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No bail for Kim Dotcom


Flight risk hey?

So exactly where could Mr Dotcom fly to with his said helicopters? The ferry range of the average helicopter that a fella like him would own wouldn't get him to another country given NZs relative isolatoin in a pink fit (given it's about 2000km to Oz!).

Or is the risk that he would fly to his hidden Dr Evilesque island to escape and continue his darstardly plan to destroy the confederation of the world's cash cow loving luddites?

Privacy watchdog needs someone to explain technology


You'd get only the bad muppets...

Not even Kermit the Frog (tm) would apply for that job given the pittance offered, and he was a good muppet.

The job actually sounds quite interesting and challenging....However, one senses a slow painful death due to banging ones head against a wall may be the outcome in the long run.

Pay peanuts and you get monkeys, or peanut eating muppets.

Swiss do lady-friendly iPhone 4 launch


The binary nature of Switzerland....

And not always politely! As it is a difficult concept for many of them to understand that an Auslander doesn't know ALL the "RULES" that they have wrote learned since birth. Some rules aren't even written. Woe is the man who tries to mow his lawn between 12:00 and 13:00, or washes his clothes on a Sunday, the Lord's day of rest. ;)

In Switzerland, you will find most things are obligatory and what is not obligatory is forbidden! No grey you see.

Once you get over these details you find it's a great place to live though! ;)

US Spec Ops operates psywar websites targeted at UK

Black Helicopters

Ahhh so now I know.....

why the hell Twitter was created! ;) I can see the decimation of truth now. Ooops I meant dissemation!

iPod saves lightning-strike teen


That is a truely shocking story...

I wonder if she was an AC/DC fan? "Whoa baby, baby, thunderstruck

You've been thunderstruck, thunderstruck........."

Twitter profile hack pwns Mormons


I need specs or.....deprogramming?

I read the first few words as "Microblogging morons...." So it seems I have an automatic association with the Twitterati and intellect.

Mines the one with my Twitter password scrawled on a bit of paper in the pocket....naturally the password contains all my seven wives' names. ;)


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