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Eye laser surgery campaigner burned by Facebook takedown

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Re: Depends on perspective

Hello, we would like to put a few ads on your service... Now if this one page had an accident...

Trickle-down economics works: SpaceShipTwo is a prime example

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Trickle-down economics WORKS:

No. Just no.

It is like saying that if you want to get to the house next door to the east, walking west will get you there.

Microsoft, Dropbox execs go public with their Office hookup

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Now it's only half useless

I tried the Office 365 app. It only works on my android phone, it will not work on my Nexus 7 or any tablet (where the screen is big enough to use). It will not save any place but onedrive, not on the local device.

It was useless compared to other non-crippled apps that can read office files. Uninstalled.

It would take more then dropbox support to make me try it again.

Taylor Swift dumps Spotify: It’s not me, it’s you

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Re: Consumer or supplier

"I think the answer is that Spotify is too cheap. But maybe that's all the cash consumers are willing to part with for it as a service?"

She said...

"and my prediction is that individual artists and their labels will someday decide what an album’s price point is."

Just like the bad old days. Back when you bought an album with 2 good songs, a couple ok tracks if your lucky and a bunch of filler. You paid what they asked for, or you didn't get it. Except they had this thing called radio. Oh and home taping was killing music.

Now you have iTunes where people can just buy the two good songs, and streaming services are the new radio (because radio is crap do to almost all the stations being owned by a couple companies who play the same crap). If you pull your tracks out of hundreds of other tracks people are listening to most people will not even notice.

The old days are not coming back Taylor, no people buying albums to get one or two songs, no buying everything twice, or three times when they switch format.

European astronaut exposes eerie snaps of ISS in Twitter feed

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Re: I'm wondering

And what iTunes store can they access.

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Re: In space no-one can hear you scream

"As the walls are only teflon with cheap china-sourced aluminium support"

At least you will not stick to the walls.

Data protection laws come to the rescue of poor, underpaid UK MPs

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"It will make the public very suspicious of what the motive is."

No it won't. They bloody know what the motive is.

Virgin 'spaceship' pilot 'unlocked tailbooms' going through sound barrier

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I have no idea

"Firstly, the "I have no idea why" is moot, because you're not trained"

No, it's still useful as a first step. They could for example say they had put a slice of Pizza in the toaster and it caught fire, and now it's not working. I have no idea why just tells you it's not obvious (or they are telling a porkies).

Google’s dot-com forget-me-not bomb: EU court still aiming at giant

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Re: Relevance

Relevance is BS code for Stuff you don't like.

No one wants to remove old Good stuff that is just as (not) relevant as the Bad stuff they want to censor.

Big Content outs piracy hotbeds: São Paulo, Beijing ... TORONTO?

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we all know every download is a lost sale

No for their numbers to work it has to be much worse. Movie tickets for a family of 4, $40 for popcorn and sugar water, and a DVD too (at full SRP). Oh and you are going to give copies to all your friends so we can multiply that by 20...

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Damn shame he got hidden in a closet.

Damn shame they let him out.

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If the cops are in the flea markets or china town I hope they are looking for dangerous electrical goods, not the crappy $2 discs in a zip-lock bag being sold there.

It seems the sure fire way to get raided is to sell "out of print" 50 year old Disney cartoons. That copy of Bambi is taking food right out of the original creators mouth!

I don't buy them because the quality is crap, but I did buy a copy of Song of the South just to spite Disney (it's a rip of the Japanese LD) .

NATO declares WAR on Google Glass, mounts attack alongside MPAA

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Re: I actually have a "bootlegged in a cinema" DVD

The real reason they hate cam copies, and the internet in general is that back in the day they could advertize the crap out of a movie, put every good bit in the ad, buy a few good reviews and get at least one good week of sales.

Now by the end of the first day everyone who cares knows it's crap.

FCC boss Wheeler clears way for internet TV and cable unbundling

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Re: for the more popular networks to subsidize the less popular channels

Canadian cable companies are fighting the loss of bundles. They say it will cause some channels to die, but they are just cheap crap used to puff up the bundles like rice crisps in a candy bar. If no one wants to watch your darts channel too bad, don't let the door hit you on the way out.

Lawyers mobilise angry mob against Apple over alleged 2011 Macbook Pro crapness

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Re: eco-friendly lead-free solder, heh?

this was paid for by NVidia who admitted liability.

