you didn't actually read the whole article then? :/

HTC wants a fresh start with new HQ


Don't compare them with Apple...

I think HTC have caused themselves a number of problems

1) They have pushed themselves as a premium brand by making their products more expensive that their competitors in the Android space

2) By rushing out twelvtey new models a year, they lost focus on making a few really good products. I know many people who bought a HTC smartphone for the first time being very disappointed by either hardware or software build quality. They are unlikely to buy again.

3) Their tablet strategy (make a single 7" tablet that is more expensive than the 10" ones from the competitors) has meant that they have lost out in this space as Samsung, Asus et al corner the 'premium' Android tab market.

HTC should be where Samsung are now, and hopefully their new reduced model roll-out strategy will help them better focus on producing the models people want. Oh, and a price cut would help too.

Kogan 'taxes' IE7 users


We're upgrading

The corporate desktop Nazi's on our place are part way though the IE6 migration project. They're upgrading to IE7.

For the love of <<insert generic magic man in the sky name >>.

Asus Transformer Pad TF300

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I have the original TF101 and have not yet found it lacking in the performance stakes. I have rooted it and installed a custom ICS build. Id been keen to understand how the build quality compares - the 101 was great until I dropped it and now one side of it flexes slightly, but otherwise its still going great guns.

My only complaint with the 101 is the 2ft usb/charge lead. Useless when you want to use the plug socket that's close to the ground, but store it on a desk. Maybe their accommodation layouts are different in the land of ASUS, but I'd be surprised if this wasn't fed back to the development team when (if) it was tested in Europe/US.

Europe crams ultra-fast 4G into tight spectrum crack



I wonder if the agreement announced on Friday between Voda and O2 includes sharing spectrum - in the articles I've read, the journotards just suggest 'base stations' and 'antennas'. However, if they do combine frequency allowances, then this just leaves 'Three' flapping in the wind with only the ongoing agreement with EverythingEverywhere to hope for.

Asus-made Google pad set for June debut



I'm hoping it'll be a mini eee transformer, or at least have that option.

It would also be nice to know if it will shop worldwide (ie. the UK) or if its US only like the fire.

Leaked Apple inventory list hints at new non-iOS hardware


Naming Conventions

Whatever, shiny expensive things bought by those who can...

But the naming conventions, if they are real are just a bit wanky.




BETTER, better than what - where's the prequal? And BEST? Presumably thats better than ULTIMATE. But if its ULTIMATE, then Shirley that's the best? Or have I just got stuck on one infinity loop.

Milky Way DOOMED to high-speed smash with Andromeda galaxy


Re: Have you been in an accident that wasn't you fault?

I don't fancy filling out the insurance claim form.

"It came out of nowhere guv".

Still, I shouldnt' worry, one of our many appointed gods will come out of the heaven's and save us. Or something.

Strong ARM: The Acorn Archimedes is 25

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Memories, all alone in the moonlight

Being a child of the 80's, I grew up first with the BBC's then the truely spectaular (for the day) Archies. Started with A3000s, then A310s and A320s, and completed my GCSE coursework by demonstrating a database application built using dBase, running under DOS within the PC emulator upgrade card the school had bunged into a Risc PC. I also got a saturday job working for a computer shop specialising in selling and repairing Arcs, but sadly that didn't last long as by the mid 90's, the x86 architecture had more or less killed off the demand for the green acorns.

I loved the software that was available (often at 'less than RRP' ;) ) as it was passed around between friends. Lander was amazing, but also there was some kind of tank programme that looked a bit like Lander. 'Funky Demo' (video shown on Youtube) was mindblowing for the time with a 3d looking animated character daning to music. Top stuff!

The demo I am trying to trace was a little animated sprite piece, with an animated railroad that went along the screen. A steam train would get hijacked by bandits and the gold bullion stolen. Then the cops would give chase. No idea what it was called - any ideas please?

Tube bosses: 'Wireless tickets too slow, we think'


Response time of Passengers

Although I'm not a native of London (travelling into the big village a couple of times a year) it does amaze me how many people do not have their oyster cards or tickets ready when they get to the gate, and proceed to dither around in their pockets/wallets/handbags for ages for their 'ticket to go'. Its usually greater than 300ms.

