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Intel's Centrino notebook platform is 10 years old

jason 7

Re: Yeah its all in the upgrades.

Its largely down to what CPUs will run on the Intel chipset in the laptop. Sometimes the BIOS can kibosh it but mostly you can slip one in. You just check the Ask Intel pages on the web.

There were a lot of cheap laptops sold as late as 2009/10 with single core Celerons in them. Nasty!

jason 7

I remember buying a AMD based laptop...

...in 2005. It had a full blown Newcastle 3500+ A64 CPU in it.

You could burn your thighs with it. Nothing like a full blown desktop CPU in a laptop.

It got better when I put a Venice 4000+ in it....a bit. Centrino was the way for a good while.

My dad still uses it today.

jason 7

Yeah its all in the upgrades.

The CPU may still be willing but that 4200rpm IDE drive will have to go and the choices are getting limited.

What I really love doing at the moment is when I get a customers laptop in that has a single core Celeron in it.

You can pick up a 2Ghz dual core C2D for around a tenner, swap that in and you then have a customer for life. Often I don't charge them for it or just charge them the tenner. However, the improvement is so much they rave about it and refer you on to others. Its a worthwhile investment.

Only problem is I'm stuck with a pile of Celerons......

BYOD: Bring Your Own Device - or Bring Your Own Disaster?

jason 7

Some twit with more money than sense.......

...bought an iPad and then had his nose put out of joint when he wanted to use it for work (to pose with basically) and the IT dept told him to sod off.

He then banded together with his other expensive pink shirted friends and pushed it and pushed it.

And BYOD was invented.

The power of whining knows no bounds.

As for the rest of us? I've seen what the general public use cos I make a living trying to fix it all. It's a mess quite frankly.

Hilarity and disaster will be certain!

Photoshop fakery exposed by fake Photoshop tool

jason 7

I like....

...her pose.

Redmond slashing Win8, Office OEM rates for small devices

jason 7

Re: Cut the price as far as you want

Main PC - Windows

Main Laptop - Chromebook

Main Phone - Android

Tablet - Blackberry Playbook

I like to spread it around. I like them all. They work just fine for me. Price is the overriding factor on my choices these days. It's not so much that I'm using Windows less, it's that I now have more equipment choices to do work on.

Five years ago it would have been PC and Laptop only. Now I have a range of weapons in my armoury.

Gnome cofounder: Desktop Linux is a CHERNOBYL of FAIL

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Re: @another coward Huh. - Jason


Once again the point is that within two posts and not really knowing my level of experience you stated I must be incompetent and can't use Google.

See how that looks? How would you feel 30 mins into a course learning something new and you were called incompetent in front of everyone on the course?

This is the crux of this part of the discussion.

I have since stated I know how this stuff works but you still keep kicking me and reinforcing that less than tolerant attitude.

I've done all I can I think.

jason 7

Re: @another coward Huh. - DijitulSupport

Thanks for that but I already have had Mint running in a VM on my machine for quite some time now.

Fedora and OSX too.

jason 7

Re: @another coward Huh. - Jason


What I was after were the very reactions you provided to make my point. You succeeded admirably.

As I mentioned I've built and installed many flavours of linux over the years and I know full well the answers to those very questions I made. However, over the years I have made enquiries to more technical issues I've had with linux and found the information (like you refer to) and the attitudes of many enthusiasts out there wanting.

It could be so much better with a little thought.

Got a big hill to climb and it needs a more inclusive change of attitude to do it.

I'm not damning Linux I'm just trying to let you know how you can help make it better.

jason 7

Re: @another coward Huh. - Jason

And thats fine.

But in future if people ask what you think are dumb noob questions, just count to three and imagine how you would like to be treated if you were say learning to fly.

Its all about learning a new OS. Not Officer and a Gentleman or Full Metal Jacket.

If you welcome people with tolerance and patience they will come.

(sound of needle being pulled off a record)

But that'll never happen.....

jason 7

Re: @another coward Huh. - Jason

There are ways and means David, ways and means.

Unfortunately often the way you Linux guys explain things just comes across as rather abrupt and rude.

