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Intel intros latest thin'n'light laptop chips



Well i guess mac-book pro owners need something to look forward to...


Millions opted into UK mobile phone directory

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Talk to the Boss

So, i searched google for Shona forster and Connectivity, found the contact us page on the 2nd search page, clicked on the Cached link, got Shona's (she's the bright spark who runs connectivity) direct line number and called her up.. surprisingly she answered, obviously not that many people have actually tried to complain to connectivity themselves, so:

Shona: Hi Shona Forster speaking

Me: Hi <<pause ,,, no way!>> I'd like to complain about your new directory service that is going online next week, i think its a gross invasion of privacy. You shouldn't collect and hold private information on people without consent.

Shona: I see well, can i ask why you think your privacy has been compromised, and who are you?

Me: I'm just a member of the public my name is xxx xxx, i think my privacy will be compromised when you lose my information. And even though you have an X directory system which takes 4 weeks! to work you will still be keeping my details not removing them so you can still lose my details, that is someone could steal them or whatever

Shona: You can have them removed but they may get put back again when we get new information from other companies that you shared your information with we advise you leave them on

Me: Oh come on! you know that half that information was gather because the person didn't see or check the right box on some marketing scam, and if i leave them on how do i know if you've lost them.

Shona: Well were not responsible for how the information was gathered.

Me: Nice side-step, <<me thinks 'we didn't torture them so it doesn't matter how we got the info...'>> what about data loss?

Shona: We won't loose your data

Me: Well im pretty much an expert on security and i can tell you that nearly all systems have suffered from some sort of breach.

Shona: I'm a marketeer i dont know about the technical side

Me: Well, ok. Name me a major government that hasn't publicly admitted a breach.

Shona: We're not a government though.

Me: <<lol>> Ok, name me a bank.. or any other sector that hasn't lost some data? You're gonig to be the first company ever to never loose any data or have any security breach i take it?

Shona: Err, well i can see that im not going to get anywhere with this conversation.

Me: No, that because i've shown you that you're wrong, thank you for your time, bye.



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