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Are you a gun owner? Let us in OR ELSE, say Blighty's top cops

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Re: Crimestoppers is the worry

I lived in a similar area. Walking through the village and seeing shotguns and cartridges left on the back seats of cars overnight was a common occurrence.

They are not gardening tools or plumbing equipment.

A small minority inside another small minority.

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Re: Democracy? Republic? Where?

I thought it was highway robbery.

'Cowardly, venomous trolls' threatened with two-year sentences for menacing posts

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Re: obviously using your logic

Of course the end game is about cracking down on dissidents and political criticism. Being able to 'deal' with those that rock the boat.

However, the moron trolls, by not engaging brain and just typing what they think they can get away with has given those in power all the ammo they need to persuade the Daily Mail readers and lovers of herd rage that laws need to be tightened. Played right into their trap.

My whole point is, just because you can doesn't mean you should.

Bit too late now. A small minority have ruined it for the rest of us.

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Re: obviously using your logic

Exactly. People can act big and say terrible things to targeted people when hiding behind a keyboard and screen but you put that person in front of them and would they say it?

Probably not.

Would you also sit with a group of friends in the pub and say "Cor she really annoys me..I want to rape her so bad and slit her throat!"

I guess not also.

Big difference in criticising or calling someone an idiot or a fool, most folks can handle that kind of abuse but not the nasty threatening kind you should just keep in your sick head.

There are levels and limits.

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If you don't have the guts...

...to say something to someone's face then you don't have the right to say it no matter what laws exist.

HBO shocks US pay TV world: We're down with OTT. Netflix says, 'Gee'

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Re: I can handle a couple more subscriptions.

I just want a data line...why do I want voice tied to a physical location...so I can be told about a great new Government scheme...? I've even got my parents to finally call me on my mobile number, that hurdle has been crossed.

The pricing you mention doesn't really make sense nowadays. Needs to change.

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Re: I can handle a couple more subscriptions.

Well said!

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Re: I can handle a couple more subscriptions.

I would argue there isn't that much of real quality left to watch on the BBC. The 'good stuff' on the BBC is all made with export in mind anyway but that's another story.

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I can handle a couple more subscriptions.

I currently pay for Amazon prime and Netflix. I can handle a couple more £6-7 a months subs BUT there will be a loser.

I'll drop the license fee. It's becoming irrelevant to me as 90% of my viewing is now subs based. I can do without the other 10%.

The license fee is one of those annoying archaic vestiges that bug me, like having to still pay for a 'voice line' and calls for ADSL when I don't use the voice/calls part.

I just need a data only line!

Sod the "you still need a license cos...".

Same old iPad? NO. The new 'soft SIMs' are BIG NEWS

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Incoming Hacker/security snafu/corruption/duplication issue in 5..4..3..

Well it's probably likely isn't it...?

Aboard the GOOD SHIP LOLLIPOP, there's a Mobe and a Slab and a TELLYBOX

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Re: Nexus 6

Looks like the Nexus 6 isnt following that price trend unfortunately.

End of an era! Sweet while it lasted.

jason 7

Re: Nexus 6

Well the Nexus 4 got a big discount at the end so who knows.

jason 7

Nexus 6

I was hoping for a non-phablet 4.7-5" phone.

Such a shame. Will have to try to pick up a Nexus 5 if/when they go on discount.

Windows 10: Forget Cloudobile, put Security and Privacy First

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Re: Windows 10 who cares?

Also often the main cause of infection isn't necessarily Windows. More often it's user ignorance and other software creating other vulnerabilities (Java etc.).

Bit like criticising a car for having doors after the owner willingly opened it and let a nutjob get in.

It's a pretty tough job making millions of lines of code water-tight and idiot proof.

Personally I would prefer my OS to have a full custom install option that lets me cherry pick the bits I really need and leave out the stuff I never use. IMO having stuff installed I never use is just another avenue for attack.

Hey, Mac fanbois. HGST wants you drooling over its HUGE desktop RACK

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Re: And after you have splashed out so much cash..

Erm in that case then most people do that when they plug a standard PC into the wall. I don't see why a NAS is an alarming oddity in this respect.

Just a little perspective really.

A SCORCHIO fatboy SSD: Samsung SSD850 PRO 3D V-NAND

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Re: 16GB of RAM

Why was your system crashing in the first place?

Was it the caching system or something else?

I think I'd rather use ECC ram with such a caching system anyway.

Every billionaire needs a PANZER TANK, right? STOP THERE, Paul Allen

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Re: Hmm

Well the Gf/wife might be a little more impressed as it would look a bit more value for money.

jason 7

So you are entering into a $2.5 million dollar deal to buy a tank...

...I would have thought there would be some form of paper trail, contracts, etc. to prove this situation one way or another?

