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Behind Microsoft's IE-free, Windows-for-Europe ploy


Windows 7 with Apple or Linux browser packages anyone?

Why don't OEMs and retailers just market Windows 7 with Apple's Quicktime and Safari pre-installed as an Apple type alternative and with VideoLAN and Firefox or similar as a Linux type alternative? Or is that too bloody obvious for the lazy half-wits! Personally, if I had to have Windows 7, I'd want it pre-installed with all of them to save me the half an hour it would take to do. Its just making disk images and putting stickers on machines, hardly hard work!

Really though, if people are dumb enough to accept what they are spoon-fed out of the shop and not know there are alternatives then that's their hard luck. Search for browsers, click download, click accept and next a few times, if you can't do that then your computer will probably die from lack of maintenance pretty soon anyway and no doubt the rest of your life is inefficient from lack of appreciation of what choice you have. Who cares about percentages? 80% of my company computers are non-windows and 100% have non-IE browers installed and preferred and no-one really cares what they use until it goes wrong, at which time they make it someone else's problem to fix and wait until they can get on with their job with whatever browser they last remember worked on most things.

The real problem is lack of education not lack of options. People who punch their IE loaded Windows PC with frustration and don't do anything about it should have it taken away from them and replaced with a Fisher-Price block with coloured shapes and a hammer. Twats. A survey on what percentage of internet users are ham-fisted twats would be much more helpful so the rest of us can avoid them and get on with enjoying our free choice undisturbed.


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