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Tiger Woods' alleged mistress publishes X-rated texts

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Since when did NSFW become argumentative?

NSFW is NSFW, So don't open NSFW if you are AW.

You twats. Don't get mad at the reg out of your own ignorance.

LHC starts beaming Saturday: Collisions Dec 3

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Way to go guys

Its nice to see that all the commenter's are working hard to make Chris's dreams of people decrying the end of the world come true. So touching.

Apple gives Palm the boot - again

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Apple is only hurting itself

Even IF the people who buy the pre just to spite the I-whatever, Apple is losing the market of what would be then potential Itunes customers. You're preventing people from accessing your cash cow. Apple makes a decent profit off its I-whatevers, yes, however, Majority of its cash flow comes from Itunes as a program, and not the devices.

This is Just dumb on Apples part. "No, we don't want Non-fanboi's buying our other products" Honestly, has apple REALLY gotten that snotty? That makes we almost want to buy a Zune.... Almost.

Apple Store pillaged in 31 seconds

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Have you tried looking...

On Ebay? Or craigslist?

Ps - Who wants to punch the Reported in the face now?

Breakfast cereal freebie CD dishes up hard-core smut

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"...In Other News

...Grocery store shelves are looking a little "Bare" this friday as reports of porn being distributed inside boxes of selective marked cereal fly off the shelves. "

Nestle did this for their quarterly bottom line surely. (Best marketing program EVER)

"You found WHAT in our cereal?! Quick, go tell your neighbors and make sure they don't buy any..

*Nieghbors husband "..I'll go tell Frank and Jim!" *gets in car, peals out*

Timmy at the Store "...Man, The men have been gobbling (giggles) up the Nestle Fitness today!"

I think I'm done.

EMC co-founder kills himself

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A true Pioneer

.. and Entrepreneur. I'll also raise my glass to that.

Finally, someone who WASN'T a punk kid in a dorm room.

Fire at Google UK

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Someone finally killed that bloody camper!

Apple sued over shrink-wrapped Mafia death threats

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Oh please...

paranoid schizophrenic? Some IT guys you are, Going straight for the bad CPU. Maybe hes just got a ringing in his ear that he thinks is a bug? This is a classic case of "Broken coffee cup holder". "NOBODY WILL FIX THE BROKEN COFFEE HOLDER ON MY COMPUTER! I'M GONNA SUE!"

And for those of you whining "this is no laughing matter" Get a grip, I bet you've never laughed at a dead baby joke either? Get off your selective morals and spin on it you morons. I bet he buys apple products because the store is a bright white room. ha!

NASA tests rocket-disaster escape rocket

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Ru - Thank you for pointing that out.

I think the Liquid VS Rocket debate will go to how stable the fuel is in space. Liquid Fuel can still be harmful in space unused and poses further risk (Think Apollo 11) Where solid fuel would be much more stable in that environment. Also probably safer to handle in general.

This article doesn't state so but my guess is they do re-enter with them attached, for sake of re-use. True, this poses a different danger. (it is space travel "Safe" is not exactly always easy, think lesser of two evils)

And as for "carrying around something you don't use" - someone needs to go back to physics class, as you are weightless (not accurate, but you know what I'm saying), once in orbit. Space on the craft I'm sure would be a premium, however, for the sake of launch safety, again, this is probably a weighted option.

Go go Gadget NASA

Apple preps iPhone face recognition

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Patent office

These were only filings, not granted patents. These simply mean Apple "wants" the patents, not that they are granted. Otherwise they would issue patent numbers.

I can see all the Apple fanbois conversing with their Iphones, walking down the street, the Fanboi crying, the Iphone yelling "I made you! I can destroy you!" (Insert voice of Richard Nixon, Why not?) feeding off said fanbois distressed facial features. I hope this works, that would be awesome. Now all it needs is arms, legs, and a small boy named Will Robinson.

For my Blackberry, because I still control it (for now)

Texas cop tasers gobby granny

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Get real.

Bah. 10 years ago she would've been shot. Shes lucky all she got was tazed. Technology is a wonderful thing. And for those stating "lethal force" Please, get tazed, and then go get shot. Then come back and tell me which one has more "lethal force" That makes everything have lethal force. "The cops started chasing him, his heart couldn't take it, he had a heart attack and died, Cops should no longer chase people!" Right, Next time Jimmy jobless is ransacking your house looking for money to make his next score, I'll be sure to tell the cops outside to just wave as he makes a hasty exit. Because we don't want poor Mr. Jobless to have a possible heart attack, do we?

If you ask me, bitch was looking for a meal ticket.


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