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Sony Ericsson confirms Android Xperia

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Do Want

its about time SE did something right when it came to smart phones, every single smart phone they have done lately has disappointment me, from for the p990 with his hideously restrictive buggy and memory leaking symbian OS, to the Xperia x1 with is slow clunky windows mobile.

Don't get me wrong I still want to get my hands one and confirm that it is indeed all its cracked up to be but from the looks of things they may finally have hit the nail on the head. It only took Google's OS and trying to keep up with the iphone to do it.

Lets hope some UK networks offer this handset sometime soon with a decent data tariff (maybe O2 could replace the iphone with this) as my contract is up for renewal in January so this would well be what im going to replace it with.

Somerset council resigns over blog

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I love this, they didnt deserve their seats on the council if one loan person posting a few negative comments on his blog is going to upset them that much. Who cares about a some one getting all emo on 1 blog out of million's? Only the owner of said blog and the people he is talking about. If what he is saying is a wrong then why get upset, if hes posting something true then well its the truth, since when have people in politics been such cry babies that one person not liking them can have that much of an impact.

Landmark ISP piracy case could kick thousands offline

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I wonder how things would pan out of AFACT won this case and then tried in in say france where internet access is being made a human right, "hey mr isp please kick these people offline because they arnt giving us money. Sure wait there if we do that we deprive them of their legal human rights sorry no can do, kthankbi!"

Im not a fan of a lot of things the french government do but that is one law I think should become much more universal.

Ballmer mixed on Windows 7's success

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Windows 7 is a great operating system it delivers everything windows vista should have and is fast stable and as a gamer I use it as my operating system of choice on all my pcs.

As a gamer I also therefore cant even consider mac or linux as a main os because their software support for what I want to use my computer for most of the time is sadly lacking.

OSX is not without its issues as an os anyways, I used it on my work computer (along side a windows box and a linux shell). The value of an OS is only really determined by the uses the user wants to get from it.

If I bought a mac to play games on id be paying over the odds for the hardware spec, to find id have to boot camp it just to get the things to run.

Google strips Pirate Bay homepage from search results

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Stupid USA law being used for takedown on the .co.uk as well sign, USA law's don't mean jack outside of the USA borders.

Love the impact of this as well on the uk searching means I now have to use the number 2 result, oh the humanity of moving a few pixels down.

Swedish ISP to appeal Pirate Bay cut-off verdict

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all I can do is laugh, so one day they may FINALLY managed to take down a site like TBP, then several more just pop up. Its not going to do anything and its going to cost them lots of time money and effort, all the while pirate joe still downloads his files from what ever the method of the month is.

First the pirated by copying cassette tapes

then they pirated by copying disc's

then they pirated by sharing hard drives/networks

then they pirated over BBS's

then they pirated over the WWW

then they pirated over email

then they pirated over FTP

then they pirated over USENET

then they pirated over centralized P2P

then they pirated over de-centralized P2P

now all of these methods are still in use to this day (well maybe not cassette tapes so much buy only because technology has moved on). All that's ever going to happen is more and more way's will crop up for people to share their files ether illegally or legally and people will use them. Not one of them has ever been successfully eliminated, its just got easier for Joe public to find what he's looking for.

Hollywood demands shuttering of Pirate Bay

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another torrent site dies two more pop up, its not exactly going to change anything piracy existed long before torrents and will be around long after. Instead of going after the people who always have and always will pirate the should be making their products more attractive to the on the fence people that only occasionally download because that gets them what they would be happy to pay for if it was available when how they wanted it.

As for declining sales well I know love film for example will be part of that I've not bought a dvd/blue ray/Console game since I signed up with them.

Landlord sues tenant over moldy Tweet

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Fail :)

So they don't like a negative comment made by a customer they have failed that will be seen by no one (after all who looks up a letting agent on twitter).

So instead of offering any semblance of a good service they slap a now very public lawsuit on them. Showing not only do they dire customer service's, they own comments state they would rather sue you than ask questions and now a lot more people than ever before now know how poor they are.

Well done on doing a lot more harm than you could ever have gotten to your reputation for a simple twitter comment.

On top of that claiming 50k damages? that's hardly reasonable what with the company not being named directly. Horizon could refer to so many companies only a limited number of people who knew who that person used as a letting agent would know what that meant. Meaning that this would have had even less impact than they claim

McAfee false-positive glitch fells PCs worldwide

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fun with a bad AV package

More fun with an AV package that needs to be binned. The amount of times I've had people bring brand new laptops to me that are running dog slow and I uninstall macafee or norton and put a decent AV package on and see the machine run so much better. That alone should be enough to flag up their poor QA testing, then this comes along and just makes me laugh.

I've already talked to several customer's today all having problems caused by this bug, I've recommended they install the package peruse a refund and bill the computer engineer bill's to fix their broken systems to mcafee. They may not choose to pay it but id love to see these cases goto the small claims court and see what comes of it from there.

On the point of people going on about operating systems that don't need AV, no operating system doesn't need AV, mac's have AV and even apple recommend you have it. Just because windows is the platform of choice for most vx'ers does not mean your safe if ignore basic system protection.

Mozilla's servers wobble as Firefox 3.5 hits interwebs

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not that impressed

I just tried the sunspider test and it completed in just over 2000ms on firefox 3.5 but google chrome did it in 1200ms.

Behind Microsoft's IE-free, Windows-for-Europe ploy

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Oh I can see it now

Just wait for the support call's to customers ISP's they have a new pc and a new router wanting to get online, the router is configured by a web interface only (netgear for example). PC has no web browser and the customer doesn't know this. So the poor support guy end up struggling with a Newbie angry shouting customer saying the kits all new why should he have to go elsewhere to use the internet to get a download file or borrow another persons computer etc.

Oh what about web configured devices for offline environments or home plug's/wireless access points/NAS devices I can list more and more.

While I dont use IE out of preference myself having a browser you know for almost certain is on a pc when talking to a newbie customer who struggles using a mouse and keyboard is a godsend at times.

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