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Ad-tech industry: GDPR complaint is like holding road builders to account for traffic violations

James 47

The OpenRTB spec is freely available. Pretty much every field in the json is 'optional', there's no requirement that it all gets sent.

The IAB doesn't release any tools that can be misused, they only issue guidelines really.

This is nothing more than a publicity drive for the complainants.

Boffins debunk study claiming certain languages (cough, C, PHP, JS...) lead to more buggy code than others

James 47

Re: strNcpy is also buggy

> Same thing with memory leaks - just use boost::scoped_ptr or boost::shared_ptr (or even std::auto_ptr if you must).

You haven't written C++ for a long long time, have you?

Microsoft delivers a second preview of Visual Studio 2019 (a Redmond thing we actually like)

James 47

> Those hair-shirted individuals who like their code to be of the C++ variety

No women code in C++? Not very inclusive from pro-SJW El-Reg!

Newsflash: Twitter still toxic place for women, particular those of color, Amnesty study finds

James 47

> Twitter’s failure to effectively tackle violence and abuse on the platform has a chilling effect on freedom of expression online

Hmm, no mention of SJW's using Twatter to destroy the online presence of those they find undesirable?

Current example of Vice trying to crush an Asian female who loves all things tech:


I was once one of you, F1 star Lewis Hamilton tells delighted IT bods

James 47

What a knob

How many women drive F1 cars, or even work in a technical/engineering manner in the pit lane?

Civil rights group says Oracles, Tapads and Experians get let off for wanton info-sucking

James 47

Criteo, not Critero

'Pure technical contributions aren’t enough'.... Intel commits to code of conduct for open-source projects

James 47

Re: What's all the hoopla about ?

> Good code, bad code, of course, still exists. I write both, and sometimes unable to distinguish between the two.

Great, but some who does point out your bad code is pretty much putting their career on the line if you should choose to take 'offence' to having it pointed out.

James 47

Re: What's all the hoopla about ?

There is no such thing as 'poor code' in the post-meritocracy world.

James 47

Re: Spurious conflicts within open source projects.

> The only folks, in my view, getting really upset with them are the types of people who'll regularly break the CoC by being an arse to others.

No the type of people who get upset about CoC's are those who realise that the definition of 'being an arse' is entirely subjective, and someone somewhere can claim, anonymously, that I'm 'being an arse'. I would have no recourse other than to accept guilt, even if I don't believe I am guilty, or prepare to be doxxed and have my career probably ruined.

There's an assumption in, at least the CoC adopted by Linux, that people are native English speakers (ever conversed with a Russian in English? they can be quite blunt; not because they're rude or 'being an arse' but because that's how Russian is), have spent some time in San Francisco, and are actually capable of what is considered 'normal' conversation (it's not very friendly to people with autism or other communication difficulties).

This is a document that demands inclusivity yet its own rules will likely exclude those very people who are drawn to writing computer software.

Intel hits target: 27% of staffers are female? Apparently that's 'full representation'

James 47

Hmm, that times up nicely with the resurgence of AMD

SQLite creator crucified after code of conduct warns devs to love God, and not kill, commit adultery, steal, curse...

James 47

Re: Not the first piece of absurd preaching to come from the SQLite team

Multi-process was a valid architecture in 1995

Redis has a license to kill: Open-source database maker takes some code proprietary

James 47

I'm not trying to make Redis concurrent per se, but perhaps load balancing it across cores would be beneficial; each core runs a copy of the same database. Also, not having to wait for replies *every time* was another irk, but they've dealt with that since.

James 47

I've considered forking Redis quite often. Using it on high-vCPU count AWS instances is a waste of money due to Redis' single-threaded design.

Google risks mega-fine in EU over location 'stalking'

James 47

For the AdExchange feed at least, Google doesn't not send your GPS coordinates directly. It instead sends a polygon, for example 2 square KM, and says that you're somewhere in there. It also truncates your IP address.

What's all the C Plus Fuss? Bjarne Stroustrup warns of dangerous future plans for his C++

James 47

> Have they managed to shoehorn some sort of side effect free way of writing C++ or implemented a message passing scheme?

They're developing Executors and future releases of some STL algorithms will support an ExecutionPolicy, for example: http://en.cppreference.com/w/cpp/algorithm/find

Tech firms, come to Blighty! Everything is brill! Brexit schmexit, Galileo schmalileo

James 47

Ireland is not so cheap any more. And another housing bubble is brewing

No fandango for you: EU boots UK off Galileo satellite project

James 47

Re: Well

> For the EU, a barrier between the EU and the non EU is also obligatory

That would make the RoI/NI border an EU issue then, not a UK one. The EU really is playing RoI like fiddle here. RoI really has to choose between the EU and the Good Friday agreement.

Of course, the DUP are the biggest fools here. They're refusing to allow NI to potentially become very prosperous due to a fear of non-existent papists.

Judge on Microsoft gender discrimination case finds 'flaw' in class grouping argument

James 47

Re: Thorny issue to be sure, but . . .

> try to think of the claim this way: those managers who evaluated staff tended to favour their pals when performing evaluations. Now, consider that as the managers themselves were male, those friends were more likely to be male than female.

Why try thinking about it in any other way than what the women claimed happeend?

Chief EU negotiator tells UK to let souped-up data adequacy dream die

James 47

What the UK gets in any deal will really be decided by how much hurt French and Spanish fishermen receive.

US websites block netizens in Europe: Why are they ghosting EU? It's not you, it's GDPR

James 47

If someone actually opts-in to all this, and their adblocker blocks the ads anyway, can the adblocker be sued by the publisher?