Instead of just doing the Jackie Chan meme stance and shaking your head incredulously you could just go "Ahh yes a tar.gz, thats just a blah blah that allows you to blah blah, you don't really need to worry about them unless you want to blah blah, so maybe when you have a few more linux miles under your belt you can then try blah blah!"


"Ah yes, why isn't there just a simple installer file like you would have with Windows, that's a good question and I'm glad you asked me that. Well with Linux 99% of all the software you could ever need is actually tucked away in this really neat repository of software. It's like a large library of juicy free stuff that you just select from the menu and it all installs directly on your machine! Now isn't that really cool?"

Ways and means. You don't have to jump down people throats.

Thats all we ask as beginners. Encouragement.

jason 7

Re: @another coward Huh. - David

No you see you've missed my point. Oh and you've gone off in a bit of a rant at me for trying to get to grips with Linux on a deeper level as you may have encouraged me to do before I wrote my post earlier.

You see you all ask us to have a go and then when we ask questions we get shouted down.

Those questions I posted would be perfectly justifiable questions from a ex. Windows user moving to the Linux world.

I have got several linux systems working fine. I have two of them as VMs on my PC right now. It's just I would like to delve deeper (surely something that you would encourage?) but when I try I get told off or just find crappy documentation.

We try but get told to fuck off.

What exactly do you want us to do if you wont help people move to your world?

jason 7

Re: @another coward Huh.

Sorry but in my experience trying to dig deeper into Linux with web written articles by Linux experts is next to impossible for the beginner.


They all make the biggest IT Tech failing the world over of assuming the person reading knows what they are doing in the first place.

Linux Articles written by Linux Experts for Linux Experts basically.

They all manage to miss out the first three pages of prep and start off on stage 7.

"I do what with this tar.gz thing?" or "Why can't I just double click and install it rather than type all this guff into a terminal window?"

This makes most beginner Linux explorers just reformat their HDD and walk away muttering "maybe in another couple of years I'll try again!"

Maybe as Linux Experts you don't notice these things but trust me as I've tried on three or four occasions it's out there and it's no fun.

Carrie Fisher dusts off THAT bikini for Star Wars VII

jason 7

Hollywood Personal Fitness Trainers........

...are all sat by their phones waiting for the call of the century.

Cruel Microsoft will drive us into arms of iOS, Android, warn resellers

jason 7


Always makes your message seem much more authoritative and impressive.

I'd love to see if his CV is written in all CAPS too.

I was presenting my local small business network the other day and a chap had written his intro for me to read out all in caps. So I said "I'll read this as written folks!"

I read it out load and fast with no punctuation.

Much beer sprayed across tables. Well it does add impact. Maybe just not the right kind.

Twenty classic arcade games

jason 7

Re: Has to be ... Star Wars!

Yeah playing Star wars at the Arcade in Hunstanton was great fun. Never got all that far but it was thrilling to play.

Loved gaming back then as your imagination was encouraged to fill in the gaps.

jason 7

Oh no Space Harrier?

My fave.

Brit comic-book-guy-vs-gangsters film goes straight to Xbox Live

jason 7

Then we all saw the cost to watch it........

....and moved on.

SpaceX Dragon eventually snared by ISS

jason 7

Getting glitches and then being able to correct them is excellent.

It shows many positive attributes to a design early in its life.

The fact that issues could be worked around and fixed shows a team that knows its kit and kit that even though not yet perfect can be made to adapt.

This is all excellent experience. Anyone who says otherwise doesn't really understand such technology or projects. No one gets it perfect, not even for manned missions as we have seen over the decades.

A few more launches and SpaceX Dragon will be a very capable piece of kit.

But if you think you can do better......

SpaceX: 'We have control, it's just a glitch' Musk tells world+dog

jason 7

Re: major incident on 2 of their 3 journeys

Yeah NASA and Russia got through a lot of rockets before they got anything into orbit.

SpaceX ain't doing too badly.

Canadian cyborg says Google Glass design is cracked

jason 7

Migraines ahoy!

Just saying.

SimCity 2000

jason 7

When can we have a Master of Orion 2 retrospective?

