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Open-source .NET seeks touchy iPhone developers

EdwardP 1

This means...

...I can code for my iPhone even though I don't own a Mac?

Where do I sign up...

Police may have had a duty to notify phone-hacking victims

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With just GPRS the best you're going to get is triangulation between mobile masts.

GPRS (General Packet Radio Service)

GPS (Global Positioning System)

Most remote tracking devices use GPS to track, and GPRS as a carrier for the information.

Hope this cleared up and confusion. Remove the tinfoil hat.

The Times kills off blogger anonymity

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@Anonymous Coward

"When asked as to how he thinks the Evil Poor came about he refuses to admit that society may have some part to play and that basically means that you must believe they are born this way..."

Uhh, show your working. References?

Unlike you I've read his "Evil Poor" related posts and every single one asserts that they are the product of their environment.

Yes, his rhetoric was scathing, but it was fair.

Opera to 'reinvent the web' in four days

EdwardP 1

My money...

...is on a P2P Cloud host.

Much like Freenet was (sort of).

Won't catch on.

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