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Ballmer says 500 MILLION 'users' to 'have' Windows 8 in 2013


It's the whole not understanding the difference between mobile devices and older PCs, isn't it?

- As indeed other commenters have said. I am beginning to see that I could use a tablet for productivity but detest Apple and the Android ones still look too immature for my liking (although I use an Android phone very happily). So I would happily wait for for a W8 tablet in order to take documents to meetings and presentations more conveniently than on either a laptop (too cumbersome) or my smartphone (too small). Currently I can put them on my Kindle, but I don't find that ideal. However, the thought of Metro on my desktop, which I still need for raw horsepower in the realm of photo editing, videos and the like, fills me with horror. And while I like certain aspects of W8 such as the new Task Manager, why should otherwise attractive features such as syncing via a Microsoft account across various PCs be subject to such execrable software as IE?

So it's a possible W8 tablet for me, but keeping the desktop and laptops on W7, which I find to be an excellent OS.

RIP Personal Computer World

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Very sad ...

to hear the news a couple of days ago via the Guardian Tech's Twitter feed. I emailed Kelvyn Taylor, the current editor, to express my sadness. I first read PCW circa 1992 when I bought my first PC. It was recommended to me by a colleague who was a former IT pro, and that was a great piece of advice. It taught me a lot of basics (along with another blast from the past, Windows User magazine). Both of those mags introduced me to the wonderful writing of Tim Nott.

I defected in the mid-90s to .net magazine when I wanted to know more about the Internet, but when that mag became solely for web pros, I returned to the PCW fold, and Tim Nott was still there. I can see what some people are saying in other comments about the decline of the mag, but for me it had the balance I wanted as an amateur enthusiast who used his PC knowledge at work. The entirely pro mags weren't my scene, neither were the ultra-basic ones. I'm not sure what I'll subscribe to now, but if anyone knows where else Tim Nott hangs out, I might stalk him again :)

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