You don't just send a cheque out of the blue through the post with a post it note slapped on saying "This is for the Panzer IV!"

Or maybe you do if you are a billionaire?

By the way the FHC has a nice blog here - http://flyingheritage.tumblr.com/

Plenty of interesting facts and oddities about the aircraft they look after.

'Windows 9' LEAK: Microsoft's playing catchup with Linux

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Re: Says more about Reg readers

Must admit I've never known I've needed this feature after using Windows for over 20 years.

Never heard anyone else mention it either in all that time.

This is more likely MS looking around for anything they can throw in to make more 'value add'. I cant say I'm desperate for any particular features. I just install an OS and slap the stuff I need into it and I'm done.

I look forward to all the support calls from the baby boomer customers asking me why their desktop has swapped to an empty one. There could be a reason why MS never bothered with it.

Phones 4u website DIES as wounded mobe retailer struggles to stay above water

jason 7

This is good news...

....for BetFred, and all the other high street gambling chains as another shopping unit will be up for takeover soon.

SanDisk's record-busting 512GB SD CARD will fit perfectly in your empty wallet

jason 7

Re: Feeling old

Or back in 2001/2 pulling a 16MB Compact Flash card out of the new camera I had just bought from Jessops which shouldn't have been there!


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Re: Blimey

I remember having to unzip the Doom folder to play it and then rezip it when I'd finished on my 120MB HDD.

I thought technology had reached its peak when I bought my first 64MB USB stick and cold finally start to think about leaving my parallel and serial link cables and Laplink V.1 floppy at home.

Slap my Imp up: Bullfrog's Dungeon Keeper

jason 7

No love for a Master of Orion 2 special?


Apple Watch will CONQUER smartwatch world – analysts

jason 7


The 1970's mini portable TVs of the 21st century. Nice idea but I'll wait another 15-20 years.

Would Apple godhead Steve Jobs have HATED the Watch?

jason 7

All they had to do...

...was say "Yes Steve signed off the Watch before he died!" and it would have been golden.

I'm expecting that snippet to be pushed in a few weeks if the press coverage doesn't improve.

As I've said before, that poor guy must have been so busy approving/signing off all those prototypes and concepts for the next 8 years from his death bed.

Quit drooling, fanbois - haven't you SEEN what the iPhone 6 costs?

jason 7

I really don't know why it's so complicated.

I have a Nexus 4 and a £7 a month tariff.

400 mins, 2000 texts and 500MB of data. I reckon that would do for most here other than the 14 year old girls and Netflix addicts.

Why Apple had to craft a pocket-busting 5.5in Plus-sized iPhone 6 (thank LG, Samsung etc)

jason 7

Re: The biggest buzz I've seen re. the Watch...

Yeah takes me around 2 minutes to change a watch strap but I have fingers...probably a different matter...for sheep.

jason 7

The biggest buzz I've seen re. the Watch...

...from the tame tech media is......

...you can change the strap!


That's clutching at straws really.

Apple's ONE LESS THING: the iPod Classic disappears

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Re: or manage which 60gb

A lot of cars come with USB input now so I just use a micro 32GB USB stick and have around 300 CDs ripped to that.

BBC Trust candidate defends licence fee, says evaders are CRIMINALS

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The BBC...trading in a reputation for quality it lost a long time ago.

Most of their output isn't even written or designed for the UK License payers. It's mostly created for worldwide export.

Ferraris, Zondas and ... er, a bike with a 500hp V10 under the saddle

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Owning a Supercar...maybe 'seemed a good idea at the time'?

I'm sure the whole ordering and waiting process for a top of the line supercar is great.

But then you get it and I bet actual ownership is a total nightmare. If you just take it out on a journey somewhere you must have to go into some advanced logistical planning to make sure it arrives there and back in one piece.

Speed bumps, kerbs, decent parking, parking with wide enough bays, ramps, narrow lanes, security, gravel drives etc. etc.

Damn just clonked an alloy! Thats £4000 to fix and a 3 months wait!

One of those situations where the dreaming is better than reality perhaps.

Heads up, Chromebook: Here come the sub-$200 Windows 8.1 portables

jason 7

Hmm dunno, looking through the comments I see very few that are for this stuff.

jason 7

Re: Implicit assumption

My take is, it doesn't matter how many devices you have, if the device you are holding at the time delivers a crap user experience then...it's crap.

This is purely manufacturers clearing out all the nasty crap hardware that's been developed but no one wanted.

jason 7

Re: Even if you are a Microsoft/Windows fan... why buy them at all?

"The only useful thing from Microsoft (Office) has been ported over to iOS and Android... so why would you still want Windows?"

Well I can see where you are going but I'd say maybe all those people that want a proper computer (Android angle) and don't want to pay over £700 for it (Apple angle).

