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Huawei Mate 20 Pro: If you can stomach the nagware and price, it may be Droid of the Year

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Re: Replace EMUI with e.g. Nova Launcher

Mate 10 Pro works fine with other launchers.

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Got the Mate 10 Pro two weeks ago...

...for £350!

Very impressed and love the monochrome sensor.

Can your rival fix it as fast? turns out to be ten-million-dollar question for plucky support guy

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Floods Battle Bus 2007

Back in 2007 we had major floods across the country in places like Hull etc. I worked for a very large insurance company on the IT relationship/project side.

The idea of having a mobile claims centre that could visit sites was often talked about and several groups had been given the task to sort it out but had just given up after 6 months of wanking around.

I walk into the office one morning and the Directors are all on a telelconf. I asked what was going on and they said that they were thinking of getting a 'Battle Bus' ready to handle the flood locations. "Ha they are dreaming! No poor sod will ever get that sorted!" said me. I think you can guess what happened next.

My director pops out of the meeting and tells me I have to sort it out ready to go for next Monday morning (it was Tuesday). All that had been sorted was they "had a bus".

Well I made up a list of all the stuff I though they would need (laptops/printers/scanners/3G cards/Phones/backup kit etc. etc.) then called round all the IT teams, calling in favours and begging for gear that was needed NOW (not 3-4 weeks delivery time).

I then organised additional support from our telephony and data suppliers, managed for a local branch office to be open over the weekend for staff to get acquainted. To have a local IT support guy on hand with the bus too to make sure it all worked.

So from a cold start at 10am Tuesday I had everything ready, checked off and agreed by 3pm Thursday afternoon. I even scrounged promotional toys and sweets for the kids. I think I had a phone stuck to my ear for two whole days.

I then called the local manager that was to supply the staff. I told him the bus was all ready and equipped and good to go for 9am Monday morning.

There was a long pause. "Oh...I didn't expect that IT would actually deliver anything!"

Yeah I couldn't blame him, our usual IT was pretty bad but I wasn't the regular IT having come from the claims/accounts/dogsbody side of the business before moving over to IT. So he had no staff lined up to man it. Well he got that organised, the bus went out on the Monday to Oxford or Hull and it was a huge success. It was out for several weeks helping folks with their problems. It got masses of good publicity and was praised for being the only insurance company to bother.

So yeah I felt pretty good about it. It was 90% pretty much all my own work and gumption.

You can imagine with such a great boost to the company I would have been in line for a promotion or a big performance bonus.

Nope. No bonus. No promotion. A few of the Directors did very well out of it I heard.

I got a £30 Thank You voucher. The rub was under the scheme the max was £250 but I wasn't worth that I guess. To this day I wish I had told them to stuff it up their arse. I left the company later that year. Oh well!

ZX Spectrum reboot scandal man sits on Steve Bannon design tech shindig committee

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Bannon aint the draw he once was.

Most events he attends as guest of honour struggle to reach double figures now.

Rightfully so.

Mourning Apple's war against sockets? The 2018 Mac mini should be your first port of call

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"Really? Well tell that to the genius bar who will try to convince you that your 4 year old mac is a vintage computer."

Oh yes I do very nicely out of folks that come to me for a new HDD in their Mac to replace the failed one, cos the 'genius' told them it was an antique at 4-5 years old and they needed to buy a new one.

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Re: Macs typically have a longer usable life than Windows PCs ...

"I've had the same broom for 20 years - I only had to change the head 17 times and the handle 14 times."

But you know...it's nice to have that option, rather than having to throw the whole broom away cos its all one piece or glued together.

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Re: That £3,859.00 BTO version Andrew is talking about...

And as Apple doesn't have a great reputation when it comes to hot hungry CPUs in small places, it will most likely throttle itself big time making it a waste of money.

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Re: Macs typically have a longer usable life than Windows PCs ...

But then millions of folks like myself have Windows PCs that are still trucking just fine after 10 years. I just upgraded a old M6400 to a quad core CPU which will keep it going running Windows 10 (it sold with Vista back in 2008). It already has a SSD etc. etc. etc.

Plenty of Macs fail pretty quick, check out Louis Rossmann on YouTube.


Apple breathes new life into MacBook Air with overhauled 2018 model

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Re: Well it will look so stylish...

Yeah I don't think he's watched many Louis Rossmann videos either.

jason 7

Re: Only 8GB RAM?

Ahem, to kind of quote Blackadder...

Then some sort of Chromebook is in order?

jason 7

Well it will look so stylish...

...when it fails, is unrepairable and goes into landfill in a year or two.

Dear America: Want secure elections? Stick to pen and paper for ballots, experts urge

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They don't get it.

The machines will stay whatever.


The machines are a fantastic way to help rig elections by rationing them to areas that don't vote the way you want them to. Oh you good people can have 5 voting machines and all be done by 5pm. You folks in that district can have the one and you can get lucky if you get the chance to vote!

