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Exascale by 2018: Crazy ...or possible?



It's relevant. The oil industry uses dedicated supercomputers (the modeling is very, very compute intensive) and due to data security issues (and efficiency issues) that sort of computing and storage will never be on the cloud.


Samsung NX10


No way

There's already a ton of proprietary mounts; Samsung expects someone to invest in theirs? You don't buy a camera body, you buy a system - Samsung doesn't HAVE a system.

Regarding the "superior" APS-C sensor - tons of working pros and serious amateurs make great images with the 4/3 sensors. Perhaps if you really needed high-ISO performance (such as a sports professional) you might need a larger sensor but then again you wouldn't be buying a Samsung + kit lens, would you?

The beauty of the Micro 4/3 system is that it is easy to use well-established lens systems (4/3 mount) with full AF/AE control (via adapter) and hundreds of other lenses in MF mode, all made by camera companies with decades of experience. Perhaps if Samsung had hitched its wagon to an established mount it would have a chance but with a proprietary mount? No way.


Windows 7 to push up netbook prices


@jim 45

I'm not sure why you're referring to Xandros when everyone else is referring to Ubuntu.

Xandros on eee isn't designed to be modified as many have said. So, it's going to be difficult to modify it.

Most Linux-on-netbook users will use Ubuntu or a variant, which is shockingly easy, and gives you the "gentle learning curve". Comparing ease of tinkering with Xandros to Ubuntu is like comparing ease of configuration with Windows 3.11 and XP.

A friend bought a Lenovo netbook recently. I suggested she try Easy Peasy. She's not a Linux person at all and doesn't like to tinker. We installed Easy Peasy on a flash drive as a demo and she loved it, so much that she blew off the XP she paid for. It can be very, very easy!



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