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Microsoft accused of 'ulterior motive' in Linux patent sale

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"OIN would have paid top dollar to own and sit on the patents...." doesn't sound very open source to me....

*Ducks behind monitor*

Highways Agency plans new speed cameras

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I've only been on the M25 once (being a northerner like) so could someone explain to me how the variable speed changes work?

I only saw one change and it was right (literally 20 meters) in front of me I obviously didn't slam on my brakes so I was technically speeding when I went past the camera... Haven't had a letter through the post though so am I just lucky or is there more than the usual 10% allowed?


Space shuttle Discovery lands after detour

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@This is news

I should hope so! The day human beings being fired into space and then coming safely home again isn't news will be a sad day indeed.

Flame because well you know rockets!

It shouldn't happen to a vetting database

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"MP's do not work...."

Best quote ever :)

The 3G map Ofcom didn't want you to see

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Ok I have to ask...

Why do all of the operators provide signal just off th west coast of wales, that doesn't overlap onto land..?

iPhone v Pre - the celebrity smartphone deathmatch

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Replacing batteries

Just a point, batteries (in my opinion) tend to be the first part of the phone to go so if you're going to keep your phone for 2 / 3 years and not upgrade it to the latest and greatest model as soon as it is released being able to change the battery is going to be a big plus.....

NASA working on 'open rotor' green (but loud) jets

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Black Helicopters

wouldn't it be possible

to have both types of engine on the bigger planes? ie normal engines for take off / landing / flying over inhabited areas and then these for when you're flying over the atlantic where there aren't too many people to worry about the noise?

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