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US prosecutors whack another three charges on list against ex-Autonomy boss Mike Lynch over $11bn HP biz gobble

The First Dave

Re: Auditors and HP must accept some responsibility

"There's nothing wrong with a business overpaying in a transaction."


The definition of overpaying may be up for debate, but doing so is definitly poor judgement.

Open-source 64-ish-bit serial number gen snafu sparks TLS security cert revoke runaround

The First Dave

Re: Why is this a big deal?

So, I'm still confused: Google / Apple et al are apparently all about to revoke existing certificates, but other people say it has no direct effect on security, so why would they bother to revoke?

That's Numberwang! Google Cloud staffer breaks record for most accurate Pi calculation

The First Dave

Re: "...staffer breaks record for most *precise* Pi calculation"

In what way does this calc fail to be more accurate than the last?

You've been dying to know. Here's the answer: The Milky Way tips the cosmic scales at '1.5tr' times mass of the Sun

The First Dave

Re: London Bus

Is that with, or without, passengers? And fuel. And tyres.

Uber won't face criminal charges after its robo-car killed woman crossing street

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Re: Safety driver?

That is pretty much the definition of "too fast" - if you can't stop within the distance you can see, then you are driving too fast, even if that is below the speed limit.

One-time Mars InSight Lander engineer scores $1.5m redress over whistleblower sacking

The First Dave

Re: RE: I'd be a lot less emotionally distressed after than before

But the 'after' time is probably longer than the 'before', so per-annum it _is_ lower.

Silent Merc, holy e-car... Mflllwhmmmp! What is that terrible sound?

The First Dave

Re: Best electric vehicle noise.

If you're going there, then the sound of a Deltic starting up, or an A1-class Pacific if you want to be _really_ retro.

IBM so very, very sorry after jobs page casually asks hopefuls: Are you white, black... or yellow?

The First Dave

Re: Simple explanation

And that't the problem with this whole scenario. You are getting upset about a word, despite there being no intent to offend.

The case of the missing 300 Swiss francs: WIPO fires CIO following probe into allegations of fraud

The First Dave

All very fishy.

But very convenient for the WIPO...

Amazon Prime Air flight crashes in Texas after 6,000ft nosedive

The First Dave

Re: I'm going to speculate...

Those of us with decent memories will recall that it was described as a "miracle" by experts, on account of no-one else ever doing it anywhere near as successfully.

No yoke: 'Bored' Aussie test pilot passes time in the cockpit by drawing massive knobs in the air

The First Dave

That is unbelievably consistant lettering - so much so that I call Bullshit on the whole thing.

WWW = Woeful, er, winternet wendering? CERN browser rebuilt after 30 years barely recognizes modern web

The First Dave

Re: No https for you

Downvoted purely for prefering Sky to anything

Accused hacker Lauri Love loses legal bid to reclaim seized IT gear

The First Dave

But there was then no mention (in the article at least) of the possibility that those drives also contained data that was personal/private/essential property of Love.

Rather like saying that because his wallet contained a counterfeit bank note, that he wasn't entitled to have the wallet back.

The First Dave

Re: Does he not have a point?

Never mind sentimental info, I have details of my mortgage, bank accounts etc. on my computer - without it I would struggle to deal with everyday life.

Bloke thrown in the cooler for eight years after 3D-printing gun to dodge weapon ban

The First Dave

Re: There's a lot more heat than light in this thread, mostly from gun owners of the USA.

The time taken to transfer energy has nothing to do with the final velocity.

LibreOffice 6.2 is here: Running up a Tab at the NotebookBar? You can turn it all off if you want

The First Dave

Re: 646464

"a compiler natively running on a 32-processor," can produce code suitable for any 'size' of processor, from 2bit to 128bit (and beyond) - it doesn't need to run the code directly, so only needs to understand the specifications.

Accused hacker Lauri Love to sue National Crime Agency to retrieve confiscated computing kit

The First Dave

If plod want to keep the evidance, they can make bitwise copies of everything, then return the hardware. Really, depriving an innocent man of the possession of his legally-owned kit for this length of time is ridiculous.

Another Apple engineer cuffed over alleged self-driving car data theft: FBI swoop on bod as he boards plane to China

The First Dave

Re: how much were they getting?

Sounds like he only joined Apple for one reason...

Ca-caw-caw: Pigeon poops on tot's face as tempers fray at siege of Lincoln flats

The First Dave

Peregrine Falcons

Techie finds himself telling caller there is no safe depth of water for operating computers

The First Dave

A decent BOFH would already have the incriminating files in place

Facebook didn't care if your kids ran up gigantic credit card bills – lawsuit

The First Dave

Re: Is there a scammier corporation


iPhone price cuts are coming, teases Apple CEO. *Bring-bring* Hello, Apple UK? It's El Reg. You free to chat?

The First Dave

Re: Re They are still THE premium smartphone.

Android is developed behind closed doors, so who knows what security nightmares Google are hiding...

Sad relics of UK launch capability returned to Blighty while NASA fiddles with Boeing crew

The First Dave

Re: Galileo

"You already do this on every highway"

There are numerous other countries that drive on the correct side of the road.

Six Flags fingerprinted my son without consent, says mom. Y'know, this biometric case has teeth, say state supremes...

The First Dave

Re: So I gather

"If you use a photo, someone has to squint at the person holding the pass to see if they match the picture."

You can still use a robot for that if you want to - hold up the card to the same camera thats looking at your face, no need to store any data at all.

