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Owners say iPhone 3GS is a scorcher

Mark 9

They got burnt

the day they let hype determine their product choices...

EU plays catch up on mobile single charger standard

Mark 9

OK then...

It now requires a team of Eurocrats and mobile phone industry experts to come up with something that is little more than common fucking sense.

Firefox 3.5 gets third release candidate

Mark 9

@James Duncan

Once you try Opera, you will never want to go back, trust me....

It might take a while for it to "gel", but once it does, it's the browser you dreamed of..

Mark 9

Try Opera....

Much less of a memory/resource hog than Firefox.

Much more reliable than Firefox

Much more secure than Firefox.

Much more customisable than Firefox.

The only downside is it take a while to get used to some of it's best features, that are sometimes hidden away, like the Greasemonkey (called UserJS in Operaland), and the AdBlock (called Block Content in Operaland).

PS3's motion control kit better than Xbox's, claims analyst

Mark 9

At least the Sony demo was real

The Microsoft one was smoke and mirrors, and frankly, I don't understand why the press havn't attacked Microsoft like mad dogs, when Sony got such a bad press for the Killzone2 prerender..(which actually turned out better looking than the prerender anyway..).

But then American company, American media... Microsoft can't do anything wrong in their rose tinted welding goggles.

People just not that into Blu-ray

Mark 9

re: too pricey for what it gives

You realise the Xbox doesn't do Blu-Ray? Infact it barely does HD, which was tacked on as a afterthought,

Many Xboxes don't even have HDMI, and the ones that do, use a old obsolete version that does not do audio.

Mark 9

re: China threat

Is this guy for real? Still clinging onto the HD DVD dream....

even IF CHDVD makes it outside China, it will be Chinese movies. I suspect you will be wanting hollywood movies however.

Sometimes I am saddened by the clueless idiots that post here.

Mark 9

LOL, the Toshiba loonies are out.

The 100 people still hurt by HD DVD and havn't moved on, clearly all got emailed and have arrived here to pretend Blu-Ray sucks...

The funny thing, the HD DVD loonies claimed they cared about HD and were videophiles, clearly they aren't, or they would have embraced Blu-Ray by now.

PS, clearly many people havn't heard of managed copy...


Many discs already have this, allowing you to make SD copies of the HD movie you own, and copying them to portable devices like the PSP and iPod. I have about 4 disc that have it so far, I expect more to arrive, as companies want to justify the small price increase over DVD.

Mark 9

re: DRM

Has the whole world turned into thieving pikeys?

What's with the stealing content and cracking stuff these days? Is it now some kind of right you have?

people like Dale Richards are purely to blame for the lack of quality programming, movies and music, as studios fail to invest due to rampant levels of piracy.

What's the best NAS configuration?

Mark 9

Build yer own

All of them are compromises.

What's the best non-iPod music player?

Mark 9

Walkman on Samsung P2

Walkman NWZ-A72x or NWZ-A82x (the 82x are the ones with Bluetooth).

Sound 100x time better than anything Apple can produce, does not need any specia software (you can use WMP, Windows Explorer in "MTP mode", or use MacOS and Linux as a plain USB device to load music) .

UI is very quick and intiuitive. In short, it's not got a whole load of bells and whistles, but what it does do, play music, it does VERY well indeed. The headphones are also extremely high quality too.

16GB for £78 new.


Now the X is out, and grabbing the attention, you can get it's younger touchscreenless brother for a bargain. It shares the equally as good sound quality, and the UI is very similar.

Opera to 'reinvent the web' in four days

Mark 9

I predict

Extending the current Operalink (which replicates much of your Opera settings/bookmarks etc between all your Opera installations), and making the entire session sync'd so you can carry on where you left off elsewhere. Full profile sync.

Microsoft to bomb Europe with IE-free Windows 7

Mark 9


And as was the was with MediaPlayer-less Vista that Europe had, you would never find it in a store and couldn't actually buy it anywhere.

This is nothing more than a token gesture by Microsoft to keep the Eurocrats happy. I urge the Eurocrats to make sure this version of Windows 7 is the ONLY version that can be purchased in Europe, otherwise it's a pointless excercise, and Microsoft will ensure it's available as an option, but it's not the main productline, and therefore not the one that stores will stock.

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