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Nokia 6303 Classic

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ok but why buy it

I've got a Nokia 3110 Classic and it's a good phone. The battery lasts for 2 weeks on a charge, the screen is readable in most situations, the sound is clear and the reception is better than most.

This new one seems to be much of the same but with a slightly better camera. Since I don't use the camera on the current classic why would I bother on the new one.

these phones are bought by people who use them as phones and not much else so £125 is a lot to replicate the function of a lot of models people already have.

Toyota Prius fourth-generation e-car

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So what

I had a 100hp diesel Clio that I could easily get 67mpg out of and up 86mpg when trying.

It also faster and cost less than half of what the Prius does.

Ok it was French and therefore a bit crap but for high mpg I'd rather pay £8k and suffer than £21k and still suffer. 13 grand is a lot of money to pay just to be a smug git.

Italian Job sat nav driver cops £900 fine

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Nice one Judge

I think the Judge got it spot on. He was a slave to the satnav and not paying attention to the road so he wasn't in full control of the car.

Fine wasn't so heavy to be silly. A good call I think. Hopefully other sat-nav slaves will take notice that the damn things don't mean that you can stop paying attention to the feckin road.

Tearaways deface Tayside Police website

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Tayside quality?

Dundee graffiti -

Fuk the Tasid Polis

Followed by -

Poofs are gay

UK cops eye shotgun cartridge Taser

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Black Helicopters

I've got to say

That looks like it would be fooking sore!

Imagine getting 'accidentally' hit in the family jewels with that!

Extra large condoms hit UK supermarket shelves

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Paris Hilton

Too late

Never had much bother with the length of johnnies but could do with a few with wide fitting.

You might get some of the buggers over your head but I can't get some of them onto my chum.

And it's not nice of they're really feckin tight.

But now I'm married and trying for a baby it's bit of a waste to me quite frankly.

P.S. the phrase up here is "Like a sausage in an alley".

Brit firm stops anti-tank warheads with cloth

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It looks like

There is a pic on the Times. It looks like a bunch of sofa cushions.


MOD meets DFS, buy one get one free. Do they have it in blue leather?

Paris, coz she knows how to stop a missile whilst lying seductively on a cushion

Controversial mobile directory fails on launch

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Shower of barstewards

The remove (Ex-directory) link just so happens to be bust


Royal Navy sailors hurl Ronald McDonald into Chilean harbour

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Naught seamen

Half of my mate's frigate were arrested in Brazil for running naked down the beach. Luckily he managed avoid all that trouble and stay out the clink by heading to the local brothel instead.

Ice air con system aims for cool on the cheap

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What if the power companies stop offering cheaper off peak power?

Which they might do if datacentres start sucking down power through the night.

Futurama back from dead again

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You've watched it, you can't unwatch it.

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