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SD cards to get 300MB/s bus

Simon 12
Paris Hilton

May it crush blu-ray!

May it crush blu-ray and other horrible oversized scratchy media that requires a dedicated player to play!

The higher end SD cards are almost caught up to blu-ray capacity, and will easily outsize them within a year. I look forward to watching movies off these instead of forking out a (few?) hundred quid for a player.

A load of companies seem to be all about the green recently too, that is, the environment and nature. I'm sure these reusable badboys are far better for the environment than thousands of bl-ray players and the single use optical media that come with them.

Paris because she knows all about making movies...


Orange saves callers pennies with iPhone tariffs

Simon 12

Stupid orange

Urgh, how annoying. I was praying for a cheaper iphone so I could finally get one.

Now I look more closely, it seems o2 is the best after all because I don't use them enough to justify 30/month and I hate long contracts - 2 years with the same phone? Unlikely for someone who would purchase an iphone in the first place.

Pay as you go, o2 is much better because of the bonuses you get. Unless I am mistaken, top up 10 quid on o2 and get unlimited free uk texts. Orange, you'd have to top up 30 quid.

If I am mistaken, you can top up 10 quid and get unlimited o2 texts, which is also fine cos most of my mates are on o2... and there's an app for free texting between iphones for anyone that does choose orange.


Windows 7 to push up netbook prices

Simon 12

Cry more

People will be paying a premium for a new CPU...


Windows 7 is a thousand times better than windows XP, and you're paying a little bit more for it? Well did you want a modern computer or not?

The fact linux isn't a choice is a testament to how much fail it is... it's never gonna be a mainstream operating system, it's just for hobbyists and the immediate family they have succeeded in convincing to use it.



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