We did Nazi see this coming... Internet will welcome Earth's newest nation with, sigh, a brand new .SS TLD

The First Dave

Re: To be fair...

But since the TLD for the other Sudan is .SD then it might be really economically advantageous (as well as logical) for South Sudan to claim .SSD

The First Dave

Re: terminology

Presumably he was referring to the Antonine wall?

Core blimey... When is an AMD CPU core not a CPU core? It's now up to a jury of 12 to decide

The First Dave

Re: Another frivolous lawsuit

The difference between Hyperthreading and multi-core can be seen under a microscope / from a circuit diagram: Hyperthreading leaves almost no visible presence in silicon, whereas multi-core is visible as a separate/specific area.

The fact that each core is on the same die is where the difference lies between cores and CPU's.

Is it really that difficult to grasp this?

Do you feel 'lucky', well, do you, punk? Google faces down magic button patent claim

The First Dave

Re: "Obvious"

And a "Design Patent" is not a Patent as we know it, rather it is more closely aligned with "Trade Marks".

The First Dave

Re: "Obvious"

Round Corners was never a patent issue - it was all about 'trade dress' i.e. design/copyright.

The most annoying British export since Piers Morgan: 'Drones' halt US airport flights

The First Dave

Re: 500g Drone vs 100 ton airliner

One of the reason's for having two engines is so that _when_ (not if) one malfunctions, you can still fly on the other one (with a bit of luck/skill) - this doesn't work nearly so well if your 'spare' engine has just ingested a drone, thrown a blade through the wing, and burst one of the tyres...

Struggling with GDPR compliance? Don't waste money on legal advice: Buy a shredder

The First Dave

Re: GDPR marker pen ?

Which war ?

I don't think they redacted much during the Great War

US prosecutors: Hey, you know how we said 'net gambling was OK? LMAO, we were wrong

The First Dave

Re: Wot it sez...

And does it include the ethernet cable into the server - why! yes it does!

The First Dave

Re: Why?!

Making money off gambling is clearly immoral; particularly when you are preying off the addicted.

Iran satellite fails: ICBM test drive or microsat test? Opinion is divided...

The First Dave

Re: Red Herring

Again, I think you underestimate religious fanatics and their logical reasoning (or absence thereof).

IBM insists it's not deliberately axing older staff. Internal secret docs state otherwise...

The First Dave

Re: So Ginni should watch out.

Not to mention that if you are doing voluntary redundancy, workers already close to retirement age are more likely to accept, (assuming they have been prudent with their finances along the way)

Just for EU, just for EU, just for EU: Forget about enforcing Right To Be Forgotten outside member states

The First Dave

Re: Good

Who said anything about China?

This is about rulings made in France (an EU member state) applying across the whole of the EU, not just in France as Google wanted.

Amazon exec tells UK peers: No, we don't want to be dominant. Also, we don't fancy being taxed on revenues

The First Dave

Re: Tax allowance for costs is a grace

Technically it IS 20% of the sale price - what you pay is the sale price + VAT

Fake 'U's! Phishing creeps use homebrew fonts as message ciphers to evade filters

The First Dave

Re: ...HTML are well-defined

"MIME and HTML are well-defined"

No mention of CSS - that shows how much YOU know!

More nodding dogs green-light terrible UK.gov pr0n age verification plans

The First Dave

Re: Just like buying a magazine.

So, at age 17 you don't think a child should be able to see pictures of an act that has been completely legal for them to replicate since age 16?

Until now, if Canadian Uber drivers wanted to battle the tech giant, they had to do it in the Netherlands – for real

The First Dave

So where does "ONCA" come from then?

Or "ontariocourts" in the URL?

What happens when a Royal Navy warship sees a NATO task force headed straight for it? A crash course in Morse

The First Dave

Re: Vomit inducing

Or like taking off a heavy bergen - leaves you 'floating' for quite a while.

The First Dave

Did they really read out the dots and dashes like that though?

If they were really familiar with Morse then I would have expected them to simply read the letters as they saw them. (I was very briefly able to do this with Morse over radio.)

It's 2019, the year Blade Runner takes place: I can has flying cars?

The First Dave

Re: "the touchscreen has entertainment value but isn't great for precise picture edits"


"Machines can already surpass humans in specific intellectual tasks, like playing chess or Go"


"Machines can already surpass humans in specific _mathematical_ tasks, like playing chess or Go

Techie basks in praise for restoring workforce email (by stopping his scripting sh!tshow)

The First Dave

Re: Recursion is difficult

Don't worry, I can still read it

The First Dave

Re: Recursion is difficult

Please reply if you can read this...

Could you speak up a bit? I didn't catch your password

The First Dave

Re: Loopy passengers

Whatever happened to being lenient about input?

Dutch boyband hopes to reverse Brexit through the power of music

The First Dave

Re: I jus' wanna let rip at a hate figure

Your ability to sack either figure is exactly equal, as far as I can see.

American bloke hauls US govt into court after border cops 'cuffed him, demanded he unlock his phone at airport'

The First Dave

Just another reason why I will never travel to America.

Virgin Galactic test flight reaches space for the first time, lugging NASA cargo in place of tourists

The First Dave

Re: Lower & slower than a V2

Maybe Concorde couldn't have reached this high (I'm sure it never tried) but it could go just as fast, (and without needing a helping hand) roughly sixty years ago, so I don't see much technological progress overall.

Ticketmaster tells customer it's not at fault for site's Magecart malware pwnage

The First Dave

Re: Java f'in script !

And, theoretically at least, you could compute an HMAC key by hand, before submitting your payment details, as required by the processor.


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