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Microsoft's security apps still trip up on Windows 8

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Re: From what I see of malicious attacks...

In that case why isn't everyone using Comodo? Oh yes..its no better or worse on average than any other AV solution.

I'll say it again....they all get beat.

As to my advice about not using AV, I would always recommend a user use some form of AV. However, real world experience shows if you are going to get hit, no matter what steps you take you'll get hit. It's luck of the draw.

Plus often its just quicker for the experienced user to rebuild/ghost their build back than spend hours scanning it for malware. Get hit, wipe and reinstall. So in theory for some users who understand the risks, AV might well be a waste of time.

Choice is yours.

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Re: Malwarebytes

I shall give it another go!

jason 7

Yes indeed.

I've mentioned it before I find it interesting that we now get a lot of articles slamming MSE/Defender now that its a full part of Windows than when it was a optional extra (and folks raved about it). Could it be the other AV firms are a little concerned at this so a little mud flinging doesn't hurt?

jason 7

Re: Malwarebytes

I stopped using that quite a while ago.


On scans it just wasn't finding anything on infected drives. I could then run other products and stuff would appear.

Even when it did find stuff you could then do another scan with it and you would find more stuff it missed first time around.

It really isn't that good a product. It may have been a couple of years ago but tactics and strategies change.

Just be careful if that's all you are using. Oh and never use the infected machine to clean itself, that's a waste of time.

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From what I see of malicious attacks...

...it's all ransomware/hijack stuff that's written on the hour by the crimegangs and pretty much none of the AV companies can defend against it because its so new.

Basically for most of the nasty stuff out ther, it's so new, you may as well not bother with AV.

I bet the samples that were used in this test were at least a week old and so not really a real world test in my experience.

I've seen all of them beaten.

jason 7

If you want proper Zero Day protection from Microsoft...

... then you need to install their Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit. It's a separate application to the AV part.


Everyone seems to keep forgetting this but MS doesn't exactly promote it much. I guess one day they will integrate the two. Odd that a fairly crucial component is kept hidden.

I've been using it for about a year and so far nothing bad has happened. I also install lit on all my customers machines. No bad reports so far. All very quiet in fact.

The ten SEXIEST computers of ALL TIME

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Re: Proof the Reg Fetishizes Computers Instead of Understanding Them!

Thanks for that Buzz Killington.

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Re: I seem to recall..

I always used to love the look of the Apricot F1. They used to have them in Dixons.

Never saw anyone buy one. Was a sexy looking machine.


Maggie Thatcher: The Iron Lady who saved us from drab Post Office mobes

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Re: Showing my age but...

Yes I was thinking "wow how did I miss this golden age of telecoms?"

I remember BT holding on for dear life to only wanting to push out mega expensive and slow ISDN connections rather than give the masses ADSL.

The whole ADSL thing was done grudgingly by BT. We'd still be paying £150 a month for 128k ISDN or leased lines if they had their way.

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Re: RIP Mrs T

Indeed, I was watching a documentary on BBC4 a few months ago about the decline of the British Ship Building industry.

How the bosses knew they had to modernise their factories with new gear and get rid of the Victorian era presses etc. However, when they said they wanted to get rid of the press that required 8 men to operate for one that required only 2, of course the shop steward would call everyone out and the 8 man press that took far longer to use and more expensive to run was kept.

Things just fell further and further behind.

I often wonder what would have happened had Thatcher got into power say 5 years earlier.

Star Trek phaser sells for a STUNNING $231,000

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Re: Hmmmmm 3 or 4 hours in my workshop....

It is funny when you get to see a lot of TV and movie props as to how crappy they actually look close up. Even ones from $100 million movies look really nasty under examination.

BT boss barks at TalkTalk for being 'copper Luddites'

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Re: Why is line rental so much?

I mentioned the concept of ADSL only landlines here a few weeks ago but a lot of folks here pooh-poohed it for some reason.

jason 7

Oh yes....

...and as a TalkMobile customer myself...could you please start your own 3G/Mobile Data services rather than using the crumbs left on Vodafones plate?