Not right away, it was at least a year after laptops started dieing in large numbers before Dell, HP... started doing free out of warranty repairs. There was also an update to run the fan at full speed all the time. We had a few die twice as the new mother boards had the same defective part on them.

'GCHQ's surveillance data gulp is BULKY and WARRANTLESS', human rights groups moan

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We will not do that... unles we want to.

Bla, bla, bla... a RIPA interception warrant is not as a matter of law required in all cases in which unanalysed intercepted communications might be sought from a foreign government. bla bla bla.

Verizon bankrolls tech news site, bans tech's biggest stories

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Fewer blonds, no stories about how bad skeletally clad girls are with lots of pictures so you can see how bad they are.

Well for now anyway.

Painfully trendy: Someone just spent $200k on ebola.com

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Re: Natural Ebola remedies

"Natural remedy" is too nice a word for their magic woo pills.

Fake "fat burner" pills are bad enough, but people selling fake cures for serious medical conditions should be shot.


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I can see one probable problem

As soon AI is available some banker(s) will come up with a scheme to run all their high risk trading using the AI in an attempt to transfer all the worlds money to their account, they will set a new record for screwing things up.

T-Mobile US chief SUCKS UP to Apple, gently ridicules rivals over SIM lockdown play

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Buy something with a real sim, one you can change any time YOU want.

Happy 2nd birthday, Windows 8 and Surface: Anatomy of a disaster

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there's a great resistance within Microsoft

Windows 8 beta had a registry setting to turn off Metro. It was taken out back and shot for the final release.

To paraphrase a line that Ford actually used (even if long after the fact in his autobiography) MS said we could have any UI as long as it's Metro, oops Modern.

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Re: Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory...

“If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses” There is no evidence that Ford ever said that, it appears to have come from some focus group idiot.

Ford didn't invent cars, he just made them cheap enough for more people to buy.

CBS goes OTT, releases EVERY EPISODE of Star Trek EVER MADE

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It's not just having 5 different charges a month, you also have 5 different player aps available on different devices with different UIs.

Adobe spies on readers: EVERY DRM page turn leaked to base over SSL

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Re: There is no way to opt out of this short of deleting the application.

I tried it, then deleted it because it was steaming crap.

Is it using DNS to find the server, or a hard coded IP. I wonder if it would stop working if you added it to the host file.

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More like...

such information was needed to enforce publishers' anti-pirvacy measures

Chipmaker FTDI bricking counterfeit kit

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So not justified at all

"I feel it is exactly as justifiable as the confiscation of cloned cars, or the confiscation of counterfeit banknotes."

There are specific laws in place to cover bank notes. It's not just because someone thought it was a good idea.

Cloned cars? I read one story that claimed there were some fake Jeeps produced in China but I have never read anything about confiscation of cloned cars. Handbags yes, but that's due to trademark, and requires legal action. You can't just walk into china town with a hammer and wack anything you don't like.

New gadgets and the future of tech with Regina Eggbert

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Is this some kind of yolk?

'Dancing Jesus' file-sharer found guilty

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What is this, punch the monkey?

I just blocked that fucking flashing gif linked to this story. That you stuck on every page.

Apple's new iPADS have begun the WAR that will OVERTURN the NETWORK WORLD

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And who hasn't had to indulge in an orgy of gold contact cleaning

Me, never. Not once.

Do you spit on your SIM before you install it?

FBI boss: We don't want a backdoor, we want the front door to phones

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I've never been someone who is a scaremonger.

Ha ha ha, good one. Pull the other one, it's got bells on.

The iPAD launch BEFORE it happened: SPECULATIVE GUFF ahead of actual event

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That's what the IoT is really for.

"It's as though your washing machine, instead of making an annoying beeping noise, played little radio ads for new washing machines when it finished a wash. Oh fuck, they'll probably start doing that now."

Don't forget the LCD screen on the inside of the lid for full motion video soap ads while you load / unload.

Auntie hires API firm to manage new online BBC Store

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Re: Canada calling. Where can I send in my License Fee?

I'm sure they will not want to cut into the BBC Canada Cable TV deal and will use the same lame "please sign in with your cable TV account" crap that other broadcasters use.

Aboard the GOOD SHIP LOLLIPOP, there's a Mobe and a Slab and a TELLYBOX

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As long as it doesn't go crazy and start killing people.