I don't know how to solve that though, other than having a device which detects lack of movement for say 1.5 seconds and releases these people through a trap door into a bear pit.

MPs brand BlackBerrys for bobbies scheme a failure

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Re: Did anyone else read that as boobies?

Aye, I read the same thing. Its too much time on the internet looking at birds - Great Tits etc.

Attack of the clones: Researcher pwns SecureID token system


New Clothes Please

Whilst each thread plucked from the RSA emperors may not be disastrous, eventually enough will be broken to cause a trouser failure.

RSA should now take the opportunity to launch a new redesigned version of SecureID and get it out to the rich masses before they suffer a wardrobe malfunction and risk a loss of respect.

T-Mobile slip exposes 1,100 punters' email addresses


Re: "recall" attempts

My name is on the list.

(Don't tell him Pike).

In all honesty, I probably wouldn't have noticed if they hadn't tried the recall option.

<jk>However, I am wondering how much an unscrupulous phone retailer might offer for a list of tmo customers.</jk>

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Re: Fix in software?

I seem to remember that it was a on option on the SMTP relay connector when I did my Exchange 2003 training back in err, 2003. I can't speak for any other software, but yes, it is feasible.

iPad factory towns in China to finally get Apple Stores



RE The subtext - "Need to send money to California may puzzle locals";

Have they never heard of offshoring? Foxconn have simply offshored their finance to the US by taking over a small desktop computer manufacturer called Apple.

75,000 Raspberry Pi baked before August



Farnell seems to have gone very quiet in the last few weeks. My Pi was due to be baked any time now, but I have no idea. Im hoping they're on similar delivery schedules to RS.

Steve Jobs' death could clear way for more open Apple - Woz


Re: Who cares how open they are ....

I like McDokingfc. I don't like Apple (either the fruit or the tech company).

But I don't think Apple will change all that quickly - it will take them to do a RIM to 'think different'(ly).

Whilst they're still coining it in, why change a successful formula?




I seem to remember having an offline copy of the imdb way back when. I'm sure it may of even been on a couple of floppy disks or something.

And in other news...

What I want from an app like this is a Soundhound/Shazam type feature that listens to the movie audio or even takes a short movie segment via the camera, profiles it, and tells you what the film is. Mainly because Im a feckless boorish oaf, but also because I like reading some of the more technical detail around the film, seeing what else the actors have been in, the mistakes etc.

How to simulate a light armoured vehicle



So, are these sims designed to be compatible with all of the other simulation gear out there? I read somewhere that some helicopter and fixed-wing simulators can talk to each other and participate in the same virtual war, but about about ground and sea assets too.

Then, they could add in government simulators, where you have to conduct military deals with virtual suppliers and negotiate overpriced equipment and constant u-turns.

Or failing that, a nice game of chess.

Ofcom probes Sky News over Canoe man email hacks

Big Brother

Re: WTF?

RE: "Sky Security" I was just thinking to myself how long it would be until News International set up a security services division, what with the wholesale sell off of the police service.

It seems like an ideal setup - NI 'right size' the boys in blue, and for their troubles, they can equip them with camera's and tablet computers to allow for live reporting of the trouble and strife as they occur. Of course, they'll have to do away with proper procedure and due-course because live streams of community spy officers filling in paperwork doesn't get the viewing figures up. So, the CSO's will be left to decide what is right and what is wrong and what looks really good for the viewing figures.

El Reg, where is the Murdock icon?

Asus: Ice Cream Sandwich Transformer Pad out in May

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Re: Killer device

I heart mine too.

With 2x, the ability of also having Windows "available" on something that runs for 16hours that gives the flexibility of a lightweight device, but with near-full access of applications and services means that it pretty much ticks all of my boxes.

Ten... Satnavs to suit all budgets


Re: I use paper maps. Free, from AAA.