(Long story but I have one of those legendary 07777 numbers that are impossible to shift from the Vodafone network. I didn't know at the time.)

jason 7

If Talk Talk say they are so good...

...then why is it that most of the customers I visit and use TalkTalk have ADSL speeds in the 512k to 1Mb range?

I then advise them to switch and Bingo...6Mbps+ straight away.

And this is after the customer has reported it to TalkTalk and they have said "computer sez no!"

Consistently the worst ISP I come across.

Pyongyang to unleash NUKULAR horsemen of the Norkocalypse?

jason 7

So when does the whopping great...

....'financial aid' cheque land on the NK leaders doormat so he can stand down till it's spent?

jason 7
Big Brother

Re: Missile fuels and testing

I wonder if that pack of cards exists already and is kept updated for 'eventual' release?

Kissinger and tell: WikiLeaks scrapes 1.7m US diplomatic reports from the '70s

jason 7

Re: hmmm....

I enjoyed Channel 4 New's coverage of his Xmas speech from the Embassy balcony by basically taking the piss out of him.

Most entertaining.

Gartner: RIP PCs - tablets will CRUSH you this year

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Re: PCs are being SNUFFED by crass pre-installed operating systems

Netbooks died out because once folks got over the rush to own a "small cutesy laptop" they realised, that with crappy 1024x600 screens and pathetic single core 1.6 Atom CPUS, that they had bought a piece of crap.

Whether you run Windows or Linux on a netbook its still a crappy frustrating hardware experience.

Most folks only bought them for email and web on the go and the tablet then came along and pissed all over them. I have a Acer netbook with Ubuntu on it I've used it on holiday a few times but since then I've got a Playbook and a Nexus 4 and both nuke the netbook from a high height. The Acer just gathers dust.

I haven't heard any of my customers say "Oh I love my netbook!" Quite the opposite.

Review: Intel Next Unit of Computing barebones desktop PC

jason 7

It's not uncommon for large firms to get ripped off.

I used to work for one of the very very big financial firms.

I was often asking why our company with its huge buying power (our business was replacing things that got broken or lost) when ordering IT kit would have to pay £300 for 32MB of ram (6 week lead time) from our official supplier, when I could order it from Crucial for £30 (next day delivery)?

Every time I was told to "shut up!"

So I guess it was kickbacks between the IT supplier and the folks that organised the suppliers contracts.

jason 7

Blue Screens are pretty rare really.

If I hear of someone experiencing them nowadays I ask them to do a Memtest on their ram.

Sure enough its usually faulty ram, if it isn't I then ask them what type of power supply they have in the PC.

"erm well it's grey....says 'Takashonky Power 300 watt' on the side. Is that okay?"

You know what I'm talking about. Problem solved.

Steve Jobs to supervise iPhone 6 FROM BEYOND THE GRAVE

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Re: This is not unusual

You are right it's not unusual but in this instance it does have an air of "Hmmmmm" about it.

The guy was really ill for sometime and no matter what marketing BS they gave I bet his input was minimal for quite a while. If I was terminally ill with a family and several hundred million in the bank I know I'd rather be doing something else than discussing the whatnots of the 2015 iPhone 7. If he was working on that days before he died then that makes it all the sadder and weirder.

The thing is I'm sure I read in a few place that the iPhone 5 was listed as the 'last Jobs mobe' or 'the 5 had little input from Jobs'.

So if the next two STILL have input from him (really) I can only imagine it will be stretched out till at least the iPhone 9 by the time we get to the 7's release.

And maybe even beyond.........

jason 7

Re: iPhone 6 and iPhone6s

I can just imagine Apple shoving every single design idea they had in front of his face in the last couple of days he was in the office, getting him to sign off every one of them so they could say there was a 'little bit of Steve's input' in them.

jason 7

Wow so he knew about all the chip roadmaps.....

...etc. going back to 2010 (i'm sure in the last few months the aesthetics of the iPhone were far from his mind)!

A true visionary!


