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We all love bonking to pay, but if you bonk with a Windows Phone then Microsoft has bad news

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Re: NFC? No fucking chance.

i prefer to root my phone. apparently that has locked me out of a few secure apps. oh well.

It’s baaack – Microsoft starts pushing out the Windows 10 October 2018 Update

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Re: Windows 10 scares the shit outta me

So you dont know what LTSC is but want to pirate and install it anyway? You are also careful about what you buy from ebay but would be happy to install a cracked version of your OS on your main PC?


Iran satellite fails: ICBM test drive or microsat test? Opinion is divided...

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not quite, Israel maintain 'no comment' as they do on just about everything.

'It's like they took a rug and covered it up': Flight booking web app used by scores of airlines still vuln to attack – claim

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Re: and our technical teams took immediate action

apart from the fact the air investigation is pointing squarely at the maintenance issues. The AOA autopilot on the MAX series is documented and a pilot course is available, airlines assume a new 737 is the same as thebold 737 and havent sent pilots on the course. Is this Boeings fault or the airline?

Facebook's pay-for-more-eyeballs shtick looks too good to be true: Page views, Likes from 'fake' profiles

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thing is, on the internet i get adverts for fridge freezers 1 week after i buy one. Maybe there is someone out there buying multiple fridge freezers.

Cops told: No, you can't have a warrant to force a big bunch of people to unlock their phones by fingerprint, face scans

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Re: So does this also invalidate all facial recognition installed everywhere?

UK in the lead? Maybe in the use of not needing a court order. The UK will use RIPA to say you refused to unlock your phone, thats up to 5 years in the pokey (more than running someone over and killing them with a car).

No warrant needed AND not even under arrest.

Huawei and Intel hype up AI hardware, TensorFlow tidbits, and more

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Re: Seperated at Birth?

MH was great (although I dont think i'd like to re-watch the series, i'm guessing it hasnt aged well):

Murray: You can't fake a tape! Pictures don't lie!

Murray: At least not until you've assembled them creatively.

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Re: Which is the fake one?

I say we take off and nuke the entire site from orbit. Its the only way to be sure.

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Re: Deepfakes

You mean that guy servicing Tina wasnt a real plumber? Shit, thats why im retraining, I though that stuff happened all the time.

SpaceX's Crew Dragon shows up at pad 39A, nearly 8 years after the last Shuttle left

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Re: What's in a name

the soup dragon already lives on the moon.

Pewdiepie fanboi printer, Chromecast haxxx0r retreats, says they're 'afraid of being caught'

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Re: Hybrid

and were a bunch of filth bottom feeders.

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Re: What TheHackerGiraffe has accomplished

up near us in stranraer people still leave their front doors open with just the vestibule door closed. That doesnt mean people have the right to just waltz in and take the tv because the front door was open.

Marriott: Good news. Hackers only took 383 million booking records ... and 5.3m unencrypted passport numbers

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Re: WTF do they do with Passport IDs?

why were the passport numbers not encrypted? they clearly had encryption if the names were encrypted. Madness.

Staff sacked after security sees 'suspect surfer' script of shame

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Re: Of course you can backlist the domains..

not sure on the downvotes, as a previous head of IT in a school we had a major job of tracking and tracing web activity for anti bullying, PREVENT strategy, grooming logs and all sorts of safeguarding incidents. This was mandated by the LEA and council - not something we made up or decided to do ourselves. Not only did we log websites but PC activity too, the logs were collected by other agencies as part of investigations too (police, childrens services etc). This was a very large school with some shady sorts so there was usually a major incident annually.

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Re: Mid 1990s at a solicitor

diladele here with MITM. Again set as a subCa. Our vlan guest network has the same filter levels, as part of the documentation staff have to install the subCA root cert or they dont get https (so most of the internet really). We DPI block vpns too. Sure there will be some way around but we are an educational establishment so we need to be strict.

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Re: of course, unless they are executives high enough who just leave 'to follow new opportunities'

so in german schools it is forbidden to monitor web access? Wow, that would make life so much easier for IT.