There is no excuse for not providing $50 worth of pencils and slips.

Security bods: Android system broadcasts enable user tracking

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I gave up worrying about updates.

The world keeps turning and stuff.

Overblown IMO.

Unpicking the Pixel puzzle: Why Google is struggling to impress

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At the end of the day...

...there are more and more of us that just do not wish to pay more than £400 for a device that lasts 2-3 years maybe.

The gall of the likes of Google is thinking we are happy to spend £1000 on something to last a year to 18 months. I don't know of any other device where folks would consider that perfectly okay. Hence why I feel those that do this very thing are demented or just have more money than sense.

Google shaves half a gig off Android Poundland Edition

jason 7

Maybe 40-80GB?

Grad sends warning to manager: Be nice to our kit and it'll be nice to you

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I dunno...

...but I know for certain I can hand any electronic gadget that has given me years of solid 100% reliable service to my other half to use and within 5 minutes or fewer "it's broken!" or "it doesn't work!"


I predict a riot: Amazon UK chief foresees 'civil unrest' for no-deal Brexit

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Re: How I see it.

"Amy more silly analogies?"

Well, enjoy your dog turd pizza.

You might want a breath mint after!

jason 7

Hmm well in my experience pretty much everyone I know that voted Leave is 60 or over. Mostly retired.

They just wanted to throw a brick in the pond. Well we all got splashed on this one.

jason 7

Re: How I see it.

Well Remain was basically offering just business as usual so they would probably have been fine...or at least edible.

jason 7

Re: How I see it.

For those downvoting, what kind of pizza did you imagine getting back in 2016 and what kind do you think you are going to get in 2019?

Just curious.

jason 7

How I see it.

One side offered prime beef burgers. The other side Deluxe meat pizza.

The country voted for Deluxe meat pizza.

Those promising the Deluxe meat pizza then said they could only offer dog turd pizza.

So I think no pizza is a much better option thanks.

UK.gov commits to rip-and-replacing Blighty's wheezing internet pipes

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Re: Not wanting to state the obvious

"I see your 1960s and 70s different world ITV and raise you Channel4 a public Comercially funded network with quality public intrest programming and a thriving film finance division."

But we still don't watch it though...

jason 7

Re: Not wanting to state the obvious

No BT were canny.

You get big Govt money to roll out a compromise solution.

You then get more Govt money to roll out yet another compromise solution.

You then get massive amounts of Govt money to rollout the solution they should have rolled out originally.

But you got three big bites of the cherry rather than one.

If nothing had been thrown at BT over the years they would still be happy to push ISDN to every home.

jason 7

Re: Not wanting to state the obvious

Indeed. The BBC just isn't value for money for what I watch on it a year. I watch maybe 6 hours of BBC live programming a year. Not enough quality.

Hence Why I have cancelled my license. Removed the old Topfield and removed iPlayer from my FireTV box.

Techie sues ex-bosses, claims their AI avatar tech was faked – and he was allegedly beaten up after crying foul

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No backup laptop for each of those? No safety net...ballsy!

Two-factor auth totally locks down Office 365? You may want to check all your services...

jason 7

I'm setting up a consultancy firm...

we will be pushing a revolutionary idea that will beat all the cyber attacks.

The totally paper office.

At least the f*ckers have to have the balls to physically break into the office!

Google-free Android kit tipped to sell buckets

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Pretty much...

...everyone I know who bought a smartwatch, is back with a normal watch.

They all rest in the Junk drawer!

Schadenfreude for UK mobile networks over the tumult at Carphone

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Re: Once the Competition Commission have allowed all the networks to be combined...

Daft doesn't come into it when politicians have wads of cash and lucrative exec directorships wafted under their noses.

Your F-35s need spare bits? Computer says we'll have you sorted in... a couple of years

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Re: Israel F35

Well if a 'stealth plane' takes 20 years to become operational you don't think that radar technology hasn't also advanced in that time to take account of such things? I bet radar tech moves much faster.

The radar system just has to have an inkling of what to look for whether its a plane or a 'large seagull'

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War is great for those elite types. They just make sure it all happens thousands of miles from where they live.

That's what Africa and the Middle East is for.

OnePlus 6: Perfect porridge? One has to make a smartphone that's juuuust right

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Re: So what about the updates?

I've given up worrying about Android updates. Each version promises so much and then delivers pretty much the exact experience of the previous versions.

Meet the new OS same as the old OS.

As long as the 20 or so apps I use work, that's all matters.

As far as I am aware my phones has never been hit with anything. I only install the main apps (and no I don't use any Facebook stuff) and I restrict their feelers to only the functions I feel they should have.

jason 7

I'll take...

...a phone that's 1.5mm thicker and gives me a 4000mAh battery.

I have more strength than a marmoset so can handle that.

Plus being a little thicker and heavier it will feel more value for money.

