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Boffins guess social security numbers via public data

Matt Hadfield 1

and don't forget UK driving licences and NI too.

Nothing out of the ordinary here, government id is usually trivial to crack.

UK driving licence numbers have your whole date of birth in it, always makes me laugh.

And to make it easy to tell men and women apart by ID number they increment the first digit of the month by 5 for women.

Means that if you can get a look at that *girl* at the bar you can check she wasn't born a dave or barry.

NI is harder from the outside, but from my NI number you can work out that of my siblings.....

Why do we have these government ID's again?


Bidding war breaks out for T-Mobile UK

Matt Hadfield 1
Dead Vulture

goodbye shiT-mobile

So finally after all this time they are going.

May I be the first to wish that they don't get a buyer and go bust properly.

These monkeys screwed up my old contract so badly I left in disgust, and after paying the FINAL BILL in full, was sent another FINAL BILL. And then after that was sorted another FINAL BILL..... that ended up with them backing down just short of court.

Grave, cause I'll be dancing on theirs


Vodafone said to be mulling T-Mobile UK bid

Matt Hadfield 1

Doesn't this mean

That they'll buy it for £1?

Seems to be how all these deals go.....

I'll give em £1.50


RIP Personal Computer World

Matt Hadfield 1


I remember PCW, I used to read it as a child when we went to my parents friends house.

I can't believe it lasted this long,

and that it's now gone.



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