Yeah, I used to use them. But I didn't like the feature-set. No live traffic updates (have to purchase an optional radio) and no automatic route planning. There's no zoom feature (other than moving your head) and I'm not even going to go into detail about the roadtrip we undertook to visit all of the great Staple landmarks in the UK - suffice to say we didn't find any, just some stationary outlets which weren't even in the right place on the map. Plus the route guidance feature means having to maintain the optional 'partner' upgrade for the passenger seat, and these tend to be a bit rubbish, especially for the cost ("Where are we now", "Which way is up?","No, I meant left, no the other left, okay I meant right").

Austrian village considers a F**king name change

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Re: If it's *possible* to be serious about this...

Yes - most awkward when you break down at the petrol station there, and have to tell the lady from the AA that you are stuck in Bell End Service Station.

Also of note, Bell End is just a short and pleasurable journey from Lickey End.


Re: If it's *possible* to be serious about this...

"You can still drive up Butthole lane in Shepshed..."

But is it a two way street?

MI5 stinks up website with dead SSL certificate


Re: The problem must be

I assume the digital certificate procurement consultant didn't hand the issued certificate to the secure certificate logistics consultant who could then pass it to certified digital certificate installation consultant.

You know the old saying - "Hire Capita*, get consultants".

* or any of the other outsourcing IT companies.

Sweden: talk, text and drive? OK


Re: enforcement

Traffic enforcement is a job for the fixed speed camera's...

...Oh wait....

P.S. Speed kills - not drivers driving inappropriately, just speed.

The Hardware Hacker's Guide to Home Automation

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Re: Remember,,,

That control freak product does not match my specific 'value' test. £299 on ukhomeautomation for what is basically a Sheeva plug with the software preinstalled. AND you still have to buy the X10 computer kit to connect to it.

However, the rfxcom devices look clever and deserve some further research.



Anyone remember Android@Home?

Oh wait, that's still possibly a developing technology. Maybe.

I revisit HA every 12 months or so, but even in the 'web connected' era, solutions are still hideously 1980s, hideously expensive, entirely incompatible with British standards or all three. If someone could build a system that was easy to install and maintain and cost <£20 a socket, Id be there.

As it is, the solutions seem 'generally' reserved for wealthy Americans.

Apple IP details tech for 'iTV' innards


Re: Never mind the corners...

Phillips already do a 21:9 telly.

I think the second revision of the product allows you to do a 16:9 feed with the Internet down the side, or some such wizardry.

OAP sues Apple for $1m after walking into store's glass door


Re: Yebbut...

I was wondering if it was a capacitive or resistive interface?

Wannabe Murdochs crash Ofcom's local telly party


Local coverage that really matters...

Id rather the whitespace was put to something useful, like 4G/LTE

Game Group shares halted, 'no value left' admits board


Re: Does this mean I should pop in...

"Cheap PoS machine"? So, there's a sale on Wii's then?

Testicle-boiling new iPad ignites fanboi fury



44 and a bit c's doesn't seem to be hot enough to cook eggs, but may cook sausage (fingers).

Just need a laptop for some roasted nuts to go with that...

iPlayer repeat fees threaten BBC earthquake


Monthly Contract vs PAYG

In the 'new' media model, I much prefer to use a monthly contract agreement rather than a PAYG model. Take Spotify - Id rather 'rent' access to a media store such as Spotify than pay per play or even pay to own, ala the iTunes model. Same goes for NetFlix - unlimited* viewing for a set monthly cost.

I almost certainly don't fancy El Beeb moving to a pay to play model for on-demand content, especially as I 'rent' access to their media feeds (through the TV tax) already. And repeat content is shown so often on the main channels or Dave, that providing you have a DVR, you don't really need iPlayer.

I personally would have preferred, at the advent of digital broadcasting, that they invested in encryption to move from a 'tax' model to a subscription model. Those who wanted the BBC would have paid, and Capita wouldn't have to chase those who didn't. Sure, it would have probably meant that there wouldn't be 10 BBC tv channels and umpteen radio services, but it may have forced Auntie to concentrate on a few services of really decent quality programming, rather than the blunderbuss approach which they currently seem to use.

Thousands of Brits bombarded in caller spoofing riddle



The phone network is broken. Its so easy to conduct offensive call campaign's these days that phones have become like email was maybe 10 years ago - full of junk messaging and no easy way of filtering them. You can do anonymous caller reject, register with TPS and use caller ID, but as seen by this case, unscrupiballs companies find a way round or just ignore the regulations entirely. Plus Ofcom are so slow to react, or are blocked by international boundaries from doing anything that they're almost toothless.