Blighty's super-duper F-35B fighter jets are due to arrive in a few weeks

jason 7

Aren't BAE basically 99.9999% US run?

Probably also explains the huge delays if BAE are involved.

Take-off crash 'n' burn didn't kill the Concorde, it was just too bloody expensive to maintain

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Wasnt just running costs...

....unfortunately, 9/11 killed off many of it's regular passengers. Also as a result sales of high-end video conference suites went through the roof.

Basically Concorde wasn't fast enough compared to a digital data stream of sound and video.

CEO insisted his email was on server that had been offline for years

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Re: Deleting emails

I got moaned at by a boss because actual Spam emails were going...to the Spam Folder.

"Yes but is the spam in your Inbox? No, it's in the Spam folder which is hidden away so you don't see it okay? Working as intended!"

jason 7

Re: That sounds like the story of a madhouse

Ahh yes the Company Boss that happily shows off the new Company Jaguar saloon he gave himself to drive the four miles to work and then got into a fainting fit when you tell him he needs to spend £600 to replace the 10 year old Vista heap that the business runs off mostly.

"Have you got something second hand or cheaper?"

The true victims of Brexit are poor RuneScape players

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Re: "Jagex did not say exactly how Brexit will up its costs"

They had democracy in Germany in the early 30's, didn't pan out so well.

Just cos it's democratic doesn't mean its got a clean bill of health and certified "The Right Decision"

While Zuck squirmed, Reddit revealed it found and killed 944 Russian troll factory accounts

jason 7

I just now...

...assume anyone with a bald eagle/picture of the bill of rights/stars & stripes (or mixture of all three) as their avatar is a bot.

Huawei P20 Pro: Triple-lens shooter promises the Earth ...

jason 7

Re: Smartphones are SOOOO over

And the other point I may mention to any proud self professed camera enthusiast is that -

It doesn't matter how good you are taking photos and how good your camera is...we really don't want to look at your 956 holiday photos from your latest trip to Asia or wherever.

We don't give a shit. Thank you.

2001 set the standard for the next 50 years of hard (and some soft) sci-fi

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Re: Still Waiting...

That's sad.

Probably languishing in legal limbo in the estate of some failed deceased small time movie mogul wannabe.*

Such a shame.

*Edit - A google search says this -

"Director Jan De Bont's Blue Tulip Films, in collaboration with 20th Century Fox, bought the film rights to the adventures of the Stainless Steel Rat back in 2001."

jason 7

Re: Still Waiting...

Amazed the Stainless Steel Rat books have never made it any further than the pages of the books and 2000AD comic.

jason 7

My fave 2001 FX shot...

...is the floating pen.

The effect was done with the then 'new' double sided sticky tape and a revolving sheet of clear plastic gel.

You can see the stewardess 'peel' it off.

Total cost maybe 6 shillings!

Today it would be done with CGI at a cost of $80,000 and three weeks work.

BT to slash landline rentals by 37%... for the broadbandless

jason 7

So basically...

...this discount will vanish in 5-8 years along with those customers?

Fleeing Facebook app users realise what they agreed to in apps years ago – total slurpage

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Deleted does not mean 'Deleted'.

My other half had her 10 year old Gmail account have a brain fart last week.

It decided to download all her old emails again but this time marked all of them as SPAM.

The real shock was that 80% of it was deleted emails from the start of the account. Stuff that was sent to the Bin and emptied from the Bin.

Was all there fresh as the day it was supposedly deleted.

Google keeps it all.

jason 7

Re: well

Yeah if HM.GOV can't get these folks to even pay their tax, they are hardly likely to be worried about users data.

GDPR is the biggest pile of BS since WEB2.0

The Ataribox lives, as a prototype, supposedly

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Re: Well said!

It will last 15 minutes before folks think "well that was a waste of money!"

The Atari was the best we had nearly 40 years ago. Other than a couple of games it doesn't really hold up today.

But some folks are suckers for nostalgia.

Accused Brit hacker Lauri Love will NOT be extradited to America

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Re: excellent news

"Let's see what tune you play when the UK wants a suspect from the US, and the US goes to great lengths to circumvent the intent and purpose of the treaty."

I doubt we'd even bother asking, as we would know what the response would be.

The 'Special Relationship' only works one way and and is more akin to spouse abuse than anything special.

All's fair in love and war and all that jazz.

Ever wondered why tech products fail so frequently? No, me neither

jason 7

What raises my eyebrow is when...

...you see an item on Amazon that has 4000 5 star reviews and 5 1 star reviews.

When you look at the 5 1 star they usually say just -

"Doesn't work with Mac!"

Microsoft patches Windows to cool off Intel's Meltdown – wait, antivirus? Slow your roll

jason 7


...the patches and done all the benchmarks.

No change.

HMS Queen Elizabeth has sprung a leak and everyone's all a-tizzy

jason 7

Going by size of ship to water ingress...

...it's more of a 'slight seepage' really.

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