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Rugby Football Union scores 3D first

Col 4

Would be nice...

... if there was a link to the list of cinema's that were showing it.

I tracked it down on the O2 site. Unfortunately it's only being shown at the local Odeous.

Google uncloaks the Nexus One

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"O2 have got no Google Android handsets nor Orange"

I got my HTC Hero via Orange...

iPhone app transforms speech to text

Col 4

Now that's what I call reviewing!

"although accuracy improved when we spoke more clearly than we do in normal conversation."

Would never have guessed!

Charlize Theron to travel Mad Max's Fury Road

Col 4


Mad Maxine? :)

Blogging vicar casts Tina Turner into hell

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... I'd want "Going Underground" by The Jam, for me.

Ralph Lauren DMCAs thin Photoshop skills

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Ocado effect

"Surely it's the Ocado effect not the Streisand effect?"

Well, since the Streisand effect was coined 6 years ago, is recognised, and even has it's own Wikipedia page (ooooh!) - and most importantly refers to an effect that is closely replicated in the story (i.e. creating more attention to something you are trying to hide, by using copyright for stuff copyright doesn't cover).... and the "Ocado effect" is something you've made up just now, has never been used by anyone else, and is a totally different (as it "uses fear as a marketing exercise") case than the story, where they aren't using fear as a marketing exercise....;

So, no. It's not.

'Norfolk Broads Idiot' nailed on YouTube

Col 4

Spot the idiot;

"Norfolk Broad Idiot"

"near Suffolk".

HTC Hero Android smartphone

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Jobs Horns

I do love it!

The is a good reason for the chin - if the phone is ever face down, the screen can't get scratched... that and it feels "snugger" in the hand...

Vulture Central plans Brit-Yank dictionary

Col 4

Things to explain;



Cockney rhyming slang; ruby, apples and pears, etc

That we do celebrate Christmas...

That we're not Australian.

That a "hand tossed sausage lover" isn't a type of pizza.

That "no ice" actually implies the absence of ice, rather that a large bucket full of it (and a "vermouth" of actual drink.)

Israel to test ducted-fan robot air jeep 'within two months'

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Um... where are the wheels, if it's supposed to be a car? Am I missing something here?

New tool tracks sites' small print shuffling

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Paris Hilton


Should've been called The TOS Pot.

Paris. Always.

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