Mobile app devs have, oh, about 9 hours left to decide whether to stay on Google's ad platform

James 47

>I'll just add their IP / netblock to my blacklist

Not without consent, you won't

Android devs prepare to hit pause on ads amid Google GDPR chaos

James 47


> Some grab a list of everything you have installed. OS version/model name are a given.

Everything Google can grab is listed here:


Not all of it is present usually.

James 47

Re: Consent

> However, there's a good chance they may be interested in a rival game, for instance.

Games publishers readily block ads from competitors, for obvious reasons.

Project Lightning, you say? Virgin Media's fibre rollout is pretty glacial

James 47

VM still use intel puma chips in their superhub 3 routers. Constant connection drops, but when it works the speed is near advertised.

LLVM contributor hits breakpoint, quits citing inclusivity intolerance

James 47

El Reg shouldn't even report on this SJW horseshit anymore

if dev == woman then dont_be(asshole): Stack Overflow tries again to be more friendly to non-male non-pasty coders

James 47

Nope, neither gender nor skin colour

James 47


Is this on StackOverflow or across the whole of StackExchange? Because as a person pointed out already, hardly anyone looks at the profile of people asking questions on StackOverflow. Maybe the 'victimised' groups really just can't take harsh feedback. They're in for a shock when they have to face a real code review.

Mind the gap: Men paid 18.6% more than women in Blighty tech sector

James 47

This is a joke, right?

Galileo, Galileo, Galileo, off you go: Snout of UK space forcibly removed from EU satellite trough

James 47

Who cares

The yanks may just crack the codes again:


Programming languages can be hard to grasp for non-English speakers. Step forward, Bato: A Ruby port for Filipinos

James 47

Just do Swedish!

Bork! Bork!;

Facebook suspends account of Cambridge Analytica whistleblower

James 47

watch our Twitter feed for more

Can they track who's watching their Twatter feed?

Developers dread Visual Basic 6, IBM Db2, SharePoint - survey

James 47

ON Error Resume Next

Sweet, sweet VB6

Ex-Google recruiter: I was fired for opposing hiring caps on white, Asian male nerds

James 47

> much as I love a root canal with no anastethic.

If your tooth is dead there's no need for anaesthetic

James 47

Re: Assumptions

> Whatsmore - their backgrounds & inherent understanding of gender / race / culture specific issues make them MORE VALUABLE than a cookie-cutter ken.


Blockchain nears peak hype: UK politicos to probe crypto-coin

James 47

If it's gambling then it's no different to spread betting, which is tax free

James Damore's labor complaint went over about as well as his trash diversity manifesto

James 47

Re: Do you ...

How on earth do you conclude that anyone here thinks any of those things?

James 47

Re: Reason for firing

> A positive statement that supports your employer, or is non-controversial is not going to damage your career.

What absolute horseshit! Who gets to decide what is 'non-controversial'?

James 47

Re: Reason for firing

> Well, since my comment doesn't stigmatise or offend any particular group ( except maybe the incautious) you would (did) just prove yourself rather stupid to have a go at me on that basis.

Re-read your comment. You suggest that anyone who publishes anything should prepare to have their career ended. You published that comment

James 47

Re: What's a bro-grammer?

> It's a male programmer who still acts like a frat boy.


James 47

Ok, great. He was out of his depth. I still don't see why the SJW rabble went on an all-out assault to destroy him. That Google campus sounds like a terrifying place to work, I'd be afraid to talk to anyone about anything not work related. I can picture myself being crucified for trying to 'bum a fag' (ask for a cigarette)

James 47

What's a bro-grammer?

I assume it's a white male programmer, but knowing google and the SJW folk, it could also be a programmer who has a My Little Pony fetish.

James 47

Re: Reason for firing

> IMHO anyone who publicly publishes anything deserves the consequences. And anyone stupid enough to publish something , for no good reason, that will adversely affect their own career deserves all they get.

i.e. What he thinks probably matters little. What he publishes matters more. That he published matters most.

What the actual fuck? should I hound you for publishing such a stupid comment? Would you 'deserve all you get'?

Stephen Elop and the fall of Nokia revisited

James 47

Re: Lack of slurp potential?

Symbian's user-land apps were pretty restricted. Networks, however could pretty much give their own apps all the permissions in the world. So, they would have had to develop their own data-slurping advertising SDKs.

MY GOD, IT'S FULL OF CARS: SpaceX parks a Tesla in orbit (just don't mention the barge)

James 47

The excessive cheering was a bit much

Intel’s Meltdown fix freaked out some Broadwells, Haswells

James 47

Re: Hmm.

Hmm, since AWS updated their machines we're seeing unexplained lzop crashes on the Ubuntu AMIs

James 47

I've not noticed any slower c++ compile times ona Linux guest VM (Windows 10 Host) either on a a 4790K

Memo man Damore is back – with lawyers: Now Google sued for 'punishing' white men

James 47

I've often gone to the pub with Muslims, they either drink soft drinks or non-alcoholic Becks.

James 47

Re: "...therefore Socrates is a dog"

That's great, the guy was wrong. He didn't deserve the ensuing witch-hunt and loss of career.

We translated Intel's crap attempt to spin its way out of CPU security bug PR nightmare

James 47

Intel: the new Nokia

I've hated Intel every since my Virgin Media modem came with a Puma chipset.

James 47

Re: Kernel bypass?

You'll need to install the patches anyway just to be safe; but yes, kernel bypass would mitigate the effects of calling the kernel being made more expensive. I'm not sure how much effect kernel bypass would have on virtual machines like AWS though. Maybe someone here could comment, I'm interesting in faffing about with it.


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