Anything to keep the devoted thinking there is still a little 'Job's Magic' left in them.

It's like Delboy's stock phrase to Rodney "You mum on her deathbed said to me........"

Rocket boffinry in pictures: Gulp the Devil's venom and light a match

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Time to dust off Project Orion.

I'm sure with today's more precise maths modelling and experience a fully nuclear launch out in the pacific would work a treat.

Getting 5000+ tons of building materials and supplies into space in one go, not to mention a fully working factory/workshop would be a huge leap.


jason 7

Re: Space Junk

Would be a shame to think that in say another 30 years it becomes so cluttered that it gets too dangerous and becomes off limits.

Trapped by our own junk.

Are the PCs all getting a bit old at your office? You're not alone

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What I don't quite get is....

....that I see many articles on this topic from tech journos and market analysts as to why corps and companies are not buying PCs like they were 10 years ago.

To them it all seems a big mystery yet we all know the reason and its been mentioned several times in this thread alone.

The kit matured for business (and most of the domestic market) the minute dual core CPUs were introduced.

Why do they continue to write this stuff? PCs are still necessary, not many businesses will be tossing 90% of their computing kit in a skip any time soon. Its just that that old IBM 2GB desktop with the 2Ghz C2D in it is good for another rebuild or two for the new guy in Accounts.

Dongle smut Twitstorm claims second scalp

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What I learnt this week!

That it appears as a straight white male I am regarded as the greatest force for evil, fear and oppression in the known universe!

Thanks, I really needed that lift!

jason 7

Thing is...

...in this day and age you can build a career out of purely being 'offended and outraged'.

So many people now have very little to do so they look for things that instead of just tweaking their interest, actually enrages and offends them. Then they can collectively group hug-rage together to make themselves feel better.

Herd-Rage, a great way to find like-minded idiots.

jason 7


...that escalated quickly!

Furious Stephen Fry blasts 'evil' Reg and 'TW*T' Orlowski

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Re: It happens

Well in all fairness when staff asked me to explain them as I was the IT trainer, I just used to say "its magic!"

Surprisingly effective answer it turned out.

jason 7

The great communication void of the internet strikes again!

Had this been two blokes having a leg pulling session in a pub over a packet of crisps and a couple of pints.....

TL;DR - Leg pulling doesn't really work on the internet.

Microsoft, Adobe, wilt during Australian price gouge grilling

jason 7

As for Adobe.....

...I remember them stating a few years ago when asked why the UK/Australian versions cost more then the US versions was due to.....

(and I kid you not)

Language support!

Dragons' Den badboy's Expansys burns sales, profits up in smoke

jason 7

Nothing to do with...

...all those folks ordering Nexus 4 phones direct from Google then?

Report: BlackBerry BYOD-ware doesn't pass UK.gov security test

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Re: Bring your own Blackberry to work?

An iPhone....oh how ordinary!

Review: Sony Xperia Z

jason 7

Are memories of Sony's Digital Walkmans....

...and their dreadful bloated and buggy software the reason a lot of folks stay away from Sony phones?

Paying a TV tax makes you happy - BBC

jason 7

Re: A tenner a month for...

Only costs £2 for a US TV series season boxset for two weeks from your local lending library.

We've just powered through 4 seasons of Fringe for £8! Bargain!

No advert, no torrents and no waiting.

jason 7

Re: How do they actually catch anyone not paying the license?

That's just it, they are nothing more than a subcontracted, half-assed debt collection agency.

No authority to do anything at all.

jason 7

Re: Owning a TV is not compulsory.

Isn't it a case that the third party company paid by the BBC to enforce and monitor the License Fee is just that, a company with zero legal powers or authority.

Essentially they have less power than a debt collection agency.

Its like the detector vans. They don't really exist. All you need is a database and check the addresses not currently paying for a licence.

jason 7

Re: A tenner a month for...

Yep and none of them really targeting you as a consumer. Just the odd blink and miss it bit here and there.

That's the problem with the BBC, always appealing to someone other than you.

jason 7

I was always a big supported of the TV licence...