That's quite a large user base to aim for.

MS should abandon the sub £400 market to Chromebooks and tablets. Then concentrate on the £400 to £1000+ market. All they need to do is produce their own Nexus type laptops at say £400, £700 and £1200 to set the benchmark for other manufacturers at those points.

jason 7

Re: Disposable?

Well we are there with laser jets and inkjet printers so can't be too far away.

jason 7

Big issues with these.

As a grass roots IT support guy I have issues with such bottom of the barrel computing.

1. They are not really powerful enough to run Windows 8/8.1. I've had in £250 laptops with AMD E1 CPUs in them and they are terrible. Truly embarrassing performance and I'm a big AMD fan.

2. They are so cheap and 8.1 is such a hassle to re-install at times it makes it not really worth it financially to re-install and fix them back up if they fail. A lot of the so called user friendly restore options don't really work if the machine gets too screwed up and they do for some reason.

From my point of view the ultra cheap Windows with Bing machines don't make much sense. Get a Chromebook instead because at least it shouldn't crash.

Scared of brute force password attacks? Just 'GIVE UP' says Microsoft

jason 7

I just use...

approx 30 digit passwords made from 5 or 6 random words.

If it limits me to 8 or 16 then I move on.

Google flushes out users of old browsers by serving up CLUNKY, AGED version of search

jason 7

Re: Obnoxious

So much thought and consideration over 300MB of ram...in 2014.

jason 7

Re: Obnoxious

So it's now personal preference rather than an actual hardware issue that's stopping you going back to FF.

At least that's straight now.

So bottom line, if you have a modern PC from at least this decade you should be fine running FF.

If not maybe the Reg should have an appeal whereby those of us more fortunate with 4GB+ can donate some of our 'unused' ram to those less fortunate or technically able?

"Just an extra 256MB could make all the difference to this web designer! So please give all you can!"

jason 7

Re: Obnoxious

But you are still referring to a usage case...from the past.

Is it relevant to today?

jason 7

To be honest data plans are largely over the top. I use my 500MB data plan for purely on the go usage for email and a tiny bit of info browsing when I'm not near wi-fi. I don't use it for video/music etc. The average monthly use is around 50MB.

jason 7

Re: Obnoxious

Bet seriously if you have a 8GB+ PC or laptop then what's the issue with Firefox using say 500MB behind the scenes compared to Chrome using maybe 300MB?

If Firefox gives you the better front end functionality and control what's the hassle of it using more ram when ram is no longer an issue? Sure it would be lovely if all browsers worked in just 50Mb but is that realistic?

It's not like its 2002 after all.

Britain's housing crisis: What are we going to do about it?

jason 7


...offer folks between the ages of 17 and 30 £1000 to be sterilised.

There will be queues round the block. Will save the nation a fortune in the long run.

jason 7

I'd like to see...

Housing and rentals being priced per square foot rather than the silly bedroom rule.

If we need more land then we should look at all the land the MoD has under its belt, most of which it probably hasn't used for decades.

Attack flogged through shiny-clicky social media buttons

jason 7

Thats another....

...slider to activate in Adblock Plus's options when I build a customers PC. So far its just been the malicious slider.

Linux turns 23 and Linus Torvalds celebrates as only he can

jason 7

Re: 23 Years

I have offered Linux to cash strapped customers that just want a basic PC with the usual internet type capability plus a little more. Essentially it knocks £100 off the cost.

I've told them it will do everything they need but they always turn down the offer and pay for Windows.

Shame cos I'd like to start supporting some Linux machines on occasion. Then I might be able to expand my Linux desktop usage from novelty value VMs.

Six of the best gaming keyboard and mouse combos

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Re: Always wary of buying expensive keyboards.

However, the downside to that business model is ...once bitten, twice shy.

Ahhh another £5 keyboard it is then.

jason 7

Always wary of buying expensive keyboards.

I am not a nail biter and have rather hard fingernails so the keycaps tend to wear out very quickly. Especially the illuminated ones as they are usually coated over clear plastic. Looks very shabby then.

Amazingly, cheap keyboards just never seem to wear out like the expensive ones do.

So, Apple won't sell cheap kit? Prepare the iOS garden wall WRECKING BALL

jason 7

Re: History catching up again.

I have to agree with you there.

There is something adrift somewhere with web on mobile devices as I still find web browsing painfully slow and problematic. I use the web on my smartphone only as a last resort. If there is a specific app for getting that info its always much quicker than using the web on it.

I have at home a A/C/N router capable of pushing 600Mbps wi-fi and it's still pretty slow to serve up webpages whether I use Firefox or Chrome on my Nexus 4.

I don't think its a CPU issue, it lays somewhere else in the chain.

jason 7

Re: Oh no

In that case I stand corrected. Thank you.

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