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Windows XP customers positive but split on Windows 7

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i'm with Heff

I agree with Heff there, i like shiny new things and gadgets, but the whole point of a computer is to run an application as fast as possible, in a reliable fashion. this is the main reason the first thing i do after installing is to turn off all the fancy fonts. rounded corners and other shiny bits you can't see when you are running an app, which is what you have the computer for presumably.

-do many people spend time in front of their machine just staring at the desktop??

if i were to install windows 7 instead of xp onto the hardware i currently use, would it make my games run faster or load quicker?

-i would get the latest DX version i suppose which has nearly swayed me, but not quite.

if yes it's worth upgrading i'd say, but i seriously doubt it.

Microsoft releases Windows 7 to MSDN, TechNet today

Rob 30


is it going to make my games run faster than xp does?

Windows XP Mode digs deeper into Windows 7

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why bother upgrading from xp?

i'm still not sure if it's worth upgrading, is win7 going to be that much faster than winXP does anyone know?

the only feature i'd like is dx10, but if my apps don't actually run faster it would seem liek a step backwards..

i'm open to being convinced if anyone knows of any compelling reasons to upgrade?

The Internet's most evil company?

Rob 30

non-murdoch reporters

I think some people may be talking at cross purposes, we want professional, trained, unbiased reporters who are not paid by murdoch.

in the US that leaves pretty much nowt as far as i know, but here in the UK we have the bbc which is maybe not as impartial as it once was, but employs professional reporters.

i'm pretty sure they do world coverage, so you'd still get 'proper' news if AP went away.

Scientists print out super-slim battery

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hmm, not rechargable

looks like it might be quite usefull when they make it rechargable, disposable ones seem rather wastefull these days.

X2 supercopter in first tail-drive flight

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user block?

now we're all using unique names here can we have a setting to block certain users please?

-my eyes just glide past anything 'written' by the unamusing mars fool, but it does take an extra click or two of the mouse wheel which would be nice to avoid.

nice helicopter though.

'Get cameraphones out of nurseries' plea

Rob 30


this doesn't even make sense:

"There's a lot of guidelines protecting children from photos being taken on cameras in schools, nurseries and swimming pools"

how can a photo be damaging to the child? it's light hitting a sensor ffs. from what they are saying the kids didnt even know they were being taken.

i'd allways thought the issue was supposed to be about stopping the actual abuse of actual, real kids, although the law banning obscene drawings/anime is equally ludicrous

Fifty Quid Bloke, meet Spotify's 14p man

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i guess they mean relative to tv ads, or having someone put a drill through your eyeball..

but i'm with you, all commercial advertising is obtrusive by definition, and should be banned. (and preferably have dire and/or terminal consequences for everyone & anyone involved in it's production -you should be ashamed of yourselves you scumbags)

Ten of the best... iPhone beaters

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@Bacon, re nicotine withdrawal

you should check out the electric ciggies mate, they're effin' amazing, i got one as a guy at work had one & was singing it's praises. i thought it might just be an interesting gadget but i haven't smoked any baccy for over a week without even trying now, good stuff.

try googling 'electronic cigarette', i got a titan tecc 510 from the first result. it gives out water vapour with nicotine in it when you drag on it, takes a bit of getting used to, like switching to silk cut or something, but you can smoke it inside without setting off fire alarms, which is nice.

i imagine there could be health issues, but it's hard to see how it could be worse than actual smoke, & it breaks the habit. can't speak highly enough about it really, way better than patches gum or those inhaler things, all of which i have tried at some point.

Brit firm stops anti-tank warheads with cloth

Rob 30

@Is it just me

i imagine this super high tech cloth is fireproof, shirley.

Catholic social club ousts coven of witches

Rob 30

ban catholics!

yeah, i don't want people with incompatible beliefs living in my country, lets burn 'em all for food & fuel and use the churches to house the homeless.

if their god objects he'll do something about it, surely.

Gartner: Windows 7 upgrade catch for XP converts

Rob 30

@AC re @ steve roper (09:50)

what do you mean by "Outlook's productivity features"? i use outlook at work, it sends and receives email mostly successfully which is nice, and there's a calendar bit to it.

is "Outlook's productivity features" just manager-speak for that, or does outlook do something else?

-making coffee would be nice

AC sounds like a manger imo, and a bit of a gimpy one at that if he can't learn a new gui in 18 months.

Imagine! Government to legislate against badness

Rob 30

wtf is child poverty?

surely all children are pretty much broke by definition.. i know my paper round most likely wouldn't have fed and housed me, back in the day.

US brain-computer interface gets live human trials

Rob 30


i think this is an excellent development, proper bit of scifi in action, the thing that always worries me about implanting tech though is the rate new hardware gets develloped & released.

if it's a socket type then i guess you could use an adapter, so long as the newer model didnt offer new features you wanted, but if it's internal, you'd be looking at brain surgery to alter/upgrade anything...


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