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Mobile directory blames press for latest failure

Rob Elliott 1

I don't understand the fuss...

From what I have read, all 118800 do is call you, ask for authorisation to connect the call, then connect the call.

They don't give out your mobile number, and the person trying to get in touch with you has to already know your name and where you live.

Its not like they are monitoring your phone usage then feeding advertisers that information so they can serve you more relevant ads.

Behind Microsoft's IE-free, Windows-for-Europe ploy

Rob Elliott 1


Ship windows with a really basic browser, windows comes with wordpad and notepad which are basic word processors. Users generally replace them with something else. So imho they should do the same with IE install something which will do the absolute basics, IE3 standard, eventually the user will want to do more and go looking for another product. I see no reason why Microsoft should be forced into becomming a distributor of other peoples products.


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