Someone should make a spam-filter for phone numbers (I'm sure someone will correct me). I know most VoIP serverscan do this, but as far as I know, there arn't any decent phone-spam category lists that are properly usable. Anyone fancy asking the dragons for a pot of money?

Game Group shares slide under a penny


8 bit GAME

I really dislike GAME's stores, they don't seem to have been refreshed in years, its just rows and rows of boxes without being able to try anything. Plus, they dedicate whole shelves to 'pre-order' stock - why have 50 empty boxes of pre-order games when it doesn't actually mean anything - they don't exactly take that special box off the shelf and put it aside, waiting for the disc to arrive in the post.

At least with Gamestation, its got a bit of a more modern feel to it, the staff seem keen to assist and impart their knowledge and in the bigger stores, they seem to have lots of demo stations with staff demonstrating the latest wares, espesh on the weekend.

Having said that, I rarely buy a new game - Id rather wait a few weeks and buy it second hand for 1/3-1/2 the price.

Apple to Google Maps: ‘Get lost’

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Yep, it is.

It is easily fixable on the main OSM. Goto edit, login/register, make your change, commit, wait between 2 mins and 24hrs for the tiles to be re-rendered and tada!

Interestingly though, Apple won't know much about my area, only the main roads had been mapped in 2010. So presumably anything tagged here will be shown as 'in a field'.

Venus BELCHES solar wind in shock weather explosion


No idea...

Sorry, I have no idea what this article is about. However, that's a good drawing of the side profile of a Penguin.

Facebook goes titsup in Europe


Right When Tested...

Seemed okay for me.

If I was an Openreach engineer that would mean that nothing had been wrong with it. EVER.

Deutsche Telekom shatters data-transfer speed record


Can't wait...

... until this technology is rolled out to the fibre BT are installed to my house which is scheduled at some point Q2 in the year 2406.

Stolen iPad leads to 780lb crystal meth seizure


There's an App for That..

Is there anything an iFondleslab can't do*? Its such a superhero.

*apart from its one weakness, Flash.

ISP Be admits crippling iPlayer demand burst its pipes


Canna Cope Captain...

Lets hope there arn't any big events coming up that lots of people might want to watch when they get home from work, like say the Olympics or maybe even some diamond jubblies, if their network can't cope with day to day usage.


Apple 7.85in 'iPad Mini' on course for Q3 intro

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Still having input?

The King is dead, long live the King.

Or... Mr Jobs can no longer participate in product decisions, and whilst the new board may use his previous guidance as a reference point, they will go ahead and do their own thing. So everything you knew about Apple may very well change over the next few years.

IMHO, Apple need a smaller (cheaper) iPad to compete with the Fire et al. But they'll never be as inexpensive as their competitors because they see themselves as a premium brand.

Powerful, wallet-sized Raspberry Pi computer sells out in SECONDS



Surprised to see Farnell still borked over 12hrs later. I was going to register for the next batch, but I guess not. I hope those that have bagged one are active in the community and build some great projects so when I eventually get mine, i'm not limited by my own imagination. Plus 10,000+ units in, hopefully any bugs and manufacturing kinks will be worked out.

Oh, and any bookies running odds on how many will end up on ebay?

UK-French drone aircraft blueprints nicked at Paris station


Re: time and time again

I had this discussion with a colleague around BYOD. I use a tablet that is encrypted and password protected and the software I use further password protects its contents. I can also wipe it remotely should it ever go walkabout. This is not acceptable storage for corporate information.

However, I am allowed to bring my own notepad and pen and am not required to write in code nor shred my information before taking it off the premesis. The only security my written word is that my handwriting is crap.

Provided you do it properly, electronic data storage and transfer can have its benefits.

Court rejects Tesla’s latest libel spat with Top Gear


Re: I'm available as a consultant...

Solar probably not much use if the car is parked in a garage.

Or if you're American, a garargee.

So far, so good on fulfilling the role of a consultant then. We expect your invoice shortly.


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