Just saying.

jason 7

Re: Microwave power! Not entirely fiction

There was something quite wonderful about walking into my local Game store 1993-1995 and seeing three walls packed with those lovely made black cardboard PC game boxes (they really were lovely boxes) all vying for your attention and wallet. Sim City, Wing Commander, Doom, Ultima, Syndicate blah blah blah.....

Now its one rack of budget PC titles stuffed by the stockroom door in crappy DVD cases.

It's just not the same.

So much noise on WinMob, but Microsoft's silent on lovely WinPhone

jason 7

I really wanted a Lumia 920.........

...until I saw the crazy price they wanted for it SIM free.

Way to get market penetration when the opposition have a quad core flagship phone for £280!

Review: Sony Vaio Duo 11 Ultrabook

jason 7

Re: Intel HD graphics


what are we referring too here? I was just commenting that the vast majority of netbooks had crappy hardware specs which is hardly deniable.

Fully aware than Intel HD4000 is a leap on from those days but nothing to do with netbooks.

jason 7

Re: Intel HD graphics

Noo it was slow single core CPUs, slow 4200rpm HDDS and 600 pixel depth screens that killed them.

The Intel graphics was the least of the worries.

LG acquires webOS from HP – but not for mobile kit

jason 7

Re: The best mobile OS in my view...

I must admit I have to agree. I've used all the mobile OSs around at the moment and WebOS is still the slickest and easiest to use. It just has a fluidity and understated slickness that the others just don't currently match.

A case of concentrating on the real OS fundamentals rather than the bells and whistles.

4G in the UK? Why the smart money still says 'Meh'

jason 7

And all the reviewers laughed...

...when the Nexus 4 arrived with no 4G.

Google ain't daft. Neither am I to pay 4G tariffs.

Hipsters have spoken: Microsoft is 'hip to be square'

jason 7

Re: consumers vs enterprise

Yes BYOD is strictly for the Pink shirt and cuff-link brigade.

You know who they are.

SimCity Classic

jason 7

I had SimCity Gold Edition.

I bought it in 1993 much to my dad's disgust as he wanted his new DX33 game free.

I thought at the time it would be the only game I'd ever need. Bizarre because I'd been a gamer since 1983 and I knew full well that's never the case.

I have no idea where the disks went. Landfill probably.

New blow for Microsoft Surface: Touch Chromebooks 'on sale in 2013'

jason 7

Re: Blow?

Ahhh that must be why I had to wait 4 weeks for one to come into stock after xmas.

Higgs data shows alternate reality will SWALLOW UNIVERSE

jason 7

Re: *ploop!*

Yeah I'll leave it to Walter Bishop to sort out.

Review: The ultimate Chromebook challenge

jason 7

Re: I cannot believe....

So you haven't actually used one then?

I have. It works!

jason 7

Re: OK, now how easy is it to wipe the Google cr@pola off?

What you mean delete Linux and put Linux back on it?


On a side issue I find it funny that Linux could well get its time in the sun desktop wise through the Chromebook but it just wont be the vision of linux the fanbois always dreamed of.

jason 7

Re: ...but the Acer has Caps Lock and Search keys

Must admit I hadn't noticed it didn't have a Caps Lock key.

So I guess it's not that important. Folks will be moaning about the missing Scroll Lock key and the fact you can't buy twin-tub washing machines any more next.

jason 7

Re: Gonna be getting myself on of these.

Well in my travels I find that connectivity is generally pretty good and not 2001 like at all.

I must say you don't really need 20Mbps connections to get by on a Chromebook. 1-2Mbps works fine.

jason 7

Re: Gonna be getting myself on of these.

The thing is I feel a lot of folks think that internet connectivity is still as it was in 2001.

How often in any one day are you away from some form of internet connectivity when you actually WANT to do something?

Its really not that often. I have the broadband at home. I have my 3G tethering on my phone. I have access to BT hotspots and most public places worth their salt have wi-fi available, even trains. The only place you might struggle is on a plane. But the google docs still work offline. It caches all your recent stuff.

But FFS folks there are some occasions you can just switch off. Trust me the world can go on without you for a few hours.

jason 7

Re: @jason 7

I thangyorrr!

jason 7

Re: Ah....oh dear....

