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Behind Microsoft's IE-free, Windows-for-Europe ploy


Good on Microsoft

This whole thing is absolutely absurd. Microsoft should have the right to provide whatever software it likes on it's product. Much as a car producer can use it's own engines and not have to provide a selection of motors from various companys. Where's Apple in all of this? The other major OS producer? Safari and a huge array of software is provided with MacOS, and Firefox is bundled with most distributions of Linux.

Personally if this goes through and forced to provide a selector for browsers, I want to see Microsoft provide IE-Firefox-Safari-Chrome. That's it. I personally use Firefox and find IE an absolute dog of a browser but I don't see it as a right that it's preinstalled on my Windows Machine because it's produced by someone completely different.

Or even more entertaining a notion would be MS to say,

"As of (insert close date), we are pulling out of the EU and will no longer sell Microsoft products. All Microsoft administration buildings are in the process of sale. Any and all Microsoft products from now, sold in the EU, have zero ties with Microsoft." and watch as the EU government and public scramble. Suddenly forced to either spend triple to buy a Mac, or import unsupported, potentially illegal software. On that 90% market share. Most of which Opera's customer base falls.


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