Microsoft's 2018, part 1: Open source, wobbly Windows and everyone's going to the cloud

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Re: Windows 10 S

no i havent and why should I have to? I assume the software was UK software? Last time I set up windows it came with £ not # and " plus @ on the correct keys.

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Re: Windows 10 S

i nave NEVER had to use a mobile number in the form of 7123 567890 rather than 07123 etc so why should I in MSland? It isnt as is the UK is a backwater emerging country with a newly established phone number system.

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Re: Microsoft disasterous year, again

the irony is that all these MS fuckups are moving people to linux that wouldnt ever have done so before. My parents were so pisses off my their windows PC slowing down they let me put ubuntu on there. Along with firefox and libreoffice they do everything they used to before. They dont bother with skype as they use their mobiles (whatsapp) to video chat.

sure, windows 10 is happily counted in MS figures as technically it was activated but it didnt stay on the laptop for long.

Racing at the speed of light, Sage superhero bursts through the door...

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ethernet cable is wonderful stuff. I used to be in signals and the army equivalent if D10 single core wire, that stuff can be used for anything too. We partially rewired a landrover with the stuff too once.

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Re: Deeply concerned about staff downtime

i usually only run around when im gearing up for asking for something. Its always handy to be carrying a bunch of leads or a manual too.

When the bosses ask about it, its always good to note how there has been no time lost and the flux capacitor has been fixed cromulently.

then ask for the extra budget.

If something goes wrong in a proper way then I try to do things remotely as kuch as possible as I have 3x 22 monitors on my desk and the server stack kvm is only a tiny 4:3 screen.

'Year-long' delay to UK 5G if we spike Huawei deals, say telcos

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Re: 9 Months delay?

whilst i pay £8 a month 16gb 4g on three (so more than india) i can at least drink the tap water and not worry about malaria.

It's a Christmas miracle: Logitech backs down from Harmony home hub API armageddon

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somewhat niche product that can easily be buried under a lot of negativity. this will also roll into their other products with more bad customer reviews etc. It certainly makes me think twice about logitech stuff and im not on my own.

Danny 14 Silver badge

Re: Joy to the World

to which people should take the workaround for the time being and look for a more consumer focussed or open source alternative. This isnt the first time logitech has given customers the middle finger

London Gatwick Airport reopens but drone chaos perps still not found

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Re: Same old story

thats weird. i usually fill an empty water bottle up after security. Both manchester and edinburgh security tell you where the taps are to do this if you have an empty bottle.

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Re: Environmental Protestors?

surely environmental protestors would have launched coordinated drones at all the local airports. That would cause more chaos than juat gatwick.

A year after Logitech screwed over Harmony users, it, um, screws over Harmony users: Device API killed off

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Re: A bridge too many

ti have no problem fixing security issues. how about fixing it and leaving some sort of external control for those who used it?

A few reasons why cops haven't immediately shot down London Gatwick airport drone menace

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Re: It's not like they can triangulate the signals!

or you could just follow the drone back to its handler/field. use a searchlight on it (from a helicopter if need be - its not like there are planes flying....) seemed to work in ww2.

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Re: They just need to make the penalty so outsized

or locate the nearest ham radio club and offer them a substantial reward for triangulation of the signal. Cue vans with yagi's and a miscreant with cuffs.

Danny 14 Silver badge

Re: No gumption

police helicopter and thermal imager. At 3AM there arent thousands of people about and I assume the drone needs line of sight when returning home. just follow it.

Danny 14 Silver badge

Re: How about a high power laser burst ?

the easiest solution is an armed mob. Just leave torches and pitchforks outside gatwick. Get all the affected people together and say 'go find the culprit then we open the airport'.

Angry mobs always work in the films so it must work in real life right?

Is Google purposefully breaking Microsoft, Apple browsers on its websites? Some insiders are confident it is

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Re: I think the real problem is that Edge hardly worked properly at all on most sites.

edge is shite. utter shite. we use as many gpos as possible to direct most requests to chrome with a few using legacy browser plugin to IE (silverlight pages that havent yet been updated). Apart from that we avoid edge.