Mark, think you've got a little bit of denial going on there.

Chromebook offers a simpler far less fussy experience than Windows, Apple or Linux.

I was quite anti the idea but once you try it for a few weeks you realise a lot of people are farting around out there with gear that is way too high maintenance for what they need.

jason 7

Re: Ah....oh dear....

Well to be honest the Chromebook is for those that are just tired of -

"Fucking about!"

No need for AV.

Updates happen without you knowing it.

Take the Chromebook out of the box and within 10 seconds of switch on you are up and running.

If you mess it up you just reset it and log in again.

Hardly any settings to mess around with.

No need to learn CLI or other such dark arts.

Works just like Chrome..cos thats what you are used to.

No bizarre UI to get used to.

No worries about backups.

No need to call in the IT chappie/son to fix it.

Oh and it costs £200........

Lot of folks out there who are primed and ready for such an experience.

jason 7

Re: Netbook market

I had a couple of those Apple logo stickers that you used to get with iPods (dunno if you still get them).

I stuck one on my toilet seat.

Can often hear a chuckle from the toilet when guests come round.*

I call it the iPlop!

*Its a small flat so don't imagine I sit there with my ear to the door.

jason 7

Re: Netbook market

I always thought single core atoms, 4200rpm HDDs and 600 pixel depth screens killed Netbooks.

They always felt like parts bin specials to me. I see a lot of customers with them and not one has ever said "oh I adore my netbook!"

Usually it's "bloody thing, only good for taking on holiday and then it packed up half way through...."

jason 7

Re: Netbook market

Everyone I have shown my Chromebook to has gone "oh wow, this is sooo cool!"

Several of my tech buddies have said "this is the solution for my parents!"

Several in my small business network are interested in it too.

All Google has to do is really start pushing it. I think they also need to smarten up and simply the whole Google Apps/Docs thing. It's a bit fuzzy at the moment.

Oh and it runs linux. Just...(adopts ObiWan Kenobi voice and arm gesture)...not the Linux you are looking for!

jason 7

Re: Multiple accounts?

I currently have three Google accounts on my Samsung.

My main account. A Google Business Apps account and a junk account to let people play around with when I demo it.

All work independently.

Facebook turns billion-dollar profit into tax refund

jason 7

Re: Naive & sentimental comment -

Well it seems the problem is that the Govt's own watchdogs just want to look the other way.

I think what has happened is that a lot of people have been 'gotten to' by the banks and the big corporations.

Take a look at the faces of the regulator lawyers in the US when grilled and asked some straight questions.


You can almost see the look of "god don't let her ask about the brown envelopes!"

'Bah, this Apple Shop is full of APPLES'

jason 7

Re: Daft name

Yeah I walked into an Alpaca Pete's shop in the US and they didn't sell a single Alpaca! Just loads of products made from them.

Who would have thought.....

jason 7

Re: Daft name

Been there 24 years apparently.

jason 7

I was there last summer with friends.

Nice little shop.

We all jokingly remarked that we were surprised that Apple hadn't squashed them from orbit in some legal challenge (which is kind of a shame that we all thought that as soon as we saw it) and wondered if anyone had been thick enough to call them for Apple support.

We concluded "Well we are talking about Apple users here!"

Oh how we laughed that crazy hot summers day in Wroxham.......

Any storm in a port

jason 7

Re: I'm sure I can beat 37 out of 37


One day someone really clever will design a plug for computing that actually works. Currently every one of them has some form of flaw.

Inside Microsoft's Surface Pro: A fiendishly difficult journey

jason 7

Thinking of writing to my MEPs.

I find it hard to equate a corporations Green credentials when it now makes impossible to fix/upgrade products using lots of rare metals that is designed to last one week past warranty.

Any device like this should be mandatory for the user to be able to replace the battery and the storage device as a minimum.

With dwindling resources of metals like silver it's crazy that this kit is now classed as purely chuck to landfill and replace.

With a few user replaceable parts there is no reason for laptops and tablets to be able to function for 5+ years.

Sod obsessives and their aesthetic needs, we live in a world that needs to start thinking about making stuff last longer not shorter.

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