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Obama weighs into Raptor stealth superfighter fracas

Ian 11

Other options

Is there any reason we couldn't forego the US aerospace industry altogether and buy something like the Rafale for our carriers?

I wonder if stealth is overrated, certainly it didn't seem to stop the Israeli's getting past Syria's state of the art air defence systems and taking out their ultra-secret nuclear weapons program without need for stealth.

Nokia Siemens clamps down on Iran snoop claims

Ian 11

Well yes of course it was in the Wall Street Journal

The yanks are just jealous that their government has prevented them getting such lucrative government contracts due to a trade embargo against Iran.

That doesn't mean Cisco et al. are any better than Nokia/Siemens, it just means they couldn't bid.

So of course what better for an American paper to do than use it to attack foreign companies out of sheer jealousy?

Transformers helmsman demolishes English language

Ian 11

Michael Bay

Needs to STFU.

He whined last time and he's whining this time. He's a serial fucking whiner.

Go away Michael Bay, we don't care how much you fail and like to blame it on everyone but yourself.

Please don't eat your horse, EU asks owners

Ian 11


So in other words the (non-)story runs like this:

-The EU is bringing in laws to stop people eating horses.

-People unanimously seem to agree this is a good thing.

-But we're all going to whine like bitches anyway.

I guess to the xenophobes it's any excuse to whine about them thar foreigners in Brussels though right?

Steve Jobs had liver transplant

Ian 11

@ AscyIto

"DRM is present at the insistence of the record megacorps, not Apple. Indeed, S Jobs appealed for its riddance."

Ah yes, Jobs means everything he says doesn't he? Sorry but fuck off. Just because he said he hates DRM doesn't mean he continued to do so whilst his competitors had absolutely no problem running DRM free services. The fact everyone else managed to get DRM free deals showed up Jobs for what he is, a lier. The fact is Jobs loved their proprietary DRM, it tied the millions of iPhone users to Apple hardware. Even now iTunes has a ton of DRM laden tracks and the ones that aren't cost far more than DRM free versions at places like Amazon and Play.com. Don't be so damn gullable and assume everything he says it's true.

"His company has done more to innovate and style than any IT firm I know. Apple is synonymous with excellent design implementation."

Uh, yeah, okay you keep telling yourself that. Meanwhilst I'll chuckle at the fact the iPhone had fuck all features to start with such as GPS, MMS etc. and we were told it didn't need them but then Apple realised they did in fact need to copy everyone else in the industry and add these features. I'll also sit chuckling at all the easily scratched, regularly discolouring, non-replacable battery, fire hazard power adapter products that Apple keep churning out, so much for excellent design and implementation.

Apple is good at one thing - interface and looks, when it comes to actual quality, usefulness, cost effectiveness, features, Apple fails hard.

Iranian hacktivists hand-crank DDoS attack

Ian 11

Hacking TV stations

If it really is possible to hack TV stations externally like many cyber-war fantacists suggest then now would probably be a good time to do so and broadcast the poor Iranian girl who got shot to the Iranian people.

That'll quickly show them what their government is like.

Twitter would have stopped Rwandan genocide, claims PM

Ian 11

I see Gordon.

So is that why you're trying your best to control, monitor and censor internet in the UK then?

Fucking hypocrit.

US record industry wins $1.92m from file sharer

Ian 11

The RIAA are embarassed because...

They know it's going to get shot down as unconstitutional.

They're open for settlement still because they know if they don't get a settlement they aint gonna get a single penny at all.

Even when the RIAA wins, it appears that it's lost, and that's against someone so inept she didn't manage to even put up a sensible defence and even lied to the courts.

This still means little in the grand scheme of things, the RIAA wont be getting any cash out of it, it looks bad, it's unconstitutional and the real and valid defences against media defender's so called evidence are simply still untested in court.

Tories research increased net censorship

Ian 11


This is from the same party that's led by David Cameron, you know, the guy who refuses a change from first past the post because it means even with only 38% approval rating him and his party will have 100% of the power?

I don't know why everyone voted Conservatives after seeing what Labour have done to civil liberties, they're just as totalitarian and power hungry. Hell, they were even worse than the expenses scandal.

Personally I'll vote Lib Dems, still pretty awful but the best of a bad bunch, not that my vote matters being stuck in a Labour safe seat constituency. Even though the Lib dems have their head in the clouds on many issues, at least they're not run by a little Hitler like Labour and the Tories are and at least they have some respect for the citizen. They're also the only party that had any members that didn't claim MPs expenses at all.

Still, Tories have a guaranteed win, Brown has said he aint getting rid of first past the post and Cameron said the same, so I guess we're stuck in a minority elected dictatorship for at least another 6 years yet.

Video game sales hit three-year low in US

Ian 11

No suprise

It was a weak month for games, just look at the titles listed. UFC was about the only thing that came out and all the Wii titles are ancient.

There weren't any real new AAA releases for that month so people cutting spending has nothing to do with it. If there's nothing new worth buying how can they expect decent sales figures?

Carter to cart self back to big business

Ian 11


So as usual Brown has brought on someone who not only knows fuck all about what he's reporting on but wont even be around to be held responsible for it the repercussions either.

Still, good fucking riddance.

Pressure group demands UK apes China net filter plan

Ian 11


I never knew frigid people had their own little society.

How cute.

EC rejects Microsoft's browser promises

Ian 11

Microsoft is in the right.

Sorry but the EC are a bunch of fucking idiots on this.

They ask for more browsers to be bundled with Windows but how do you choose which? If you keep it to Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, IE there's still alot of smaller browsers left out. If you don't include those then they will simply lose all hope of gaining ground on the "big" browsers who are then placed in a position of having an unfair advantage.

Then what about the fact Mac OSX, Linux and UNIX flavours don't supply browser choice? Why is it only anti-competitive if Microsoft forces their browser on someone but not Apple?

Why do we even care about this when IE is losing ground anyway even though it's bundled and competition is rife?

If the EC wants perfect fairness then removing browsers altogether from Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Unix is the only way to do it, but now that Microsoft is doing this they've realised it's a pretty stupid idea.


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