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Germans and Swiss snub DAB

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Dead As Betamax

The DAB spec was good for squeezing in large number of channels, but it suffers from a number of effects that make it a far less satisfactory listening experience than FM.

What we need is a standard that allows for graceful degredation in sound quality in poor reception conditions, a more robust modulation/coding scheme, lower power consumption so a radio can use disposable batteries for a reasonable length of time, and a fixed group delay so that all radios in the house (say) output the same sound at the same time instead of sounding like a comedy echo/delay special effect.

Listening ofcom?

Marie Curie voted top female boffin

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@Dr Ellen

<<<<< That is the Lady Nerd icon.

El Reg commentards offered extra iconography

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Paris Hilton

A first class selection, and no mistake

But only one at a time?

Paris because she isn't that fussy

Mars projected to collide with Earth

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God builds a good Earth

Quote "Earth's about half way to retirement with only a few dents on her"

A bit like my car (feels smug)

F1 waves goodbye to KERS

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According to my pit board

Its time to take the F1 stable quietly out the back of the paddock and dispatch it quickly and without additional fuss. They have outlasted any pretence at being a proper sport, and the technology they develop is now a dead-end.

Bring on a purely electric formula - jeez even call it Formula-E if you have to. Just get rid of the old gas-guzzling dinosaurs and the vastly overpaid circus that surrounds them.


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