Wonder if I can find an electric sheep screen saver...

Tom 35 Silver badge


A $650 phone is what you call inexpensive?

Microsoft left red-faced after DMCAs dished out to Windows bloggers

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Re: Pirate product keys in comments

"Why? Most likely incompetence by the low-paid intern who handles takedown requests,"

Or more likely an automated tool guaranteed to cure all copyright problems.

South Korea faces $1bn bill after hackers raid national ID database

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Re: proof of identity

Since when would an ID Database have just the ID number?

Of COURSE Stephen Elop's to blame for Nokia woes, says author

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Re: Elop would not be anyones *choice* of trojan horse

"Elop does appear to have outwitted Microsoft though, despite all the other failures."

So why is Elop employed at MS?

a. They think he is the best man for the job despite all the failures.

b. It's a reward for doing what they told him to do, even if it didn't work out like they planned.

Greedy datagrabs, crap security will KILL the Internet of Thingies

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Solution looking for a problem

While your two problems are true, I think the biggest killer will be people asking why?

You might sucker a few people, once with promises of great new features but once they turn out to be a waste of time that will be it. Who wants their fridge, toaster, light bulbs... accessible online?

Something ate Google's at about eight in Asia's evening

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Re: There's nothing wrong with using for DNS...

On our non-critical classroom network we use a different cheaper ISP. Their DNS is kind of crap, much worse then Google. And when their DNS craps out it still responds with bogus not found for everything most of the time so I'm better off with as my first DNS. Google also updates faster then the ISP DNS servers do.

White LED lies: It's great, but Nobel physics prize-winning great?

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Where's all the blue LED porn?

On the front panel of the 2nd cheapest stereo system at the department store?

Behind the window of a gaming PC?

Oh, here you go...


Skip to 2 min.

Women, your 'superpower' is ... NOT asking for a raise: Satya Nadella

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Re: @ A Twig

Yes, that's not paying different people different rates, it's paying different rates for different shifts.

I worked at a place that paid higher for the over night shift even though there was not much work, and it was boring as hell just because no one wanted to work that shift.

Now if you want to only hire men for the expensive shift, and women for the cheap shift...

Tom 35 Silver badge

That's just what happens when you have a guy giving advice to people who make less in a year then he makes by lunch time on January 1st.

Microsoft confirms Surface NOT DEAD YET, next-gen version coming

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: They said much the same about Zune and WinCE devices until the bitter end

No the Zune kicked around for quite a while (or are you thinking of the Microsoft Kin), they even had a second ZuneHD model line (there were a few models at the start). It was 4 or 5 years before they killed it dead. But you never saw them in the wild.

I do know of a couple Surface 3 pro users, all management toys. One a replacement for a touch screen ultrabook.

Breaking news: Man with Apple shares really wishes they were worth even more

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Re: To put it bluntly ...

And please stop calling that greedy shit* an activist.

* same for his greedy friends.

AT&T to fork out less than two days' profit in bogus bill charge flap

Tom 35 Silver badge

Re: Bogus charges

Bell Canada started charging a fee every month if you wanted a touch tone phone (optional at the time) but still charge it (no longer an option to use rotary dial) some 40 years later. Phone companies have no shame at all.

Windows 10 feedback: 'Microsoft, please do a deal with Google to use its browser'

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It's stupid but...

361 users agree that mixing Windows and web search is a “terrible idea ... if I want to search the web I will start IE.”

MS need an excuse to send all your search requests to them.

Woman says narco-cops used her PICS to snare drug lords on Facebook

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Re: Paid by the hour...

This is why they are having a fit about encrypted phones. No more cloning the contents of any phone they feel like and using the contents for anything they want.

Oi, lobbyists. Cough up your details – EU's new first vice-president

Tom 35 Silver badge

lobbyists trying to water down EU laws

Will now have a new law to water down.

Rise of the Machines: FIRST HUMAN VICTIM – 2015

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Re: Really? Worried? You had me for a minute there

I expect they will be asking for a backdoor on all IoT devices and services so they can catch people streaming sheep videos to their TVs.

Doctor Zuck, I'm so poorly right now! Facebook examines healthcare biz: report

Tom 35 Silver badge

Dr. Oz online

The sellers of magic woo pills will love it.

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