....but over the past 5 years or so we find ourselves watching less and less of the BBC's output in our house.

We recently did a check and found the only BBC produced show we watched was Being Human.

Now £120.00 is getting quite expensive for a show we could rent from the library for £2 on DVD.

BBC programming has nosedived bigtime. It's stretched itself too thin and works too hard trying to cater to certain demographics. Those of us wanting great involving drama with actors and in-depth documentaries fell a little left out.

Better stuff coming from the US.

Microsoft begins automatic Windows 7 SP1 rollout

jason 7

Ahhh c'mon the Desert Eagle bit was one of the funniest things I've read on here recently.

SimCity owners get free game, EA will get A NEW CEO

jason 7

Re: 9 out of 10 Llamas refused to comment

That is the plan of course. That's why the single player offline mode was never considered.

All the stuff that's oddly wrong and plainly missing will appear every few months as chargeable DLC.

In about 18 months and $60+ later you should all have the full game as it was intended.


Build a BONKERS gaming PC

jason 7

Re: And some folks just build these.....@jason 7

Well whatever my hobby is it's far more worthwhile than running Wprime, Sandra, Prime95 or 3DMark 24hours a day for bragging rights.

If you think running pretty pointless synthetic benches all day is a worthwhile endeavour then go right ahead.

I'd say an intervention might be needed in these cases but that takes actual friends to do that....not just a collection of Manga and Marvel superhero figurines proudly displayed on a shelf.

jason 7

And some folks just build these.....

...to run benchmarks on all day.

They don't think they are bonkers either.

Waste of life and electricity.

Samsung's new Galaxy S 4: iPhone assassin or Android also-ran?

jason 7

Re: How I see it.

No you misread what I was getting at. 'Tech Experts' were going crazy over NFC irrespective of platform whether it was on Android or Apple. They were all hoping for NFC on the iPhone5 and then when it didn't appear on the iPhone, instead of bemoaning it, they just showed a split second of disappointment and then mostly went "Oh well it was never important!". Basically trashing NFC.

Had they included it it would have been a ticker tape parade for NFC.

I'm still looking for my S3.........I didn't think I bought one.

jason 7

How I see it.

According to the tame tech press if these features are on one brand of phone they are 'gimmicky' if they were on another brand of phone they would be 'ground-breaking'.

Its like last year NFC was going to be MASSIVE (I can't capitalise that enough) it was going to be huge and everything. The IT gurus were literally ejaculating NFC tags all over the place (what a thought).

Then Apple didn't bother to put it in the iPhone5 and the next day the tech press were going, "NFC? What's that? Never heard of it. Never gonna happen!"

OpenSUSE 12.3: Proof not all Linux PCs are Um Bongo-grade bonkers

jason 7

Hmmm as a dyed in the wool Windows user I've always liked how fonts look on linux over Windows. Even on a VM in Windows they still look nice and smooth.

Windows 7 looks fine but 8 looks like the Cleartype has been switched off (even though it says its on).

Who's riddling Windows PCs with gaping holes? It's your crApps

jason 7

Re: Add EMET3.0 into the mix

Well this is it. But if it stops a bit of shareware from 2003 working I don't see the issue. The needs of the many...

As a side note it doesn't work too well with Office 2003 and earlier if you switch on all the configurations for each of the Office apps. So basically they were not written to conform to modern memory security policies.

However, if you load up the All profile for the applications then it configures the correct settings for Office so you don't get any issues.

jason 7

Add EMET3.0 into the mix

It keeps tabs on third party stuff if it tries to act up in a naughty way.

Just shuts the sucker down if it does.

Don't know why MS doesn't roll it out as standard fit really. I'm putting it into all my customer builds and no issues so far.


BYOD: Bring Your Own Device - or Bring Your Own Disaster?

jason 7

Just ban the use of Powerpoint in your organisation...

....and you can get rid of 25% of your workforce with no negative impact. The remaining 75% will have a lot more time to do actual work than sit through the pointless presentations created by the 25%.

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