Fraudster convicted of online banking thefts using… whatever the hell this thing is

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Re: Tech or pretend-tech?

its to look behind him when hes using public wifi on a bench.

Dine crime: Chippy sells deep fried Xmas dinner

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Re: Insist on "Baby Spit"(TM) Bread Sauce

mustard and beef gravy go fine on chicken, lamb, beef or ham.

Danny 14 Silver badge

Re: battered?

my mum cooks everything in a pressure cooker. the sprouts are in for about 30 mins with carrots and potatoes. I have no idea what holds them together, probably just polar bonds in the water.

Danny 14 Silver badge

Re: festive fried food

scottish chippies with fry ANYTHING. Plus you pnly need to go a little over the borders and almost the same happens. A chippy in carlisle deep fry pies. ye gods.

Ecuador says 'yes' to Assange 'freedom' deal, but Julian says 'nyet'

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Re: Yes, but you've omitted the most important bit...

its a cat, it already has 5 homes.

HCL picks up Notes, spanks total of $1.8bn at Honest John's IBM software sale

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Re: That's a lot of notes for Notes

but windows 10 IS awful

Oz opposition folds, agrees to give Australians coal in their stockings this Christmas

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Re: Australian Privacy

more likely companies will just say fuck off. Australia doesnt have the same commercial weight as say Korea or USA.

Former headteacher fined £700 after dumping old pupil data on server at new school

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Re: He had been a primary school teacher

ive found the opposite, most primary school teachers work together and party harder with adults. senior school teachers tend not to trust each other and booze more than submarine sailors in port.

Danny 14 Silver badge

Re: Pee dough


Danny 14 Silver badge

Re: Those asking "why?"

after going through a couple of subject access requests we ran a few inset sessions on how to anonymise data so that it is useful but not data. Works a treat in minutes and emails, means i dont have to go on a redaction spreee too.

Danny 14 Silver badge

Re: Puzzling

copies of sats results is personal data. It wouldnt be beyond the realm of impossibility that a head teacher had a copy of SATS results from a previous school. Comparisons with learning trends at schools are not uncommon.

Total Inability To Support User Phones: O2 fries, burning data for 32 million Brits

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Re: Pffft

doesnt the smart electric meter network run on O2 aswell? Good job the things are useless.

After all that! Ofcom proposes BT as only broadband universal services provider for whole of UK (except Hull)

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Re: So ....

Thing is, BT got all the infrastructure and what is being proposed is that someone else comes in and sorts what is left. BT dont want to duct and fibre into the hills for a hamlet and neither can a newcomer do it cheaply. Hardly surprising really.

Now BT will do the equivalent of lobbying to avoid ducting and laying fibre to the hamlets....

£10k offer to leave firm ASAP is not blackmail, Capita told by judge

Danny 14 Silver badge

I was wondering what the catch was. I assumed it was take 10k, work the rota and be locked into capita for longer (like a mobile contract)

Danny 14 Silver badge

Re: Accountants

it also goes the other way with retention bonus too.

Danny 14 Silver badge

Re: Not Blackmail?

IT staff tend to be given very short offer notices with payoffs too, saves the havok that can be caused by disgruntled IT workers.

European fibre lobby calls for end to fake fibre broadband ads

Danny 14 Silver badge

Re: The ASA are shills, not consumer protection folk

ironically cable broadband used to be the buzzword rather than ADSL. It can also supply the same speeds so it is just an image issue really.

Danny 14 Silver badge

Re: Where to draw the line?

you know that virgin can supply high speeds on their network right? we were quoted 10k for 1gb/1gb (no bearer quoted and the speed was flexible from 100mb up) in july on their network. In the end we went with talktalk business for 4k for 500mb on their 1gb bearer. Granted these are business SLA rates, I have no idea what residential options they have as im with xen at home.

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